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Chapter 6 – Brooke's Not-So-Great Debut

Alright. Tonight is the night for you!

The new brunette on the Raw roster made a cheeky smile on her face and made a pose in front of her mirror. Though it was her first night on the new brand, she was determined to make a name out of her now solo career.

Her dark brown hair was in curls and her outfit was a baby blue halter top, a black short skirt and a pair of black boots. She was on her own in her women's locker room which meant she could fool around with the full length mirror for a bit as Brooke made a few silly poses along with funny faces. The brunette rolled her eyes as she laughed at herself for being random.

Then her cell phone rang. Brooke went to find her bag and to take out the device and soon she answered.


Hey girl! Are you excited about tonight?

"Of course I am Kelly! I'm really excited."

Good. Well Layla and I are watching Raw right now, just to let you know.

Brooke made a gasp and then made a squeal. "You guys are watching it now? No way! No way!"

Yes way! Yes way! Kelly laughed. We're very excited about it as you are!

"Aw this is great!"

Yep! Oh I'm putting Layla on so hold.

Brooke was grinning from ear to ear and her smile was still there when Layla came on the phone.

Brooke! We miss you!

"I miss you guys too! Isn't it weird that we're not on the same brand anymore?"

Yeah I know what you mean! Kel and I are trying to think of new dance moves. We're not quite there but we'll get something somehow.

"I'm sure you guys can think of something. I mean we have creative minds you know.

That's true. Well hopefully we can think of something soon. We're getting bored of hanging around in our locker room!

Brooke laughed. "Well I wish you guys the best of luck."

Same to you girl! We'll be cheering for you!

"Thanks. I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye!"

The brunette hung and put her cell phone back into the bag.

"Hey Brooke."

Brooke turned around to see Maria and greeted her with a smile.

"Hey Maria, what's up?"

"Shouldn't I be the one to ask you that?" Maria asked with a smirk.

Brooke grinned. "Well I'm really excited about tonight!"

"Good. Well you should get going now. I'll see you when you back."

"Sure," said Brooke. "Talk to you later, bye!"

The two divas made a quick hug before Brooke left the women's locker room with a big smile on her face. Suddenly her heart leaped and stopped walking when she saw John Cena coming down her way. Whenever she saw him, she thought of Randy since she knew that he and John were best friends.

She wondered if Randy was anywhere close by. As much as she would love to see him again, she just couldn't see herself to talk to him again since the night of the draft.

"Hi," was John's greeting to the diva and smiled. "What's up?"

"Just going to make my debut," said Brooke, trying not to sound nervous.

"Cool. See you later then."

Brooke nodded and told him bye before going her way. She stopped about a second later and turned around to face him again.

"Is everything okay?" John asked.

She was going to ask how Randy was and if he was in the arena. But then she thought the question might sound too strange…and perhaps too obvious. So she decided to go against it.

"Yeah," said Brooke with a smile. "See ya."


After the Titantron finished displayed the ending part of the draft lottery, the ring broadcaster Jerry 'The King' Lawler made a big grin as he was excited to interview the new diva on the Monday night brand. He stood in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

"So here you have it folks," said Jerry. "And now without further ado, please welcome the new Raw diva…Brooke!"

Brooke came down to the ring and when she got to the ring, she waved to the cheering fans in appreciation of her warm welcome. Jerry started the interview.

"So Brooke now that you're here on Raw, what are your thoughts?" Jerry asked.

"Well I have to say that I'm really excited. I can't wait to be part of the action soon!"

"And I can't wait for that either! I'm sure the fans think the same as well."

Brooke grinned. "Well I can promise you all this. You will see more of me on Raw and that is a promise. What you see is what you'll definitely get."

"Now that sounds good!"

The brunette made a laugh and was about to respond to the comment when music blasted out of nowhere. The crowd jeered for the blonde woman that was strutting her way down to the ring with a smirk. Brooke frowned as she was annoyed by the interruption being made.

"Jillian?" Jerry asked who was apparently confused by her appearance. "What are you doing here?"

Jillian smiled sweetly for the Hall of Famer before she took the microphone from him. "Oh come on J.R. Do you honestly think that she's hot?"

"Well yeah."

She was struck by the suddenness of his direct answer as she stared at him with disbelief. Brooke couldn't help but to smirk at this.

"If you don't mind Jillian. We're in the middle of an interview so--"

"Now hold on just a minute," said Jillian with a frown. "I will not stand back in that locker room and let you go on about how you're so hot when you're not okay? The only diva who should be getting all the attention is the one and only Jillian Hall!"

Brooke rolled her eyes as Jillian made a cheeky smile for the jeering crowd.

"Oh and Jerry, let's not forget that not only I am a hot diva, I am also a great singer! I've got a lovely song for you guys tonight!"

Brooke mocked a laugh. "Oh wow. This is great. This is the time for everyone to go deaf in one night. What a memorable moment this is going to be!"

Jillian turned her attention to the brunette again and soon the two divas glared at one another.

"Mess with me and I'll make sure you'll regret it," Jillian said coldly. "Stay out of way, you dirty good for nothing bimbo."

Brooke's jaw dropped with shock as such ugly comment was thrown at her. Unfortunately for her, she was not given time to respond as she received a harsh kick to the stomach and Jillian gave her the DDT afterwards.

Brooke got up a few seconds later and saw Jillian with a smirk on her face as she took in the middle of the steel ramp, ruffling her thick blonde curls. The eyes of the brunette lit with angry as she shot a deadly glare at her.

The war wasn't over just yet. It had only just begun.