Hinata panted heavily as sweat rolled down her pale face. She collasped on the hard, ruff floor as her bruised and bleeding legs gave away. Hinata tiredly stared at the training post. It was splattered with her blood yet the training post barely took any damage. She screamed in frustration than slamed her fist into the ground. She winced as pain tingled and throbed in her hand."Four useless hours on that post and no improvent! In fact, I think I twisted something...Well, what did I expect from the weakest ninja?", Hinata weakly scorned but inside she felt like crying for how weak she was and for being such a faliure.She looked at the sky.It was almost sunset and was time to go home. Hinata bit her lip to keep from wincing as she slowly up.Then put on her white jacket on to hide the bruises andwounds.Hinata sighed sadly."I wish I was stronger.", her whisper was carried away to the sky as a hidden star glistened and gleamed.

Hinata slowly limped to the grand doors of the Hyuggas' house.She quickly re-adjusted herself than opened the door,air rushed in her face than a familair chakra slamed her in the stomach as she flew into a wall.Hinata took a sharp intake than coughed up blood."You should've sensed me.", the familiar and cold voice sneered in disgust.'Great more wounds...',Hinata groaned mentaly.She staggered as she stood up."Sorry,...H-H-Hiashi-Sama.", Hinata apoligized. Ever since she found out the real truth about HER and her REAL family, shejust stopped calling him father."You're so dirty, go take bath!", Hiashi commanded.Tears clouded her eyes.'I'm so weak' ,Hinata screamed in her head.Hinata silently obeyed and tried not to limp as she walked into the halls.

Hiashi sadly stared at her as she disappeared."I'm so sorry Hinata...it's the best way to prepare you for the worst.I really love you, please understand that this is to make you better...No matter what happens...you will always be my daughter.", the man softly whispered to the wind.Hinata relaxed as the steam and the comforting warm water soothe her aching body.She slowly breathed out as she let her mind wonder.Tears slowly formed as she remembered her dull life. She was just a weak,worthless, and a complete faliure in everything.And her REAL past. She barely remembered anything but dreams,nightmares and short fleeting memories.Hinata shook her head to forget about it than sank in the water tiredly.Hinata's cheeks flushed as her mind trailed off to Naruto.The same warm feeling flooded her as she thougt of him. Naruto left to train a month ago but she got too scared and shy to see him off.Then a idea poped in her head, an thought that could change her life forever."I need to know who I really am!And i'm gonna get stronger!"A desicion will change her life and possibily others as well."First,relaxing time!",Hinata animatedly purred.

The next week, without telling anybody, Hinata took her and her belongings to the hokage's tower.Hyuuga,Hinata walked towards the hokage's tower quickly.The clear night sky shined brilliantly over her as if encouraging her to do it. The the full moon glowed brightly,shining her way as if guiding her.She knew what she needed to do and what was right.Her father didn't treat her like his own daughter.She stoped.In fact she knew that she wasn't his real daughter.Only Tsunde,me, and him know.'But he dosen't know that I know',Hinata frowned as more thoughts flooded her mind.

The day she found out was on her "13", actually 10th birthday.


Hinata's POV

The sky was shinning more dully than usual today.I peered at the clock to see it was 1:30am. I streched and let out a tired yawn.Every morning I wake up early to train but hardly any real improvements.I stumbled out of bed than brushed my teeth.I slowly opened the closet and threw on the usual clothes.I looked in my reflection to see a dull,plain,and shy girl."I wish at least I had I half of Sakara's or Ino or maybe Ten-Ten's beauty.",I sighed."I better hurry or I'll be late for Tsunde's training.",I bolted out of the mansion than raced through the empty streets to the hokage's tower.

Normal POV

Tsunde lazily paced around the training area.Shizune sat under a tree patiently while playing with Ton-Ton."Shizune...I don't get why Hiashi treats Hinata so bad.If she had enough attention,guidence,care,and suport; she wouldn't have turned out like this.",Tsunde sighed.Shizune lifted her head and smiled fondly at the hokage."You know Tsunde-sama...sometimes you really have a soft spot.Espeacilly for Hinata-hime.You took her in as aprentice because you felt sorry for her didn't you?",Shizune asked.Tsunde turned around to look at her attendent."She..I dunno.I just feel conacted to that girl...she's different ,and have a hidden potenial and powers to be mastered.I just know that she will be even better than me someday.I just know it.",Tsunde answered.Shizune blinked,amazed at how seroius Tsunde was."Tsunde-sama,you know today is Hinata-hime's 13th birthday right?",Shizune reminded the hokage.The woman stood frozen there as Shizune shook her head."Tsunde-sama!How can you forget your apretince's birthday?!",Shizune scolded.Tsunde hung her head low.Snow drifted down the stadium as a petite,pale figure waved her hand at the 2 older woman."Gomenasai,I'm late.",Hinata apoligized.Tsunde nodded her head."Well lets get started Hinata" Hinata nodded anxiously.

