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"Ahem.",a voice rudely interrupted the two. They turned to see very mischievous looking girls and very angry boys(exclude Lee,sry!). "Hey! When were you guys there?!", Ryo blushed as he let go of Hinata who was blushing too. Why can't you get privacy these days?! "Sooo...spill it!", Sakura and Ino giggled. "Don't tell me he has a star birthmark!", Yuki growled. "What if I do?",Ryo retorted.

"Well, prove it!",Yuki snapped. "Right here! Where's yours?", Ryo showed his star. "Here!", Yuki showed it at his back. "I got her first!",Yuki argued. "She liked me first!",Ryo shot back. Seeing where it was going, Hinata slipped back into the house. If only Gaara was here. She sighed heavily. "Let's go home. Bye Diana-sama! Tell Kaze-mei I love her!", Hinata yelled walking out with the girls. "Come on, boys!", Sakura yelled as they walked out of the house. "Wait,Hinata! When are you leaving?", Diana asked. Hinata turned to look at her. Worry and fear for her safety was in the older woman's eyes.

"Tomorrow." ,she answered then turned away. "Tell Kaze-mei I love her.", she finished. "Why don't you do it yourself?", Diana asked. "I don't want to cry in front of her. I'm sorry.", she walked away with the others, leaving Diana alone standing at the door. "Mama?",a voice asked as a little girl ran out the door. "Mama!",Kaze-mei shouted. Hinata stopped then turned around, immediately being tackled into a hug by her daughter. "Mama, don't leave! Please!",Kaze-mei sobbed. "Kaze-mei...I'm sorry but I have to. I love you Kaze-mei. I love you, remember that. I love you okay?", Hinata weakly smiled as she wiped the little girl's tears away. "I love you too mama.", Kaze-mei sniffed then smiled. "Come back?",she asked.

"I don't know if I will. But you should know that I will always be here okay?", Hinata smiled as she pointed to Kaze-mei chest. "I know mama. I know. But remember to remember me okay?",she asked. "I promise.", Hinata smiled as she let go then watch Kaze-mei reluctantly walk back to the large castle like mansion. Tears slipped down her cheek. "I promise that I will bring us back here alive, believe it!", Ryo smiled as he held her hand. Hinata turned to him then sadly smiled. I will protect them no matter what. Even if it means to die. I don't want to lose anyone any more.

"I'll go take a bath.", Hinata called out to the group eating downstairs. She walked inside the bathroom then locked the door behind her. She quickly slipped off her clothes and jumped into the tub, melting in the warm water. "Just let me have a good time for tonight. Tomorrow, I promise to get you Gaara." ,she whispered fiercely.

Gaara's tired eyes snapped open. He could have sworn he heard Hiroko say his name. He smiled, "I believe you.", he tiredly whispered before sleep took over him. And he was back to being surrounded by the smothering black.

"What's taking Hinata so long?", Ino asked as she washed the plates. "I'll go check on her.", Neji said then walked up to the stairs. Knocking on the door, he called out Hinata's name. "Hinata? Are you in there?",he called out again. No answer. "Hinata?",he yelled again. Worry began to grow. "Hinata?",he called again. Nothing again. "Hinata!!!",he yelled then kicked the door down. BANG! Hinata bolted up, than blinked, rubbing her eyes. "I feel asleep again.", she yawned then turned around to see Neji standing there. "Hinat...ta?",he trailed off to see her fine, just looking a little like she had just woke up.

"Neji? What are you doing in here?",she asked drowsily as she made a move to sit up further but stopped when she remembered that she was naked and in a tub. Her face turned crimson, realizing how awkward and embarrassing the situation was. Neji froze as his cheeks turned red too. "N-Neji? N-NEJI! GET O-OUT!", Hinata yelled, covering herself as much as possible. He couldn't. His body wouldn't move. And to make it worse, Shikamaru had been walking by to go to his room but froze when he saw Hinata in the tub. Oh, great! Why don't all of them come? And much to her displeasure they did. They were apparently following Shikamaru to his room to do something. And all of them were gaping at her.

"OUT!",she screamed and threw a bucket of cold water ,that she had prepared in case the water got too hot, at the boys. They were dripping wet yet they didn't budge. They were too shocked and apparently being a major perv as they stared at her creamy body. Hinata scooted farther into the tub, why won't they go!? Time to call the cavalry"Sakura! Ino! Ten-Ten! Help!!!!",she yelled. Soon the girls came running up and froze when they saw the scene in front of them. Ten-Ten ran inside to help Hinata dress as the other two did a little business with the boys.

Thumps and yells can be heard outside of the room. Soon Hinata was done and slowly peeked outside to see all the boys laying on the floor with bruises and groaning with pain. Ino and Sakura laughed evilly as they cracked their knuckles. "Girl power!", they giggled as they high fived each other. "Hinata-chan, are you okay?", Ino asked. Hinata blushed then nodded. "Hinata-sama...I-I'm sorry-", Neji was cut off as she walked away to her room, too embarrassed to look at anyone. She slammed the door shut after saying thanks to the girls. Hinata breathed out a shaky breathe then slid down onto the floor, stuffing her face in her arms and knees. "I...hate my life."

