A/N: An 'M' rated version of this story also exists, should you be interested in that sort of thing.

Welcome to Missed Opportunities, a House/Cameron fic. In discussing an alternative ending for a House scene, several fanfic authors began discussing the idea of writing some of the better known Hameron moments as WE would have liked them to turn out. This fic is what has emerged.

There are ten authors writing this story, so the styles and POV will be very different from one chapter to the next. Each chapter will be credited to the author who penned it, as many of them do not have accounts here at fanfic.

JellyBean30, DaisyB10, bdh06, JMAC215, DocSaico, mishy-mo, FanFicCrazy, hilandmum, sami282 and CausticChick are our authors!

The story is set during the final week of Cameron's fellowship with House. She must decide if she is accepting an offer from Cuddy to stay at PPTH or taking a job offer in California. Cameron asks House's advice: stay? Or go?

While House and Cameron are thinking over their time together, each reflects on some of the "moments" they've shared. How do they wish those moments had played out? And will the flood of memories convince them that PPTH is where Cameron belongs?

Read to find out!

Missed Opportunities … And So It Begins

Chapter 1

Monday, June 25th, 2007…

Will this day begin our last week together … why am I even thinking about this … I've been trying to push Cameron away for three years … after Friday I won't have to deal with her any more …

that's good, right then why does my gut ache like I've been kicked in the stomach …

why does she want to leave me? …

Could this really be the last week I'll work with him … how am I ever going to get through it … he's been pushing me away for so long, should I just give up … I've only got until Friday to decide … that's not enough time … my heart aches when I think too much about it …

can I make myself go?

"Good Morning House, here's your coffee …" Cameron smiled, as she handed House his favourite red mug.

Cameron had noticed a marked increase in House's moodiness as her fellowship neared to a close. It was only her valiant attempts to be as friendly as possible that had kept the two of them from descending into a screaming match the likes of which hadn't been seen at PPTH since House glued Cuddy's skirt to her desk chair.

"Mornin' …" grumped House, as he took a sip. "Geez Cameron, you forgot the sugar again …"

"Sorry, I'll fix it …" Cameron handed House back his mug. "Is that better?" She watched him closely. His reaction to the coffee would be a good indication of whether today would be the day to ask him about her leaving.

"It'll do …" he groused. Cameron sighed in relief. No yelling, that meant today was a good day.

"I can't believe this is the last week of my fellowship. You'll have to go back to making your own coffee …" Cameron said, trying to lighten the mood and draw him out for the conversation they needed to have.

"Nah … your replacement supported herself at med school by working at Starbucks. That was the main reason I hired her … I've traded you in for a better, younger model …" snarked House, as he walked away.

Cameron closed her eyes in frustration; not at him, but at herself for giving him such an easy opportunity to mock her.

"There … your correspondence is up to date. Your new fellows will have at least a week to figure out how to read your handwriting before they have to start forging your charts. House, did you hear what I said?" Cameron propped up her head with her elbows as she watched House play with his PSP.

"House …"

"What … damn it, Cameron, you made me miss my shot …" House said with frustration.

"Sorry …House, I'd like to talk to you …" Cameron persisted.

"What about …"

"My job offers …"

"Did you finish your final interviews?" House asked, his eyes remaining locked on his PSP.

"Last week," Cameron answered. "The position at Penn was filled. I got an offer from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to become Assistant Head of their Immunology Department"

"Hmm … same offer as Cuddy's. You gonna take it?" House asked indifferently.

"I don't know," Cameron replied thoughtfully. "It's a good offer, but …"

"But?" prompted House.

"Cuddy's offer is good too," Cameron said slowly. "It's not quite as much money, but it also means not having to move cross country. I'd be on the fast track for tenure here, and …"

"And …"

"I don't want to miss any more opportunities …" Cameron said, hastily adding, "career-wise. What do you think?"

"I think … you're pathetic. Three years working here and you can't even make a simple decision by yourself."

Cameron was becoming more impatient by the minute. House's attention, and his eyes, had not wavered from his video game.

"House … would you please look at me while I'm speaking with you …" Cameron pleaded.

"This isn't a simple decision. If I turn down Cuddy's offer, Friday will be our last day together …working together I mean … I need your help…" Cameron said seriously.

House put down his PSP and gazed intently at Cameron.

"What do you want from me Cameron?" House asked quietly,

"Can you give me any reason, any reason at all, why I shouldn't accept the offer from Cedars-Sinai …"

Cameron had laid her cards on the table.

House knew what she was asking. He paused to think.

"No, I can't."

Her heart sank.

House stretched out on the sofa and closed his eyes, effectively ending their conversation.

Cameron shut the blinds and turned off the lights.

"Besides, it doesn't matter what I think …" he muttered, as he dozed off.

"Yes, it does …more than you know …" Cameron said softly, and walked away.

"Hey …" Wilson said, knocking gently on House's door. "You awake?"

House sat with his feet propped up on his desk in the darkened office; the melancholy strains of a blues quartet drifted quietly from his stereo.

"I am now, you moron …" House said, opening his eyes.

"Sorry about that. I see you're still moping…" Wilson said, as he settled opposite House.

"I'm not moping," House bristled, glaring at Wilson.

"Brooding then," Wilson clarified. "Has she decided?"

"Who …" House asked innocently.

"You know who …" said an exasperated Wilson, "Cameron."

House shifted in his chair as he shook his head no. He stared straight ahead, deep in thought.

"Where did she get offers from?" continued Wilson.

"Penn hired someone else. She got an offer from Cedars-Sinai," House supplied. He paused awkwardly, and then shifted his gaze to Wilson. "She asked me what I thought …"

"What did you tell her?"

"I … told her she was pathetic and indecisive."

"Why did you…" began Wilson, incredulous at his friend's stupidity.

"Why are you questioning me about this as if I care?" House said defensively.

"Why are you acting as if you don't?" countered Wilson.

"She asked me if I could give her any reason why she shouldn't accept the offer from Cedars …" House continued uneasily. He didn't want to talk to Wilson about Cameron, but for some reason he couldn't stop himself.

"I'm afraid to ask …"

"I said no." House said quietly, studiously trying to ignore the voice in his head that told him he wanted Wilson to talk him into asking Cameron to stay.

Wilson shook his head sadly. "You do realize that she was giving you an opportunity to tell her how you really feel about her …"

House remained silent. Wilson stood and put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"You can't just ignore it this time, House. This time 'IT' isn't going to go away. 'SHE' is. If you think she should stay … no, if you want her to stay, you're going to have to tell her … and soon."

"Think long and hard about how you'll feel without Cameron in your life … " Wilson walked to the door and paused with his hand on the doorknob; he turned back to make one last attempt at getting through to House.

"Remember, if she leaves, she'll be gone for good. You won't be able to lure her back with the promise of a corsage and a plate of ravioli … think about it House … before it's too late."

Written by JellyBean30 and Daisyb10