5 hours Later

"Aaah!",Hinata collasped hard on the floor."You need to be more aware of your surrondings.That's what you get for tripping on the rock.",Tsunde lectured.Hinata looked up and nodded respectfully."Hai."Cuts marked her body and a big bruise was on her ankle."Lesson's over for today.",Tsunde helped Hinata up."Already?",Hinata asked."Come with me,klutz.",Tsunde teased.Hinata and Shizune followed her up to her office.Tsunde pulled out a multi colored crystal box.Then pulled out a dazzaling necklace with different gems and a clear white crystal key in the middle.Hinata gasped.It was beautiful.Tsunde smiled at the girl's reaction."Happy birthday!",Shizune yelled.Hinata blinked.

"It's my-y birthday?I've b-been bu-s-sy with training I-I totally forgot.",Hinata answered.Shizune laughed, "Well open the box with your new necklace."Hinata grasped the cool key than unlocked the crystal box.Hinata slowly opened the smooth top up than a sweet melody filled their ears.Inside was a long crystal flute with the same gems on her necklace dangaling from a silver string,tied to the flue.Than Tsunde planted a kiss on Hinata's forehead.Hinata froze and blushed deeper than a tomato."After all we are like sisters right,lil sis?",Tsunde smiled.Hinata looked up at her teacher, a supprised look on her face. No one really ever showed her affection before.Hinata bursted into tears than threw a hug around the hokage.Tsunde hugged back tightly.

"Wow,you really moved her.But I thought you forgot today was her birthday.",Shizune whispered.Tsunde smiled slyly."I did but I planned ahead for this day.",the hokage winked.Shizune and Ton-Ton gasped in horror."Tsunde-sama,planning ahead!?Who are you and what have done to Tsunde-sama?!",Shizune screamed.Tsunde groaned tiredly.Hinata sniffed and letted go."I'm sorry..It's just I never felt affection or someone this nice to me b-before.",Hinata apoligized.Tsunde smiled,"Let's go eat breakfeast!It's on Shizune!",Tsunde laughed."Wha?!B-But Tsunde-sama!",Shizune complained.Hinata laughed cheerfully as they headed into the streets.

As they finished their meal Tsunde looked at Hinata seriously."I have something to tell you,Hinata.How old are you today?",The hokage asked."I'm 13".",Hinata nervously answered."Wrong you're actualy 10 yrs old.",Tsunde corrected."What d-do you m-mean?",Hinata exclaimed."Tsunde-sama!You're gonning to tell her?!But-",Shizune was cutt off by Tsunde's stern look."I don't want to lie to her anymore.Hinata,you're not part of the Hyuuga family.Your real family was mudered 7yrs ago.We-well a Kohona jounin leveled ninja...am I going too fast?",Tsunde paused and looked at Hinata.The girl shook her head."A Kohona ninja that was on her way back from a mission found a house burning on fire.She ran inside the house to help out but you were the only one alive.Your other family members were already dead and mudered.But they died surrounding you...as if they were ..protecting you from from someone.The ninja saw you beaten up but no fatal wounds or anything like the killer was sparing you.",Tsunde paused to look at Hinata.

Her face blank but her eyes were in deep and solem thoughts.Her eyes were also shawdowed and clouded.It was hard to tell what she was thinking.It was scary to see her like that.Shizune grasped Hinata's cold hand assuringly; trying to comfort her.Hinata flinched than held Shizune's hand back tightly."I..I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I...maybe I should stop-",Tsunde was cutt off by Hinata."No..No",she looked up at Tsunde."...",Tsunde sighed uneasily."I-I always knew that I was some what different from the Hyuugas.I was more shy...more scared...less confident...I was different in everything.I-I-I was hated i-in that house!I never had fitted in there once!People dispised me,bullied me, and laughed at me behind my back!!I-I-I want to know why they hate me so much!I want to know why I'm so different!I want to know why the kids never played with me but instead made fun of me! I wanna know the truth! I wanna know my past,my life,me!!!",Hinata yelled as tears spilled from her eyes.

Tsunde and Shizune eyes widened at her boldness.Their eyes clouded up as they looked at the frail girl.Hinata looked right in Tsunde's eyes,"Please,tell me!!",Hinata shouted.The tears were gone now.All theres left was those eyes of hers flared up yet begging her to finish the story.Tsunde turned away from those eyes.They were too much to look in."You were about 3half.But it looked like you were fighting too.And before the ninja took you out of the house, you woke up and refused to leave your family.But the ninja said no.You got mad and beated up the ninja than you ran back in the house.