"Wow, you guys really did it this time.", Sakura shook her head at them. "Neji, I would've expected better of you!",Ten-Ten sighed. "And you Shikamaru! I never knew you were a perv! Poor Hinata! She's been really humiliated by you guys! Poor thing.", Ino glared at the boys while they inched away. "Only Lee was a good boy.", Sakura sweat dropped when she looked into his room to see that the boy had slept through the whole commotion. The others looked down guiltily. Neji looked at Hinata's door, regret in his eyes.


Hinata rolled to the side then opened her eyes. Yawning, she sat up. "10:56am.",she read aloud as she looked at the watch on her hand. She looked at her right arm, it was bandaged again, in white ones instead of the usual gray ones she use. Her arm was all better now. She didn't even dare to lower her chakara yet even if Orochimaru will find out she's somewhere around here. She was gonna go to him anyway and he knew that. Especially with Gaara in his hands. Her hands balled into fists. "Gaara." her eyes flashed in determination and anger.

Then she slouched as a memory of last night appeared in her head. "No...",Hinata groaned then pulled the covers over her head. "I don't wanna get up.", Hinata whined. 15 minutes later Hinata threw the covers off of her. She rubbed her eyes, annoyed with herself. "I can't sleep.", she sighed. Giving up, she got off the bed and got her clothes to take a shower. This time she made a special shield in front of the door to stop unwanted visitors. When she was done, she looked at herself in the mirror.

Her hair fell past her shoulders and close to her elbows. They were a dark blue, almost black with streaks of silver, icy blue, violet, and black in it. Her eyes changed to a shade of glittering night blue. Her creamy skin was slightly paler than usual because her body was adjusting to the normal chakara height when it was usually lowered.

She sighed then used a night blue ribbon to tie her hair into a half ponytail. Her outfit was the same as last time except it was a dark shade of night blue. She quickly slipped on some socks then ran downstairs. She peeked her head out to see where everyone was. Most of them were sitting in front of the T.V while the rest were playing in the snow outside. A light smile made it to her rosy pink lips as she watch them throw snowballs at each other. She giggled when she spotted Ryo getting hit in the face by Yuki as he discretely walked away.

She quickly walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and milk. Taking out a cereal box, she poured it into the bowl then poured milk in. She took a small bite,one by one,still unnoticed. She stirred the cereal around in the bowl, watching it go in a circle. Last night...they saw her naked! How can she face them now? Herself? They probably didn't see anything since there was a lot of bubbles and she covered herself pretty well. "Hinata-sama? Is that you?", Neji looking at her, a half eaten apple in his hand.

She immediately looked away the moment their eyes made contact. It gave her a tingling feeling that she knew what it meant. And it also made her embarrassed. She wasn't exactly mad...not really. She was just embarrassed to look in his eyes after last night. Hurt flashed across his eyes as he forced a smile.

"Mind if I eat next to you?",he asked as he threw the apple away and grabbed a bowl. She shook her head then scooted her chair over for him to sit. He poured himself cereal and milk then slowly started eating it. The two ate in silence. It was disrupted when Hinata stood up and put her bowl in the sink, making a clanging sound.

"I'll go pack for the mission...",she said softly, her melodious voice waking him before going up to her room. Neji banged his head on the table. "She never was this mad at me!",he groaned. "Not just at us.", Daisuke sighed. "And it's all your fault Neji.", Ryo added. "Was not!", Neji argued.


10 minutes later


The snow crunched under their feet as the group climbed their way through the mountains. "How the heck are we going to find Orochimaru?!" Hinata paused and looked back at them. "Knowing Orochimaru, he would pick the coldest, darkest, and hardest place to get." She said, trying not to look in their eyes. "And where would that be?" Hinata looked up and examined the completely snow covered terrain, than spotted a black shape that looked like a town. "Let's check that out." They nodded and followed her, getting ready in case anything happened. The trip to the town took an agonizing 5 hours in the blistering cold to get up high on a sloping structure of the ground.

The buildings creaked and moaned as the wind whistled by, faintly sounding like screams. "Hello?", Hinata called out. "Hello!", she yelled again but then she started coughing, racking her whole body. A hand patted her back, "Are you…okay?" Hinata looked up to see Shikamaru standing there. She nodded, than looked up at the sky. It was getting dark. She turned to the group, seeing how tensed they were, she sighed then looked back at the deserted town. "We can rest here for now; pick a house while I check out the city to make sure if it's safe." They nodded, "Hai!"

"Wait, at least let someone to come with you. It'd be…troublesome if something happens to you.", Shikamaru said. Hinata sighed, "Alright." "I'm coming too.", Neji insisted. "After all I am supposed to protect you. You're still Hinata no matter what happened." Hinata's eyes widened for a moment before turning away and proceeding with inspecting the town. Daisuke sadly stared after her then turned to the others, "Let's get started."

