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Full sumery:Sakura is a loner girl at school but a compleatly diffrent person when at home alone. Her dead Grandmother left behind a book with a warning inside telling those who read it to not leave it out in the dark. Sakura leaves the book open and the power goes out. When it comes back on she findes the two boys from the book in her apartment! Pretty soon more and more hot guys start to pop out of the book. One thing they all have in common (other than they came from the book) is that they are all pining after Sakura! How many hot possesive guys can Sakura handel when they are all in love with her?

Pages of Ecstacy

Chapter one

Bad book

"And don't forget to finish reading page 145 of your history. I know it looks like the chapter stops on page 144 but there is still another page." Iruka called out to his dismissing class as the multiple students continued to shove overflowing folders and text books into their school bags before departing.

Most of the students were happy to be leaving and chatted blissfully with their friends as they made plans for the week's end and get togethers after school. But in the back of the class room tucked in a corner a lone girl sat quietly placing her books back into her black and gray messenger bag with a blank expression that would send chills up your spine if directed properly. It was a fact proven many times over.

Her name was Sakura. Bur most people never got that far. They all just called her Haruno, Haruno san or even sometimes Haruno sama out of respect but mostly fear. No one was so bold as to call her by her first name except the adults and a few other people her age outside of school.

Brushing a few stray locks out of her face she brushed her shoulder legnth rose tinted bangs behind her ear securing them there for a moment before they fall back in front of her line of vision, over here eyes. She sighed knowing it was useless to fight it so she made no move to pin them back anytime soon.

"Arigatou for the lesson today Iruka sensei. I'll make sure to remember to read page 145 of my history book tonight." Sakura stated calmly with a bow before leaving the almost empty classroom.

"Dewa mata ashita Haruno san." Iruka replied with a wave watching his last student leave his classroom before his smile fell to a frown. "I really worry about that girl sometimes. She's too withdrawn…"

Sakura calmly strode through the noisy halls of her school ignoring the nervous glances and hate filled stares aimed her way. She knew everyone in the school either disliked her strongly or feared her immensely. The only exception to this rule were her teachers who didn't care for her odd behavior as long as she kept her grades up. And that she did.

"Don't look her in the eyes she'll curse you just like she did to the last girl that made that mistake." A tall brown haired girl whispered to another spreading her gossip like it was common news.

It was crazy what some of them would say about her behind her back. Turning sharply she glared icily at the two whispering girl who instantly shut up and turned their gazes to their suddenly interesting shoes.

"Hn…" She mumbled turning away and heading towards her locker to collect her other books. Most of them nothing more than doodle pads that held interesting ideas for a story or a sketchy dawning of a picture to illustrate her stories.

Her mother and father worried about her not having any friends but she told them she did not need any such thing as long as she had paper and a pencil. Now it was a laptop but still mostly the same thing. Her head was always in the clouds and her mind was always somewhere else where she could be herself and not have to worry about being all alone.

It was true she wanted a friend but her efforts were so wasted that she gave up all hope on that matter a long time ago. If she could not be herself around her friend that person was not truly her friend. Sadly no one liked being around her when when she suppressed most of her inner feelings and impulses. She would rather be alone that hang out with someone that made her wear a mask all the time.

"A-h…H..Harouno sama, t-thank you f-for bringing up s-such helpful p-points in debate today." A timid blue haired girl stuttered with her head deeply bowed in respect or maybe fear.

"…Thank you for seeing the truth behind them. I look forward to out next debate in class. Till tomorrow then, I bid you farewell." Sakura politely replied nodding her head and turning once more towards the door.

Debate had to be her favorite part of school. She was rarely ever rivled in her view and almost always won the discussion. It might have something to do with her icy killer death glare but then it could be she was the only one that did her research.




Walking home she pulled her apartment keys out of her pocket and shuffled through the many hello Kitty charms before finally finding her desired key. Trusting the silver metal into the lock she twisted it earning a soft click as the door was unlocked.

"Tadaima! I'm home…" She called slipping her shoes off and slipping into some slippers while duping her books in the hallway. She didn't expect a reply since no one was in the house aside for herself and her beloved pet.

"Moget… Where are you hiding?" She cooed stepping into her room and glancing around. Her eyes narrowed when she heard a scuffle under her bed. "I'm coming for you." She purred jumping on her bed and scarring the small animal out and onto her bookshelf filled with countless journals.

