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It had been a couple of days now, and everything was as good as ever. Logan and Dana have been inseparable since they made up, and all the other couples were happy, everyone was happy. Dana, Nicole and Zoey were eating breakfast out on the patio, under brightly coloured umbrellas. The sun was shining down on them and the breath of the sea filled their noses and the wind danced around them.

"I can't wait until we reach Ocho Rios!" Nicole exclaimed, popping a piece of honeydew in her mouth.

"Same here, I wonder what we can do there!" Zoey agreed.

"We should get a tour guide like at the last place," Nicole piped in, "Except, make them a girl this time, or an old guy. No more young boys."

Zoey and Dana laughed, "You got it girl"

"Dude! You would not believe what just happened!" Michael exclaimed into his phone.

"What?" Chase asked over at the other end of the line.

"I found twenty bucks as I walked to the elevator!" Michael said triumphantly.

Chase chuckled, "Well you have been talking about how you were going broke during the cruise - It might be a sign from God"

"Hallelujah, alright man I'll see you in a bit. Where are we all meeting?"

"Zoey told me to meet them at the place they were having breakfast, I think it was called The Sanctuary?"

"Sounds like a place they would definitely go," Michael said, "Later bro"

Chase hung up the phone and laughed, they had all agreed last night that this morning the respective sexes would have breakfast together, to catch up and spend time together and they would all meet up later in the afternoon and get ready to dock at Ocho Rios.

Unfortunately all the boys slept in, Michael woke up first and called Chase. Logan didn't pick up his phone. Chase's phone rang again, and he looked at the caller ID and saw it blinking "Logan Reese"

"Good morning sunshine!" Chase said teasingly, he looked at the clock it was 11am.

"Fuck your self Matthews," Logan replied groggily, "Are we still having breakfast or what? I'm starved"

"Wouldn't really call it breakfast now… more like brunch,"

"Where are we meeting?"

"The Sanctuary, that's where the girls are."

"Half an hour?"

"Half an hour."

They hung up and Chase grabbed his towel and headed to the bathroom.

"Ladies! How are you?" Michael greeted as he stood by their table, he bent down and kissed Nicole briefly, Zoey and Dana smiled.

"Fantastic, the food here is amazing." Nicole said excitedly.

"Don't tell me you guys just woke up now," Zoey said disapprovingly.

"Hey, I woke up first. It was yours and Dana's boyfriends that didn't wake up, Chase texted me saying Logan just woke up 10 minutes ago,"

Dana snickered, "That's my boy,"

"Anyways, I'm gonna go grab a table and wait for those idiots, what are you guys going to do now?"

Nicole answered quickly "We're going to head to the spa, have some girl pampering time,"

"Alright, we'll see you guys later." Michael waved and headed inside to the restaurant.

"Ready to go?" Dana asked the girls, they nodded. She called their waiter over and got their check, they split it between them and headed out on the deck.

Dana straightened out her pleated A-line shirtdress and fixed her hair, her phone vibrated in her shoulder bag and she retrieved it. It was a text from Logan.

"Good morning beautiful, may I say that you look extra stunning in that dress. Though I must say, it looks a little short, I wouldn't want any other guys ogling at my girl.

Maybe you should come back with me to my room with me so I can change you ;)"

Dana looked around and spotted Logan leaning against the handle bars of the stairs to the restaurant. They made eye contact, and Logan winked. Dana blushed and resisted the urge to run there and kiss him. She replied,

"Wipe that cocky smirk off your face Reese, just because I'm dating you doesn't mean I have to dress like a nun.

I can't help it that boys have hormones they can't control."

Zoey and Nicole were already up ahead, chatting away and looked back to see that Dana was falling behind.

"Hurry up slow poke!" Zoey called out, her southern drawl ringing. Dana sent the text and quickened her pace and caught up with them.

Logan laughed at Dana's text, he knew she could take care of herself, but he always wondered to what extent. He was always worried about her whenever he wasn't with her, even if it was for an hour or a day, if her presence was missing a part of him became anxious and his thoughts would eat him alive. Logan frowned, Dana doesn't see how beautiful and exotic she looks in certain clothing, he had a right to be turned on - he was her boyfriend. Other men however, he could not trust. It reminded him of the incident with Jason earlier on in cruise, 'that disgusting bastard' he thought. He compiled a new message to her.