Hinata felt a chill go down her spine at the sight of the deserted town. "I wonder what happened…", Hinata whispered as she picked up a small doll. The doll was soft and looked stuffed so it can be hugged easier. It had a nice round peachy face but had smudges of dirt all over it. Its eyes were large and blue as the tangle black locks framed the face. It wore a simple pale blue dress that had been stomped on and slightly burned. Shikamaru nodded, "Something must have happened. But…."

"There are no signs of enemies or slaughter of any kind like that.", Neji said as he deactivated his Byacktogun. "Let's check the whole place to make sure." Hinata said as she walked farther into the deserted town. The wind howled eerily as it whistled by Hinata. Her eyes widened as a smell entered her nose. Death. "We have to get out of this place right now!" , Hinata yelled as she turned back. "Wait, why?", Neji asked as he pulled her arm. When she turned around to look at him, he flinched and felt his whole body go cold at the empty and emotionless look in her eyes.

"Death…", she whispered. Their eyes widened. "What do you mean by that?", Shikamaru asked as he looked around him to make sure nobody was there. "Can you feel it?" Hinata closed her eyes and shook her head; she didn't want to feel it! Neji looked up at the sky to see it darkening then thunder boomed. The town was now cloaked in smothering black, with nothing to light their way. The wind blew by, carrying a faint smell of ash…and blood.

Hinata shivered as the wind passed through her, sending chills up her spine again. It was so dark then lightning flashed, then all of the sudden pale ghostly faces popped out of now where then disappeared when the lightning stopped. Hinata gripped onto Neji's arms, "Remember when I was little I use to say, I see dead people just to freak you out?" "Yeah.", Neji nodded and took a step back. "I see dead people right now and I'm not joking." "I saw them too.", he whispered and held her protectively.

"We have to get out of here." Shikamaru said and took her other hand puling her safely behind him. Rain started to pound down on them. Cold and hard like a waterfall. Lightning flashed once more, lighting the broken down streets. There were more bodies. They were laying on the floor, their flesh decayed and rotting. The smell was unbearable. Pools of foul smelling blood oozed from their body. "The blood…", Hinata whispered. "It's the only thing that's…fresh.", Shikamaru finished for her. Thunder roared up ahead like drums as the clouds ripped apart and lightning flash, striking several buildings on fire.

Several screams was heard. Hinata's eyes widened. "No…NO!" She ran towards where the scrams came from. Neji and Shikamaru raced after her, "Hinata! Wait!" "The screams came from the girls!", Hinata shouted. Their eyes widened in realization then followed after her with their hearts drumming anxiously. They found Hinata stopping in front of a broken down building, the flames roared angrily on it as the smoke belched into the stormy clouds overhead. The rain stormed down on them, cold as frigid ice.

Hinata clenched her hands as she spotted the snow headband on the floor in a pile of blood. "Daisuke…Daisuke…DAISUKE!!" She screamed as tears leaked down her face. She opened her eyes and glared at the fire as it roared back, the rain wasn't helping to put out the fire it was just there to soak them in mockery. She stretched out her arm and held out her hand, her necklace hummed as lights erupted from it, than the flute appeared in her hand. She walked a couple of steps to the front of the building as silent tears flowed freely from her eyes.

"Hinata…", Shikamaru started but stopped when Neji held him back. "Watch her." Hinata looked up at the building, her feet placed close to each other, on a large muddy puddle. She closed her eyes then spun around on her heel; water jumped into the air and flowed around her like thin sheets of ribbons. She blew into her flute as a melody filled the suffocating air. Soon it looked like she was dancing in harmony with water around her. Soon the rain fell down harder and more water appeared, fighting against the fires as it hissed back angrily. Hinata slowly opened her eyes and blew one last note before stopping then the water fell lifelessly back into their puddles. The fire was out and the only thing that was left were the burnt black building with mournful wisps of smoke circling back into the stormy gray blanket above.

Suddenly Hinata bolted inside. "Hinata! It's dangerous!", they raced in after her. Hinata had tears in her eyes, they were a conflicting shade of yellow-orange. "You guys?! You guys!" Hinata spun around to look for any sign of them, any. "You guys! Please!" Hinata sobbed as she collapsed on the floor. Then something glinted. Hinata opened her eyes to see Daisuke's headband laying in the middle of the room. Hinata choked as she crawled to it, and held it in her hands tenderly. Not caring that the burning hot metal was burning her hands.

The cloth part of it was slightly burned and ripped. Stains of blood marked it. Then she noticed the small drops of blood on the brunt, wooden floor. Her eyes widened. The blood was a written name. Her eyes slanted in anger as she held the headband in her hand tightly. "Orochimaru, why does every fucking thing has to deal with you!!!"

Neji and Shikamaru flinched, they had never, NEVER ever heard her cuss before. Hinata hissed and stood up, she turned them and smirked. "Come on, we can't leave him waiting." Shikamaru and Neji threw a glance at each other. That look she gave…they didn't like it at all.

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