She laughed reaching up and bringing her furry little pet into her arms. "Moget you are such a sneaky little devil to hide under my bed again, you know that." She laughed stroking her weasel's soft light brown fur, calming him down.

Her pet said nothing but snuggled into her touch as she continued to pet him while turning on a light with her foot. Moget was a weasel but Sakura was the only one that knew that. Bother her mother and father were away at a dig in Egypt and wouldn't be back for another seven to eight months.

Her mother had very poor eyesight so Sakura told her that it was a wounded baby ferret she found outside her window. Her father, being an expert in anything ancient, and completely clueless in anything else couldn't tell the difference between the two species so he allowed her to keep it. It was okay with her mother dispite how she disliked the little fur ball mess maker as she liked to call the weasel as long as she kept her grades up.

When the tiny baby Moget could finally open his eyes the first thing he saw was Sakura with a bottle of warm milk held out to him. From then on he treated Sakura as his mother acting a bit too overly protective when anyone tread too close to his precious mother.

Sakura didn't mind since no one was her really that close to her aside from her mother and father and Moget didn't mind them too much as long as her aura was even.

"Let me see if I have messages from mom and dad. They haven't called me in a week and I'm starting to get mad. They should have called me a while ago." She stated trotting over to the answering machine and pressing the small green play button that was currently flashing.

"You have one new message."


"Sakura honey? It's you mother here to say hi! Sorry I couldn't get through to you honey but we uncovered what we believe to be another tomb and everything has been more hectic than normal. I've barley had time to sit down and take a breather. We're all living off coffee and engery bars at the moment. Oh wait a sec there honey it's your father…no you can not…. No I'm talking to her wait your turn! Ugh just give me a second with her will you…fine but make it quick."

Sakura smiled listening to her other argue with her father. They did that a lot when it came to her and their limited phone calls. Soon a new voice cam onto the phone line and Sakura recognized it as her father.

"Sakura? Hey there gumdrop, hope you're having a great time at school and keeping up your studies. Don't forget what I taught you to do if a boy asks you out. You are way too young for that and I don't trust any of the guys that go-Owe! Don't hit me…I'm just looking out for my little gumdrop." He whined receiving a whack from his wife about the whole boy matter. He would never stay quiet about that.

"Sakura don't listen to your father, you just enjoy yourself okay…no you stay quiet. Anyway your father and I wanted to tell you some boxes should have arrived today or yesterday from your grandmother's. Its just some stuff from her younger days we have to take out of storage. You can open them if you want but don't make too much of a mess okay. We can't wait to see you again. Dewa mata suguni ne, see you soon!"

"Dewa kore de gumdrop!" Her father exclaimed before the message ended.

"End of messages."

Sakura sighed running a hand through her short cropped cherry colored locks before discarding her slippers and reaching for her shoes. "I guess I should get those boxes before I forget eh?"

Skipping the stairs Sakura slid down the apartment's support pillar like a fire pole making sure that her shirt wouldn't fly up, since she was wearing her uniform's loose pants without the vest or jacket. Reaching the front desk she swetdroped a little to find the owner of the apartment building fast asleep with a bottle of sake in her hands.

"Tsunade sama I'm here to get some boxes that arrived for me." She said shaking the woman's shoulder a bit trying to wake her up.

The older woman groaned mumbling something about frogs and snakes and poker and tossed some keys in Sakura's face without wakening up. Sakura took the keys and unlocked the mailboxes designated for packages and found three addressed to her.

"Please don't be too heavy." She prayed lifting two of the three out with ease. The third one was a little heavier and required a bit more effort, but was light enough for her none the less.

Trudging up the stairs Sakura crab walked towards her apartment and kicked open the door only to find it closed. She grumbled something about having to now set the boxes down to open the door when a hand reached out and opened her door for her.

"Please allow me Sakura san, you look like you have your arms full." Rock lee stated happily opening the door for her so that she could enter.

Rock Lee was one of the few that was as bold to call her by her first name. Or in Sakura's option stupid enough to address her in her first name. The boy was really dense and completely unaffected by her death glare due to bluntly obvious crush he had on her. Sakura was annoyed at first but over time she grew used to it and didn't mind it as much as she once did.