"How about you and I have dinner tonight,

and wear something that will make me lose control."

He sent it and smirked to himself picturing Dana's disgusted, shocked, yet blushing face when she read it. He put his phone away and started to head inside the cafe.

"Reese! Wait up!" Chase's voice called out from behind him, Logan turned around and waited for Chase has he skipped up the stairs. The two of them hurried inside and saw Michael sitting at a circular table near the window and headed towards him.

"Well it's about time fellas," Michael said as they sat down. A girl with short cropped hair came to their table, and asked if they wanted drinks for starters. Logan looked at the time, it was almost 12.

"I'll have pina colada" Logan said.

"Make that 3 please," Chase said. Michael nodded in agreement.

"Great, I'll be back to take your orders in a bit," She said and walked away. The boys stretched out, looking on the seemingly never ending blueness of the ocean.

"Can you believe it's our last year at PCA? Where did the last 3 years go?" Chase said out loud and broke the silence. Michael and Logan nodded in agreement. It seemed like it was yesterday when Chase first saw Zoey and crashed into a pole, when Michael saw how adorable Nicole was attempting to play basketball, and how Logan never realized how into Dana he was. Now, they were all together. Their little group of friends, who would've thought such opposite personalities would come together.

"Have you guys decided on what you're getting?" A voice broke through the boys' trance-like state.

"Oh yeah, I'd like a the Tuscan Chicken panini," Michael said.

"The Chicken Fetuccini," Logan said

"I'll have the Swiss Mushroom Melt," Chase told her.

"Great choices," Their waitress said and grabbed the menus out of their hands and headed back to the kitchen.

"So Logan told me that he wanted to go out for dinner tonight, and to wear something that'll make him lose control, any ideas on why?" Dana asked her two best friends. They were in the hot tub, relaxing and feeling the tense knots in their muscles loosen.

"He's your boyfriend, dress up sexily for him once in a while girl," Nicole told her, "Who knows maybe you two will lose control together,"

Dana blushed, the topic of her and Logan sleeping together came up that one time they had a steamy make-out session in the elevator. That was the hormones and passion they were both feeling from that night.

"Nicole's right, even I've been thinking about what would happen if Chase and I happen to do it," Zoey said sheepishly.

Dana gasped, "Ms. Powder Puff has been thinking about sex? Oh no your virgin mind!"

Nicole laughed along with Zoey, "Come on, seriously. No teenager can say that they've never thought about it. It's part of growing up,"

"Would you guys do it though? If the opportunity came up?" Nicole asked. She looked around and wished they had a couple of drinks, it would've been appropriate.

"Not right now, I mean it's only been a couple of weeks since we started dating. Once it's been a while, and I feel like I'm ready then why not," Dana said. If only my hormones don't make me do something I'll regret she thought.

"I agree, I mean if you really love the person and trust them 100% then go for it."

"I respect her, and I'll wait until she's ready. She's not like all the other girls before man," Logan said. They had finished eating and were now just ordering a couple of drinks, nothing too intense for the afternoon.

"Wow Reese, you've changed," Chase said taking a sip of his pina colada.

"The things love does to a man," Michael said and laughed while shaking his head.

"Have you guys done anything?" Logan asked suspiciously, "With them or any other girls?"

"Logan, you're talking to me here. What other girls have I had before?" Chase joked.

"Good point," Logan laughed as well.

"But to answer your question, no. Just first base"

"Mike? How bout you?"

"Pretty much the same"

"Reese," Michael said putting his chin in the palm of his and resting his elbow on the table, inching closer to Logan, "How far have you gone?"

Logan laughed, "Fellas, you really think I'm that type of guy? That goes around and has sex with every single girl I date? I don't think so"

Michael and Chase's eyes widened, in shock that PCA's number one playboy was in fact a virgin.

It was around 2 in the afternoon when everyone decided to meet up at top deck. It suddenly became their meet-up spot, there were elaborate restaurants and hot clubs inside but outside was a lounging area, fancy chairs decorated with fluffy pillows and throw overs, perfect for hanging or cuddling with a certain somebody while looking at the view of the stars at night.

