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Kagome was walking carelessly through the streets even though she knew she should be more careful. With the new war between her and Sesshomaru's gangs, she didn't know what to expect. Her gang, The Precious Jewels, was a pretty big gang, but they didn't seem like a gang at all. They didn't deal drugs, shoot random people, or anything. All they really did was claim territory and fix it up to their liking.

Sesshomaru's gang, The Bloody Daggers, was very ready to be nice, but they were much more tempered than her gang. They didn't automatically start hurting and threatening, but they would if you didn't cooperate fast enough. They weren't the gang to mess with without good reasoning.

If her gang wouldn't of started the fight in the first place, they wouldn't be in this mess, but they can't stand when people disturb their territory or tell them what to do. One can only take so much of it. So when a few members of The Bloody Daggers showed up in their bar to have some fun, you can guess that The Precious Jewels weren't happy that they showed up uninvited and unwanted. There was a huge fight and neither side was about to forget what happened.

Finally reaching the house, Kagome walked inside and threw her coat and bag into the closet not bothering to hang anything up.

I'm the leader of a gang. I don't need to be neat or anything.

Kagome walked into the kitchen and glanced at the answering machine. It was flashing so she walked over to it. As she was pushing the play button she sat on the chair at the counter.

You have one message.

Hello Kagome! It's your mother! How are you? I called to tell you that your father and I have decided that being single in your mid-twenties isn't right. We were having a chat with some of our good friends, and they said that they had a single son in his mid-twenties. You will be meeting him for a date tomorrow night at 7 at that expensive restaurant in your town. I hope you have fun. Bye!

Kagome sighed as she placed her head on her hands.

I can't believe she's doing this to me. Why is she always fussing over me having a boyfriend? Aren't my gang, money, and good looks enough for her?

Kagome walked upstairs and put on her pajamas to get ready for bed. She went into the bathroom and grabbed her toothbrush. As she brushed her teeth, she stared at herself in the mirror.

I wonder why I don't have a boyfriend anyway. I've been asked out plenty of times. A bunch of them were great guys too. They were all preppy guys or nerds. I like the dangerous or scary guys that no one else likes. I've always been weird like that.

She finished brushing her teeth and cleaned her face.

It doesn't matter anyway. I'll eventually find someone anyway.

She jumped into bed and fell asleep almost instantly. She dreamed of all the crazy guys she met that she never liked. Then right at the end she saw the one guy that she always liked.

Inuyasha was such a cute bad boy. He was a fierce loner who was sensitive on the inside. I wonder why I left him in the first place.


Sesshomaru sat on the pool float drifting around aimlessly. He was staring at the ceiling admiring the glass windows and how he could see the sky. Deep in thought he just sat there afloat. He must have been there for at least two hours. He was still thinking of how he could get out of this whole war with The Precious Jewels. He had already punished the stupid gang members meandering into their territory.

RING!!! Sesshomaru jumped at the interruption of his thoughts and nearly fell off his raft. He heard the personalized ringer for his parents house and decided to let the machine get it. The phone kept ringing and it felt as if time just slowed down so the phone could ring incessantly. Finally the ringing stopped and the answering machine picked up. Sesshomaru was actually curious as to what they wanted, but didn't want to go through all their complaining about his career and his lack of girlfriend.

Sesshomaru! This is your mother! PICK UP! I KNOW YOUR THERE! Fine. Your father and I have decided you have been single to long. Its time to put a stop to your gallivanting about without having anything sturdy in your life except your horrid career. We've decided to set you up on a date.

Sesshomaru's mouth dropped and he raced for the phone to put a stop to this.

You have to go to that five star restaurant on the other side of town to meet up with the girl and if you don't go I will personally make sure you are locked in a box and sent to Antarctica to live with the penguins.

He couldn't make it to the phone before she hung up. He was devastated. How could he have to go out with some random chick he didn't even know? He rushed out of the pool and changed into some workout clothes and ran into his gym. He thrashed at the punching bag letting out his anger at his mother on it. He had noticed the wear of the fabric as he continued to beat the bang insanely.

I should really find a new way to vent, or I'm going to have to find a new one of these. Why do I need a girlfriend anyway? Having someone to interfere with my work and lounging was pointless. I would probably end up with some pompous jerk who only talked and cared about themselves.

He ran upstairs and got ready for bed. As he was lie in his bed he couldn't help but think that this might be the perfect girl.

She would be pretty, but never had to do anything to look it. She would care me enough to know exactly how I operated. I would love her for who she was and didn't want one thing to change about her.

He slowly drifted off to sleep his face in the pillows.


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