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Kakashi looked around thinking he was about to be sick as he walked past the disgusting sight around him of the dead, mutilated bodies of the Uchiha clan, until he walked by a hut where he found the one body he was dreading to see.

Time seemed to stop as he saw her broken and battered unmoving body that was laying half on the dirty floor and half outside, a pool of blood circulating around her

He quickly ran over to her, ignoring the strange feeling that somebody was watching him, an eerie feeling like someone was stalking him.

When he reached her, he fell down onto his knees with a clunk, not caring about the blood pouring down the side of the door or the dirty, brown mud that encircled the broken house that proved that some people had fought back to the people that must've done this.

' Oh no...' he said, his voice so quiet it was a tiny whisper compared to the pounding of his heart that was in his ears, almost deafening him.

His hand gently reached out, almost touching her before he stopped a moment in apprehension and fear, before resolving himself and laying his hand on her shoulder..

He gently rolled her over until he could see her face and all thought left his mind, his breathing halted and the loud beating of his heart stopped.

There, lying in the sinister battleground that used to be her home that she shared with the whole of her family, was his fiancée, his love, his friend.

He regained himself, but only for a second, before he put one hand under her neck and one on her stomach, pulling her up and settling her in his lap and back into the house, hopelessly trying to shelter her from the cold evening air.

He stroked some of her blond, which had been turned a kind of brown by mud, and black hair, that was slightly wet with sweat and blood, out of her eyes gently as he took in her dishevelled appearance.

Her face was deathly pale, her lips a light shade of pink and a few cuts that continued to ooze tiny droplets of blood, as well a big purple and blue bruise on her jaw, and looking over her quickly he realised she had cuts and bruises like that one everywhere.

Finally letting a single salty tear drip down his cheek, his already wet mask absorbing it effortlessly, he closed his eyes and nestled his face into the curve between her neck and shoulder, not caring about the stench of blood or the dampness of her hair as he mourned for his love.

That's when he heard it.

A tiny, quiet heartbeat in her pulse.

A leap of hope ran through him and he quickly looked back up at her, noticing her eyelids slightly flickering and her eyebrows creasing slowly in pain.

He nearly laughed in joy, apart from the fact she was nearly dead, but the realisation that she was going to survive built a strong feeling of emotions that coursed through him, but he chose to stay calm and try to get her to open her eyes.

' Open your eyes Koishii... I'm here now...' he whispered, placing his lips near her ear and gently caressing the wet with blood material that shielded her stomach.

She made a small whimpering sound before she lazily opened her eyes, blinking slightly as though the setting evening sun was a pure blinding ray of light, before she focused her gaze on him and tried to manage a smile.

' Hey...' he said gently, looking into her eyes and smiling lovingly through his mask.

' Hey... I was... beginning to think that y-ou wouldn't get here...' she whispered, her chest heaving as though speaking was painful. He chuckled slightly and gently wiped the sweat and blood from her cheek, finding the strange coolness of her skin disturbing, and even more so that it could still feel so soft even though there was all those cuts and bruises she'd received.

' I'll always be there for you, I promised, remember?' he stated, smiling as her weak smile seemed to grow and she closed her eyes contently, before squeezing them shut tight, crying out in a silent scream and arching her back partly off the ground in pain.

His smile quickly faded and was replaced by a look of concern as he slowly tried to get her to sit up, hoping to help her lungs work better, but she shook her head vigorously and coughed violently.

' No...no it hurts...it hurts so bad' She cried out, her eyes still shut as he carefully put her back down to where she was.

' Don't worry, I'll take you to the healers and you-' he said, before his eye caught sight in the dim light a dribble of blood leading from her mouth that hadn't been there a few moments ago, along with the strange blue tint her lips had taken.

This was looking seriously bad if she had internal bleeding, along with her hazardous amount of blood loss but he assured- no, told himself firmly that she'd pull through.

Her body suddenly started quivering and she whimpered in pain before opening her eyes forcefully to show a great amount of discomfort in them and she looked up at him as her breathing started to labour.

' Kaka-shi, I'm s-so cold...' She managed to say, the sound of her teeth chattering against the deathly cold sensation that over took her body and her short, shaky breaths echoing through the, almost, empty house.

' Don't worry, it's just 'cus you're hurt, and it's a cold night' Kakashi stated, his voice starting to waver as he proceeded to look around swiftly for something to warm her up with, like a blanket or something and shouting at himself for not wearing a proper coat, but he stopped when he felt an ice cold hand gently cupping his cheek.

Kakashi looked back down at her to see tears welling up in her eyes and a small frown adorning her perfect mouth as her bottom, cut lip trembled.