Zoey was spread out on an L-shaped couch. Her blonde hair tied up in a messy bun, her eyes were covered by her Dolce & Gabanna aviators and focusing on her paperback book. Nicole and Dana were sharing a couch, sitting cross legged, sipping their strawberry daiquiris, and talking about what they wanted to do when the docked. They heard footsteps coming up to the stairs, Dana and Nicole turned that direction and saw the boys heading their direction. Zoey straightened up on the couch, and put her bookmark on her page as Chase settled down next to her, and gave her a brief kiss.

"How was your morning and afternoon so far?" Chase asked her, putting an arm around her and she settled in the crook of his neck. Chase inhaled the scent of her strawberry shampoo and was instantly relaxed. Zoey shifted her legs and put them on the couch.

"Very relaxing, how about yours?"

"Interesting topics were spoken about" Chase told her. Zoey raised her head from his shoulders and gave him a quizzical look.

"Boy stuff, don't worry" He teased her, Zoey stuck her tongue out at him and returned to her normal position.

Across from them, Dana and Nicole were still sitting together sipping their drinks while Michael and Logan shared the third couch. Logan was admiring Dana behind his Ray Ban wayfarers, the dark tint of the glasses not giving him away. He was always so mesmerized by her, the way her hair curly highlighted locks were always perfectly messy, her pink lips were slightly pouty and how her eyed always lit up when she laughed. Nicole was telling her about a dream she had last night and Dana threw her head back, laughing. It send shivers down Logan's spine, her laughter sounded like bells ringing.

Michael's voice interrupted Logan's thoughts, "Isn't it weird, Dana and Nicole haven't gotten along this well for the past three years,"

Dana's eyes averted to them both and Michael's face hardened, "Oops, I think they heard me,"

"Damn straight we did," Nicole told them. She got up from the couch and shooed Logan out of his seat and he sat beside Dana. Dana inched closer to him and raised herself so her lips were to his ear, she whispered seductively, "I missed you,"

Logan swallowed the lump in his throat, he felt Dana's lips on his neck, kissing his sensitive spot. He bit his lip in order to stop a moan from escaping, Dana knew what she was doing and smirked,

"Just being a tease Reese," She purred. He faced her and leaned into her and moved her air away and whispered into her ear, "How about we go back to my room and have ourselves an intimate session?

Dana stiffened, she never realized how much she wanted Logan at the moment until he provoked her. Her only response was squeezing Logan's leg. Logan pulled away from her and smirked, so she was feeling the same way he was. Logan took her hand and they got up from the couch.

"We're gonna go for a walk, we'll text you guys later!" Dana said. Logan led her away and the made their way down the stairs.

"Dana and Logan have such a sexual aura about them," Chase said out loud, loud enough for even Michael and Nicole to hear.

"That's what we would call a power couple," Nicole informed them. Everyone nodded.

"What should we do we dock at Ocho Rios?" Michael asked.

Logan took out the pass key and opened his room. Dana slipped in after him and closed the door. As soon as she turned around, Logan's lips were on hers. He back her up against the wall and put his hands on her hips, Dana snaked her arms around his neck and her fingers grabbed onto his hair. Logan nibbled on her bottom lip, his way of asking her to open up and she happily obliged. She felt him in the inside of her mouth, their tongues battling for dominance. Logan pulled away and made his way down her neck, Dana felt her back arch responsively. Logan's hands drifted from her hips and crawled underneath the material of her shirt, his touch sending sensations through her. She longed for the feel of his lips again and tilted his chin back to her, Logan kissed her fiercely, this time lifting her up against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He showered her with kisses as he carried her to his bed, he leg go of her making sure her head was perched on top of a pillow and continued kissing her. Dana ran her hands down his back, feeling the muscles and found her way to the end of his shirt. She tugged on it and Logan stopped for a brief second in order for her to take his shirt off, she tossed it onto the floor and marvelled at the sight of her boyfriend. He had a chiseled chest, toned arms, and an impeccable six pack. Dana couldn't help but lick her lips.

