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A/n: This is a story of Bulm and Vegeta having an unknown bond for each other.

*...*=mean thoughts.

Chapter 1

Till We meet Again

Atop a cliff, the breeze is cool and yet comforting. A young woman waits for her lover to arrive. Leaning agaist a tree at the tip of the cliff, surveying her surroundings, soft quiet ocean, the moonlight, pure peace. The young woman waits for her lover, she holds her self to keep herself warm. Her lover, oh how she missed him. The young woman sighed and stared into the litted oceans depths. Suddenly his arms encircled her and made her warm.

"You came!"

"Yeah I did." The Lover whispered to the young girl as he held her in a gentle embrace.

The young woman hugged her lover lovingly and kissed him on the cheek. For some reason, the moon only lit things that were pure, the young couple still didn't have a true love for one another, so they couldn't see each others faces.

"When will I be able to see you?" the young girl asked sadly.

"If I knew that I'd already have seen your face." he said reasuringly.

The couple turned to the ocean and held each other. They both stared at the litted ocean's depths and sighed in unison. How come there love wasn't pure? Surely the reason would come out soon. The young woman laid her head on her lovers shoulder and sighed peacefully. Her lover stroked her hair softly.

"I have to go."

"But you just got here.

"I HAVE to, okay?" her lover demanded.

"Fine then." the young girl sighed.

The Lover kissed the woman passionalely and wiped away the tear that fell from her eye and slid down on her cheek.

"Till we meet again."

"Till we meet again." the young girl replied.

The couple hugged each other and the lover dissapeared. The woman held her self once more, trying to keep herself warm and whispered "Till we meet again" in the cool night's air.



* Beep Beep Beep *


Bulma cursed to herself. Being woken by the Prince and a alarm clock wasn't the most comforting feeling in the world. Bulma sat upright and held herself. She touched her lips softly and felt a mysterious warmth. Yes her lips were warm from her life, but they were warmer for some reason.

*Maybe my lips are still warm from "His" kiss. Oh Lover, I wish I knew who you were* Bulma thought to herself.

For the past couple of weeks, Bulma had been having dreams of a mysterious man, her lover. The man of her dreams was in her dreams. Bulma flipped her legs out from under the security of the sheets and forced herself to get up.

"WOMAN!!!!!!!" Vegeta continued to scream.

Alright, don't get you're dick in a knot!" Bulma shot back.

"Damn you woman, Hurry up. I need to eat before I train."

"Geez! I said hold on."

Bulma went to her closet and put on some white shorts and a big black Capsule Corp shirt. She put her hair in a pony tail and stomped downstairs to fix "The Prince" his breakfast. She entered the kitchen and was greeted by daggers, shot by Vegeta's eyes. There he was, no shirt on, black spandex shorts, sitting at the kitchen table, a fork in his right hand, and a knife in his left hand.

"Woman! Hurry up!"

"Fuck off Vegeta! I'll go at and speed I damn well please." Bulma replied confidently.

The Prince hmphed under his breath and continued to wait patiently.

*Well atleast he is using silverware.* Bulma thought.

Bulma opened the cabinet and brought out the ingredients to make pancakes, bacon, and eggs. It only took 30 minuets but she finished. The Prince woofed his food down and was on his way to leave to begin his extensive training.

"What? No "Thankyou Woman"?" Bulma muttered.

"Fuck you!"

"In you're dreams!"

Vegeta flinched, shrugged it off, and left the kitchen. Bulma stared curiously at Vegeta and shrugged off her worry and went to her lab to work.

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