When the ninja woke up the houses were already brunt to ashes.the jounin went in to see if you were alive.And you were.You were sitting there crying as flames engulfed you and your family.When the flames slowly died out ,you were asleeped and unharmed as if the fire was just trying to comfort you.The ninja took you to a hostipal and reported about the fire.When the 3rd hokage found out, he rushed to the hospital like you and him were really good friends.Then I heard he erased your memory for some reason.Then the hokage begged Hiashi to take care of you.And that's it.The 3rd never told me anything else.Nor does Hiashi know.",Tsunde finished.Hinata had her head slightly hung.

"That's it?",Hinata asked."That's all I know.",the hokage answered."You're telling me the truth right?You're not joking like you always do with Naruto?So I'm really 10?...",so many questions were in her head but she knew Tsunde couldn't answer all of them. Tsunde lifted hinata's head up than smiled."Just let it out..it's okay.But only me,Shizune,Hiashi,and you know this... well in Kohona.Kay?"Hinata nodded."I-I need sometime alone.",Hinata absently walked toward the training grounds.Then she suddenly broke down into sobs.Neji, who was on his way to train, spotted her crying on the floor."H-Hinata!?",Neji exclaimed than rushed to her.He had never seen her cry like this before and was really worried."Hinata-sama..are you okay?",Neji asked.Hinata stiffened."N-Neji-Kun?",She turned around."What happ-",Hinata abruptly hugged Neji before he could finished.Then she started crying in his chest.Neji blushed but held onto Hinata than tried to calm her."Tsunde-sama,should I go get her?",Shizune said,at the restaurant.Tsunde shook her head."She'll be fine.",Tsunde answered.

End Of Flash Back

Hinata sighed.It was a long day and she wanted to get the day over with.She glanced fondly at the necklace around her neck;it shined brightly under the moonlight.Tsunde gave her a really beautiful gift and she will always treasure it.She also just found out her clan had different powers from itself and other clans in it.Hinata had also just learned that she had the sharingun too.'What am I!?Who am I?',those thoughts haunted her day and night.

Hinata's POV

Shizune politely let me in and left me and Tsunde alone with each other.Tsunde looked at me with joy as she stood up.It's been three months since I found out the truth and it's been painful not really knowing anything.Finally, today I have the chance to find out.I took deep breath than searched for words to say."I want to leave to train for about 4 years."After all the days with Tsunde I had

gotten really close with her and amazingly never stutered or gotten shy.I was just myself with her and Shizune yet right now my hands and chest trembled after saying what I needed to say.Tsunde rushed

towards me worriedly than inspected me."Whats wrong,Hina?Did Hiashi bully you or -"I softly giggled than shook my head."Iie!I'm perfectly fine,Oni-chan."We were like sisters and we were close like sisters and called ourselves sisters.Tsunde frowned."Tell me what's in your mind...I know there must be something wrong."

Normal POV

Tsunde searched her eyes to see if there was a clue.Her eyes hid well her emoitions but they were a hints soft,strong,yet sad and searching for something.Hinata softly smiled than gazed in the green sea orbs."I really need to get out.To find out more,to get better.",Hinata's eyes begged her.Tsunde sighed,giving in."I'll miss you brat...I ...Really will.",Tsunde's eyes watered.Hinata nodded,"I will too...gran-gran.",Hinata slightly teased than gave her master a hug.Tsunde laughed than hugged her back."You're so short."Tsunde complained,craning down to look at Hinata."And your unlarged breasts are suffocating me...",Hinata mumbled,squished in Tsunde's chest."So this is it.I gotta go before its too dark.",Hinata slowly let go.Tsunde nodded than watched her figure walk out the door."Becareful,hime.Becareful...",Tsunde whipered as Hinata closed the door."Dont worry I will!Love you!Oh and tell everyone that I'm on a mission!Kay?Thanks!",Hinata poked her head back in and waved good-bye before closing the door again.Tsunde blinked,supprised."Anoyying brat...",Tsunde quietly chuckled."I heard that GRANIE!",Hinata yelled through the walls.Tsunde growled."GO ALREADY U BRAT!",Hinata's nice,well mannered,apreaciating,and quiet master roared.

Hinata nodded courtesously as the ninjas opened the doors for her.She stared out into the cold,dark road ahead of her:leading away from Kohona.Hinata took a deep breath than took a step out.Then the doors slamed shut with a load booming sound.Hinata winced than turned back to see the entrance closed and Kohona sleeping.Not knowing that the so called Hyuuga Hinata have left.

Hinata took a deep breath,"There's no turning back.And I'm not running anymore...I won't!I'll show how strong I can be!Tsunde-chan,I wont let you down!"Hinata smiled confidently than walked into the shadows that one would thought would only bring her death but would really give her a new life.