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"Dana, Nicole!" A blonde girl yelled.

It was a regular day at Pacific Coast Academy in room 101.

"What do you want Zoey?" Dana yelled, she had brown with caramel colored streaks.

"Have you seen my pink top?" Zoey asked and smiled.

"No, and I don't care." Dana said as she was putting on some lip-gloss.

"Nicole!" Zoey screamed.

Nicole had straight brown hair; she walked out of the washroom looking quite pretty.

"Yeah Zoe?" Nicole asked all peppy.

"You're wearing my top!" Zoey screamed.

Nicole looked down to her shirt.

" Zoey! I am soo sorry, I didn't have anything else to wear you know how I always want to look my best since you know you can never know if you see any cute boys and you know I love boys, and if they see me all ugly they might not ask me out." Nicole starting babbling.

"Nicole, you are exactly like Logan." Dana said.

"Shut up Dana." Nicole said.

"Oh, yeah well make me." Dana said and got up.

"Sorry, didn't want to make you angry." Nicole said as she backed down.

"Zoe, can you find anything else to wear?" Dana asked.

"Can you find anything else that matches with orange?" Zoey asked

"Here, I'll let you wear my white top." Nicole said as she was going towards her drawer.

"Yeahh, you so don't have anything else to wear!" Dana said sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

"This top doesn't fit me anymore, I think it'll fit Zoey though." Nicole said as she handed Zoey her top.

"Yupp, totally does." Zoey said as she walked out of the washroom.

" Can we please go before we're late for class? It is the first day of school you know." Dana asked.

"Sure. Let's get going." Nicole said as she gathered her things.

It was their 3rd year at PCA and they knew that their teacher Mr. Bender did not appreciate his students being late.

The 3 girls walked out of their dorm, Dana was wearing a jean mini skirt with a black top with pink lace and white flip -flops. Nicole was wearing Zoey's Pink top with jean capris and black flip flops, and Zoey was wearing Nicole's white top with a orange frilly mini skirt and orange flip flops.

On their way to class, they met up with their other friends, Chase, Michael and Logan.

" Hey Chase!" Zoey said.

"Hey Zoe." Chase said and blushed.

"Yo! Sup Nicole?" Michael greeted.

"Nothing much." Nicole said and smiled.

"Dana! What's up babe?" Logan asked as he slung an arm around her.

"First, get your arm off of me, and second, I am not your babe." Dana said angrily.

"Someone's grouchy." Logan said.

"Shut up." Dana said and hit his arm.

Chase was wearing a black shirt with jeans, Michael was wearing a Black and green polo shirt with baggy jeans. Logan was wearing a Black and red muscle shirt with baggy shorts.

" So how was your summer?" Logan asked.

"Mine was totally boring." Chase said.

"Why?" Zoey asked.

"I had to spend time with my grandma, ew, I can still remember her treating me like a little kid." Chase said and quivered.

" My summer was lousy too, I did not get to see any boys." Nicole said sadly.

"And we care because?" Dana asked.

"Well, my mom made me go to this like place where you have to study… I forgot what it was called but it was totally boring and this stupid lady had to keep saying Shhh, all the time." Nicole said.

"You mean the library?" Michael asked.

"Yeah! That's it, and the boys that I saw there were geeks." Nicole said disgusted.

"So your mom made you study all summer?" Zoey asked.

" Yup, it was horrible." Nicole said.

" My summer was pretty exciting, and scary." Zoey said and smiled.

"Cool, what happened?" Logan asked.

"Well, my parents, Dustin and I went camping in the woods, and one night while we were sleeping a bear came and tried to attack Dustin! It was totally scary, but luckily Dustin's okay, he's going to come 2 weeks later since he's a bit scared to come out of the house." Zoey said.

"Jeez, that is scary." Nicole said.

"What was the cause of the attack?" Dana asked.

"Well, Dustin said that he had some food in his pocket, so I guess that's what caused the bear to come near him." Zoey concluded.

" How was your summer Dana?" Chase asked.

"The total opposite of me." Dana said.

"What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"Well, my mom had some friends over and they had a little meeting so my made me join them, since I had nothing else to do, and my mom made me…made me…" Dana stuttered.

"Made you what?" Logan asked

"Made me wear a dress!" Dana yelled.

"Ahahahahaha!" Logan laughed.

"Dana, you're a girl your suppose to wear a dress." Zoey said in a motherly tone.

"Yeah I know but you know as well as I know that I only wear dresses at weddings or formal dances. And that dress was totally ugly… it had poofy shoulders and everything!" Dana screamed.

"Oohh, then now I understand." Nicole said shivering.

" I should've been there to take a look at you man!" Logan said still laughing.

"LOGAN SHUT UP!" Dana yelled and Logan stopped.

They took a turn at a corner.

"What about your Michael?" Nicole asked.

"Mine was okay, helped around the house, played some hoops." Michael said and shrugged.

"MINE, was totally awesome." Logan said.

"Yeah, no one cares pretty boy." Dana said and rolled her eyes.

"Well I do, so my dad being Malcolm Reese we went to the Bahamas and he directed a movie there and while he was doing that I scored a lot of babes." Logan said.

"Nice." Michael said giving him a high five.

They took one last turn and they were in the building.

Once they all got to class, they all sat down and waited for the teacher to come. Nicole and Dana were sitting together; Chase and Zoey were sitting together while Michael and Logan were sitting together.

"Hello my peoples." A girl with pale skin and brown hair came in the room.

"Hi Quinn." Nicole greeted her.

"Long time no talk." Quinn said and smiled.

"That would be a good thing." Logan mumbled.

" Shut up Logan." Quinn said and gave him a glare.

Quinn waved bye to everyone and sat down near the back.

" Good morning class! Welcome back to a new year at PCA!" Mr. Bender said as he came into the class.

" Before we get started, I have a few announcements." Mr. Bender said and cleared his throat.

" This week, there is a contest, it includes a cruise with your 6 friends-" Mr. Bender started.

The class started to get excited.

"Agh, let me continue, all you have to do is sign up, put your name, age, and your dorm." He explained.

" Any questions?" Mr. Bender asked the class.

Chase put up his hand.

"Yes Chase?" Mr. Bender said.

"Um, how long is the cruise?" he asked.

"2 months." Mr. Bender answered.

"Wow!" the class yelled all together.

" I know, and after class is when you get to sign up!" Mr. Bender said.

"You the man Mr. B!" Michael yelled out.

"Thank you Michael." Mr. Bender said and smiled.

" Now, today we will refresh our minds from what we learned last year." Mr. Bender.

"Oh my Gosh! I can't wait 'til we sign up!" Nicole said jumping up and down.

"Like we'd ever win." Dana said.

"Come on just sign up, you'll never know if we don't try." Zoey said.

"And if one of us wins, remember that the gang is going on that cruise." Logan said.

" Yeah yeah." Chase said.

"Let's Sign up now man!" Michael said.

Dana was first in line.

Name: Dana Cruz.

Age: 16

Teacher: Mr. Bender

Dorm: 101, Butler Hall.

Everyone signed up and that was the end of it.

" I wonder if any of us are going to win." Michael said.

"I hope so, I mean 2 months without school, totally up to it." Dana said.

"When did it say that they're going to announce the winner?" Zoey asked.

"Um, I think they said in 2 weeks." Chase said.

"Alright, can't wait 'til then." Logan said.

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