"You should've have done that Cruz," He whispered huskily. He kissed her neck, targeting her weak spot and she released a soft moan. Logan smirked, he loved that sound. His hands fumbled as he started to unbutton her shirtdress.

"Need some help?" She asked. Her fingers fluttered over the bottoms buttons, briskly but gingerly unbuttoning them while Logan worked on the top half. Once Logan finished with the last button, Dana shrugged off the garment and threw it on top of Logan's shirt on the floor. Logan ran his gaze over Dana's slender, tan body.


Dana blushed as my eyes appreciatively ran down her body, she was slender but had the curves in all the right places. Her breasts were cupped with a black lacy bra. Victoria's Secret? I met her eyes and she turned a deeper shade of red. I kissed her on the lips and smiled.

"You're so beautiful,"

My hands traveled down her legs, they felt so smooth and silky to my touch, they seemed like they were never ending. She wore tight little shorts and I grabbed hold of the elastic around her waist. I traced the elastic around her and she giggled, I forgot she was ticklish around that area.

"It's not fair that you still have pants on," She pouted

I looked down and her hands were on my belt-buckle, she undid the belt, the button and slid the zipper down. I felt her fingers brush against my manhood and I inhaled a sharp breath. I shimmied out of my pants and threw it on top out clothes, which was becoming a pile. Dana gathered the covers and slid underneath them and I joined her shortly after. It was warm underneath, the warmth of our bodies radiated, creating a toasty environment. She tangled her legs with mine and was facing me. I felt her inch closer, and then her lips were on my neck. I closed my eyes. Her hands wandered around my chest and I felt her slowly sucking on neck.

I smirked, "Trying to give me a hickie Cruz?"

She stopped her actions and her breath whispered in my ear, "Just to show everyone that you're mine"

The way she said "mine" sent a delicious shiver up my spine. I was hers, and she was mine. She stopped kissing my neck and I felt her get up, I opened my eyes and found her straddling me, she was on top of my manhood.


Back at the lounging area, Zoey and Chase had fallen asleep on the couch. Chase's head was lying on a white cushion that was propped up against the arm of the couch and Zoey was on the opposite side, doing the same thing and her paperback resting on her chest. Nicole and Michael were now on the other side of the lounge where there was a life-sized chess board with the pieces coming up to their mid-thighs.

"This is so cool, I've always wanted to try this!" Nicole said.

"It's your turn," Michael told her. Nicole picked up her pawn and moved it two spaces ahead, where Michael's pawn was diagonal from it. She took her piece and knocked off Michael's from the board.

"Hey! Don't be so aggressive!" Michael laughed.

"Hold on for a minute," Nicole said to him, the wind was blowing her long brown hair around and it made it hard for her to concentrate with her hair flying around in her face. She grabbed hold of her brown locks and quickly did a fishtail braid and secured it with an elastic.


Nicole nodded and made another move. Michael looked at the field, trying to figure out his best move, but found it quite a challenge. He made his move a few minutes later.

"Where did you learn how to play chess?" He questioned his girlfriend. He knew Nicole wasn't the best at sports, and she wasn't a scholar at school either and this surprised him.

"Yeah I know, you're probably thinking how can a ditzy girl like me know how to play chess" She said chuckling

"No I didn't mean it like-"

"Oh no it's fine, no offence taken. I learnt from my dad and grandpa, they played chess all the time so I sat there and watched them play, and they told me some tricks and strategies"

Michael nodded understandingly, "Well remind me to meet your dad and grandpa, I need to learn some of their moves"

Nicole laughed, "Sure, just pay attention now since I'm going to beat you anyway,"

Nicole saw an opening and moved her queen straight across the board to Michael's side, "Checkmate!"

"What?! How did you - I didn't even see that! Urgh!" Michael said frustrated. The two of them gathered up their pieces again and arranged them back to normal.

"Best two out of three?" Michael challenged, raising an eyebrow.