"Oh, thank you Lee san I really needed that." The emerald eyes girl replied with a forced smile while stepping inside with her packages.

"You are most heartily welcome dear Sakura san. Now I'm sorry I can not stay and exchange youthful words with you but Guy sensei is waiting for me downstairs. Till we meet again dear cherry blossom of eternal spring." With those dramatic words he was gone in a flash.

Sakura breathed a sigh of relief and kicked the door close behind her. "Now I have homework to finish and some dinner to prepare…dinner for one."

With that said Sakura pulled out a pencil and a few textbook and began her homework.

Moget climbing up her back and settling himself around her neck as she worked. His black tipped tail twitching lightly as he buried his nose in her loose bangs. He liked playing with her cherry colored locks and so Sakura had to pull her hair up after a few minuets of him distracting her.

"Moget I need to finish this math homework, I want to get another week ahead of the class so that when mom and dad come back I can be ready."

Her furry little pet mealy coxed his head to the side and looked at her quizzing. Sakura sighed and shut her text book softly. "You're right, they won't be coming back any time soon. I'm not hungry right now, what should we do in the mean time? It's way too early for me to put on my pj's and there's nothing on tv at this time except junk…yeah…just junk. Not too big on Sparkling rangers."

Her ferrite like pet shot up and scrambled up the side of one of the three boxes and turned to look at her as if to say 'let's open the box!'. Sakura shrugged and crawled over to the brown shipped object and began to remove it's tape and pull back it's worn old flaps.

"Junk, junk, more junk Don't know what that it…more junk…" She chanted throwing various objects such as ties, pictures, and dog leashes over her back while continuing to dig deeper into it's contents.

"Junk…stupid useless junk, more junk-hello what do we have here?" She chirped finding a beautifully decorated brown and silver hardcover book that had the etching of ivy and roses down it's spine and across it's cover and back. A complex intertwining crest like symbol was located in it's middle snaking along its side to climb onto a lock that held the book closed.

"Fudge it's locked, I wanted to see what inside it." She complained setting it down on her lap before hearing a clinking sound coming from inside the box. She blinked and was surprised to find Moget with a key on a silver chain in his mouth.

"Oh Moget you found the key thank you!" Sakura squealed taking the key and fitting it into the lock perfectly. She squealed happily as the strapped lock unclasped it's self allowing her to finally open the book. Turning to the first page she began to translate the fancy old English inscription as best as she could.

When light they should retreat

And darkness should thy meet

The open pages of this book

Become more than just a look

Beware the dangers it could spin

The lines of reality oh so thin

Illusions are never what they seem

As darkness frees they wildest dreams

Take heed and tread with remorse

To those who deal with this forbidden force

Beyond imagination lies all your fantasy

Within the many pages of Ecstasy

"What? Beware the dangers? Forbidden force. What is that all about?" She scoffed flipping through the books pages with a thin raised eyebrow. The book was filled with profiles and Bio's! She stopped turning when she cam to a Bio of a red haired boy her age maybe a bit older and a raven haired boy of the same age.

"What, that's it?…And such a pretty book. " She huffed in disappointment setting the opened book on the table while stepping into the kitchen area to start her diner. She planned on making a simple rice omelet she planned to share with Moget. She pulled out a plate for herself and was in the process of bringing her food to the table when all the lights when out.

"Ah! So very sorry!" She heard Rock Lee cry from outside. This wasn't the first time he accidentally fell against the power box and caused a blackout. Within seconds the lights were back on.

"That's bett-" She stopped dead and gasped quietly dropping her plate and food in shock. Standing on either side of the table stood the two boys that she was reading about only a few minuets ago in the book.

The first one was a seventeen year old boy with wild flame like hair had deep aqua blue green eyes lined heavily by black and the Japanese love character tattoo on his forehead. His dress was similar to those you would see someone wear to a role playing convention. Long black pants with a matching long sleeved top along with a tan colored vest skiping over one shoulder.

The boy with raven locks on either side of his face turned to her and looked at her strangely, his dark onyx eyes boring deep into her own. He looked to be about her age if not older and his dress was similar to the other boy's only he wore black shorts and a navy blue tee that looked almost black.

Sakura flushed slightly when she noticed the well toned muscles showing through his tight shirt and how obvious it was.

After a while he finally spoke. "Are you the owner of this book?"




"...Oh crap."

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