' I'm sorry... I co- couldn't do it... I couldn't fight him... Mika... what happened to Mik-a?!?' She asked urgently, her eyes wide in fear and shock as the whole events of that afternoon caught up with her.

He simply took her hand in his, not moving it from it's position but simply trying to comfort her with his presence, before looking at her in unease.

' Mika was here?' He asked in concern as she nodded, her beaten face still adorning those worried features.

' Yeah, I s...saw her be-fore he came... and I tried t-to get her away...I tried so hard...' she said, her voice dying down to a small whisper as she once again closed her eyes and let the tears flow freely down her face, joining with the rest as they dropped onto the floor making small splashing sounds.

He hushed at her gently and wiped the new tears from her face, trying to sooth her.

' Don't worry, I'm sure you did your best...we can go find her when you're healed' Kakashi said, trying to hide his snuffling from his own tears that were brimming for his love.

Her eyebrows creased again and she shook her head, hiccupping once from her tears before opening her eyes and focusing them back onto Kakashi.

' Koishii, I won't heal. I'm dying' she whispered, understanding it herself completely, but he just shook his head, clearly denying her words and unsuccessfully blinking away his own tears, only managing for them to roll down his face.

' No! d-don't talk like that... You're gunna heal, an-d we'll find Mika and Sasuke and... And we'll have our own child and ev- everything will be ok... It'll be ok...' he said, trying to suppress the sobs that were growing in his chest and the large lump in his throat and trying to convince her and himself that she'd be ok as he leant his forehead on hers and continued with one hand to stroke her cheek with his thumb and with his other caressing her slightly swollen stomach, but she just shook her head calmly and placed her other hand on the other side of his cheek.

' I'm dying, Kakashi...You have to understand th-at' she whispered as they closed their eyes simultaneously as he shook his head again and squeezed his eyes tight shut as the tears flowed more freely down his masked covered face.

' I wish' she whispered after a few moments ' that I could've h-had more time with y-ou. I wish I could've had this chi...Child with you, and laughed when t-hey started reading "I-cha Icha Para...dise" ' she said gently, stroking his cheeks in the same manner that he was doing only moments before and smiling slightly as she heard him laugh at that last sentence.

' ...And I'm sorry t-that I'm m-making you feel like this... You sh-shouldn't be sad...So for me...' she started, pulling his face up slightly so that he opened his eyes and looked into her own, which were filled with absolute love and resolution ' ...so for me...Keep re-ading those hentai b-books of yours... Keep f-failing tho-se students that y-you just HAVE to f-fail...' she chuckled softly as he laughed at those ' ...Ke-ep an eye on th-that hyperactive wh-when sugared up little bro-ther of mine...Keep smi-ling that hid...hidden smile of yours... And think of me when y...you do' she finished, before placing her fingers underneath the piece of fabric that was his mask and pulled it down, smiling gently and placing a long, lingering kiss on his soft, warm lips, meaning so much more to the lovers than any others that they had shared before as they savoured each and every moment of it.

When she pulled away slowly when the lack of air got to them, she snaked her arms around his neck and grabbed his green outer jacket and grabbed hold of it tightly.

' You ha-ve to go... before he finds you...' she said, and she leaned her chin on his shoulder and kissed his cheek, moving to his ear to quietly whisper something, making him gasp and shake his head once more, before her grip went loose and her hands slowly slipped down his back and her last remaining breath escaped her frail, weak form and her head slipped to rest near his cheek.

He finally couldn't control himself any longer and moved his hands to wrap around her waist, clutching the fabric of her dress tightly and leant his face into the same junction he had earlier as he let out his deep, inner emotions flowed with his tears as he rocked her body back and forth, wishing she could come back, wishing he'd come a little sooner, wishing that this had never happened, but most importantly, he wished he'd never let her come here in the first place.

Suddenly he heard small, running footsteps that were heading in his direction, and he looked up quickly, knowing full well that it was a child, but his loves earlier words still rang in his ears and he turned his attention back to her lifeless form, that looked so peaceful.

He placed one small, last kiss on her pale, lifeless lips, stroking her hair damp black and blond hair out of her face again, before laying her down gently onto the floor, placing her hands onto her stomach and standing up, his eyes never once leaving her body but his hearing attached on the small footsteps that were gradually growing louder.

He finally let his eyes travel to the back door behind them and he wiped his eye with the back of his sleeve, before replacing his mask and walking over to it.

Before he went through it though, he took one final look at her, a small smile on his lips as all that she'd said came back to him.

' Sleep well, my beloved...

... Emiko Uchiha'

Koishii: a bit like darling or love, somewhere along the lines of that.

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