Nicole smirked, "Bring it,"

The sun was bearing down on Chase, his skin started feeling warm and dewy. He stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes, he was sweat encrusted. He hated the feeling of his shirt sticking to his skin it was unbearably uncomfortable. He looked over at Zoey who was wearing a pink Ditsy Heart Romper, he remembered going shopping with her when she got it from Forever21, he watched her breath, her chest going up and down. Her paperback book, The Perks of being a Wallflower, started to slide off her chest and landed on the wooden floor with a thump. Zoey slowly got up, and took off her sunglasses.

"Have a nice nap?" Chase asked her. Zoey looked at him and smiled

"Yes, but I feel so icky!" She complained.

"Wanna go for a swim?" He asked her. Zoey nodded excitedly. There was a ruckus behind Chase and Zoey looked behind him and Chase turned around. Nicole was jumping up and down and Michael was sulking in defeat.

"I win! I win!" She chanted.

Zoey and Chase laughed, Chase got up and offered his hand and Zoey took it. She grabbed her book and her drink which was filled with melted ice. The intercom beeped and their captain, Stacy Lopez, made an announcement.

"Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves on this beautiful day, we will be docking at Ocho Rios in about an hour!"

"An hour! Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! Screw the pool, we'll just hit the beach!" Zoey told Chase, he nodded in agreement. Zoey tiptoed and kissed Chase on the lips, he wrapped his arms her waist and deepened the kiss. He bit her bottom lip and she opened her mouth, she felt Chase exploring her, she loved the taste of him. She felt his arms grab her butt and gave it a soft squeeze. Zoey let out a soft moan and put her hands on Chase's chest and pulled apart.

"Don't forget we're not alone," She told him. Chase blushed and she kissed him on the cheek.

Nicole and Michael had arranged the chess board back to normal and were headed to Chase and Zoey's direction.

"I can't believe we'll be there in an hour! I'm so excited!" Nicole squealed.

"I know, we should go find Dana and Logan before we dock," Chase said.

"They said they were going to take a walk," Michael said.

Nicole and Zoey exchanged a look, "I have a feeling they took a walk to one of their rooms"


It had been a hot and messy two hours we spent together, it was always like this whenever we had intimate moments together. Our bodies were sweaty from spending all that time underneath the covers, though this was the first time we've gone this far. It felt so comfortable just being with him, feeling my skin against his skin. I pushed the covers off of me, needing cold air to kiss my sweat encrusted skin. My hair was sticking to the nape of my neck, so I grabbed my hair tie off my wrist and tied my hair up in a messy bun. My bra was clinging to me and I had to take a shower.

I looked over at Logan who was fast asleep, his curly hair were all tousled from me running my hands through, I smirked, oops. I got out from bed and at the same time there was a knock on the door. I panicked and looked around, I grabbed Logan's shirt off the floor and put it on. I unlocked the door and and peered with my head, careful not to expose myself.

In front of me were Zoey and Nicole, along with their boys.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Dana! Come on! We're docking at Ocho Rios in an hour!" Nicole said, tapping on her invisible watch on her wrist.

"What?" I asked.

"Didn't you hear the announcement?" Chase questioned. He looked past me and smiled sheepishly.

"Actually, maybe you didn't…" He smirked. Zoey hit him on the stomach and he cringed, holding onto Michael for support.

"Please stop trying to figure out our sex life, which is non-existent. We didn't go that far," I told them, a hint of annoyance in my voice.

"Sorry Dee, he didn't mean that. He's just a jealous baby," Zoey told her.

"What's Logan doing" Michael asked, I looked over my shoulder and saw that my boy had changed positions and was now on his stomach.

"Sleeping," I told him.

"Can't have that now, can we?" He said and eased past me. Everyone came inside and I was thankful that Logan's shirt reached my mid thighs. The boys headed over to the bed, Zoey and Nicole eyed my ensemble and winked at me. I blushed.

Michael got on the bed, and gave Chase the "1,2,3" hand signal.

"HEY LOGAN! WAKE UP! HEY-HEY-HEY- LOGAN WAKE UP! This ain't the time to sleep! No,no! Hey Logan get up! Get up, get on your feet!" Michael screamed while jumping up and down the bed. Chase ruffled his hair and pinched his cheeks.

Logan jerked up from the bed, I burst out laughing.

