Awhile later, once she had calmed down and blushed crimson when she realized how much she over reacted, they were sitting on the swings in the park, reminiscing of all the times they had went there when they were children.

" So, how's Hayate?" Emiko inquired cheerfully with a mischievous grin plastered on her face, swinging slightly as she watched her limp foot slide through the sand, making a huge dent in it's path.

Makoto sighed happily and nodded to himself, looking up to the nearby trees with a big smile on his face which almost matched his friend sitting next to hims.

" Stop being a pervert Emiko, you know it's not good for your health" he joked, smirking to himself as he glanced at her sideways, before noticing that she was looking straight at him, giving him one of her famous "ooh i know what you get up to in your spare time you naughty thing" looks, that could make you tell her anything that she wanted to know.

" I'm not telling you about my own personal sex life Emiko, so just forget it" he said, laughing gently as he made himself go slightly higher. Emiko put her hands up in defeat and smiled gently, before placing them back on the swings chains.

" I can't believe that's all you think I'd ask you about. Honestly, some people..." she teased jokingly, starting up her own pace again as she flung her legs out. The feel of the smooth breeze on her face and the smell of fresh grass and flowers was heavenly after all the sand she'd put up with, and it was times like these that she really missed not being there all the time.

' you never know, i might still move here one day...If i can be bothered... maybe...' she thought to herself, before sighing and pushing herself as high as the swings would let her.

' ... yeah, who am I kidding, I'll probably get PREGNANT before i move back to Konoha...'( A/N: you have NO idea how bad i wanted to put that in, seriously, Alice and Polly know what I'm talking about... lol!) she argued with herself, before letting the wind wash away all of her thoughts to just one, simple word.

" Kakashi..." she unconsciously said out loud with her eyes closed, her voice in a daze as she proceeded to slow down, until she came to a sudden halt digging her heels into the soft soil as she felt butterflies in her stomach, making her giggle.

" Emiko...?" Makoto suddenly asked, his voice extremely timid and small, not like the usual him at all.

" What is it my frond?" she asked playfully, turning her head to face him, a drunken smile framing her features as the after affects of gravity washed over her.

" I...err... Well, there's something i gotta tell you..." he said, a small blush creeping upon his pale features as he looked back down to his hands, playing with his fingers nervously.

" yeeeaaas?" she pushed further, starting to turn her swing around in circles, making her giggle even more.

" Emiko, I'm gay" he said, not liking the awkward silence that accompanied it as Emiko stopped in her tracks. She turned her head slowly towards him, and it wasn't what he had expected to see.

A big, cheesy grin was forming and her eyes held a sort of pride in them, but not for herself. And before he knew it, he was toppled to the ground by a giggling 21 year old, her arms wrapped around his waist as she hugged him ( which to him was more like an attack).

" I'm so happy for you!" she managed out, her eyes close in glee as he tried, and failed to get her off.

" Emi-ko... you're sucking my will to live..." he gasped out, a random twig poking him uncomfortably in the back as he tried again to lift her off, but couldn't suppress the laugh in his throat at what they must've looked like.

And the rest is history... for now...