"Get up! Shake your booty! Get up, shake your booty!" Nicole and Zoey started chanting. Logan leaned back and started laughing too, everyone did.

"Where did you guys learn this cheer?" I asked, still laughing.

"When you were in France that one year, Sushi Rox burnt down and we decided to have a people auction," Logan told me.

"And your boyfriend here, won Nicole, uhm, uhm-" Zoey stammered.

"It's okay Zoe, don't worry she's over it." Logan said.

"…Lola and I as his personal cheerleaders…" Zoey finished. Everyone looked at me, expecting to see my reaction.

"Guys, I really don't care about her anymore. Seriously, it's okay!" I told them, and I meant it. She was absolutely no threat to me, after all I am Dana "Danger" Cruz.

"Anyways, he wanted us to cheer him on for everything he did…So, we cheered on everything he did," Nicole said with a menacing tone.

Logan groaned, "That was so embarrassing, though I think I would've enjoyed it more if Dana were there,"

I looked at him and he winked at me, I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Anyways, we'll be docking soon! Meet us in my room when you're done getting ready okay? We planned on hitting the beach and snorkelling for a bit if that's okay with you guys. Then maybe we can all grab dinner somewhere on the island after?" Zoey suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Logan agreed. I nodded.

"Alright, we'll see you in a bit!" Zoey said and everyone evacuated the room. I closed the door and Logan got out of bed, revealing him in his black boxers. He came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You should wear my clothes more often," He said and kissed me on the lips.

"I'm going to get ready, I'll see you later okay?"

"Later babe," He said and kissed me once more. I put on my shorts and headed out the door, not caring if people saw me carrying my clothes, my hair all messy and wearing my boyfriend's shirt. We were a power couple.


Zoey and Nicole were getting ready in Zoey's room. Nicole had bought her tote bag for snorkelling and her extra clothes for later so she could get ready in Zoey's room. Zoey was rummaging through her closet for something to wear to the beach, she pulled out a black and white striped burnout tee and a pair of red short shorts that she got from Garage.

"What do you think about this?" She asked Nicole.

"I like it, what bathing suit are you going to wear?"

"This one," Zoey said pulling out a pink bandeau bikini top with tiny peach stripes and matching bottoms.

"That's cute!" Nicole said approvingly. She had already changed into her yellow v-neck from American Apparel and a wore black cotton short shorts. Underneath, she was sporting a baby blue and white striped bikini she got from Abercrombie & Fitch.

There was a knock on her door, Zoey quickly put on her outfit.

"Come in!"

Dana came in carrying her beach bag, wearing a white unisex Helvetica Alphabet T-shirt from American Apparel with the letter "D" and "d" right beside it and a pair of Acid wash destroyed jean shorts from Urban Outfitters which she left unbuttoned, revealing her solid black bikini underneath.

"So how was your time alone with Logan?" Nicole teased.

Dana shot her a look, "If you're insinuating something, nothing happened ok? It was just our regular kind of deal…"

Zoey felt the tense-ness in the room and decided to change the topic, "Only 20 minutes until we dock!"

There was another knock on the door and the boys came in, Logan came bearing a bottle of Chardonnay.

"Got any glasses Zoe?" Chase asked. Zoey bent down to her mini fridge and took out a couple of glasses for everyone. Logan popped the cork, causing Nicole to jump and giggle. He poured everyone a glass of the bubbly liquid and put the rest in the fridge.

"Two stops into the cruise, it's been great so far! Hope the rest of the cruise is just as amazing!" Michael said.


Everyone clinked glasses and drank their glass. Once they finished they headed to the entrance of the boat, like the usually did to see the island as they docked. As usual, tons of people had the same idea, they headed to the side of the boat and peered across the railings. Logan put his arms around Dana and they enjoyed the scenery, as he showered her with tiny kisses and she giggled and laughed. Zoey pulled out her camera and snapped a picture of them.

"They're perfect,"

The ship's horn blew as it pulled up to the dock, inching closer to the platform. It took a couple of minutes until they were off the ship, everyone excitedly rushed down to the island. The six of them made their way down the little bridge connecting the ship to the dock.

They rushed to the beach, and a big sign saying "Welcome to Ocho Rios!" greeted them.

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