A/N: Harry Potter is the quarterback of the football team, Ronald Weasley is captian of the basketball team, Hermione Granger and Ginevra Weasley are both cheerleaders along with Arianna Malfoy, younger sister of the once popular, and now outcast, Draco Malfoy. Some events of the summer change Ginny's outlook on the life she chose, before she returns for her junior year. The story is about Ginny. About how popularity was laid out for her when she got to highschool because of her older brothers. She was princess of the freshman and then princess of the sophmores. What happens during the summer between sophmore and junior year. What happens to make her want a different life. Will she change before she ends up Queen of the school and leading a life she doesn't want to. I apologize now. I am have always been a 'loner' and 'outcast' so I am against popularity, I don't label people, or judge people. Please read the story with an open mind and don't take offence to it. This is the kind of story you get when I was trying to study for a sociology exam but was also watching 10 things I hate about you, Bring it on, and Mean girls all in a row. Okay, so here is the first chapter. ENJOY and REVIEW!! Oh yeah... I own nothing, except random characters you will see throughout the story and the plot.

Hogwarts High:

A Ginevera Weasley Story

By: Avery Malfoy

Chapter One


Going to high school was something I never worried about. I had popularity handed to me the first day of freshman year. I was, however, new to the whole popularity thing that year. I mean, before high school I had a lot of people that I would talk to, but I rarely called any of them friends. No, I had my close-knit group of friends. But high school was another story. High school was four years, and most the people their had met my brothers. I have six older brothers, and I am the youngest, not to mention the only girl. My parents aren't rich, but they can afford a lot, I would say middle to upper middle class.

My father is a lawyer, which made him be hardly ever home, but we all got used to it. My mother babysat children while were at school and their parents are at work. It was kind of like a day-care, but not as big.

My oldest brother, Bill, was eleven when I was born. Not many people at school know him now, but he was, and still is, a ledgend. He was a damn near straight A student, not to mention devilishly handsome and a well known heartbreaker.

My next brother, Charlie, is nine years older than me. He was quarter back for all four years of school, made excellent grades, and had a bit of my brothers reputation of heartbreaker, mostly because of Bill. Also because he grew popular from playing sports.

Next is Percy. He is five years older than me and, well, my mom thinks he would have been the best role model for me, but I honestly cannot stand him. I am very happy that he graduated high school when I graduated junior high. He is rather stuck up and obnoxious. He was the brother least known through out school, mostly because he didn't join any sports, or hang out with the other brothers. He was in the acedemic clubs and never got less than a perfect score. I'm feeling nauseous just talking about him.

Next are the twins, Fred and George. They are three years older than me. Our mother will never admit it, but these two are the geniuses of the family. Okay sure, they barley passed any of their classes, in fact I was suprised they made it to their senior year. Other than their disregaurd for the rules, and classes, they could go far. Joksters they may be, but they invented tons of things, and inventing takes a lot of brains. They took after Bill and Charlie, with the heartbreaking good looks. I am convinced to this day that most the girls in detention, only got detention so they could be in the same room as them. They took pride in the reputation that Bill and Charlie laid out for them, and had to do a lot of work, since Percy nearly destroyed it. You see, Charlie graduated when Percy graduated junior high, just like Percy and me, so for two years, Percy was the only Weasley in the school almost destoying the reputation his older brothers had built.

Enough with our reputation, my next brother is Ron, who is a year older than me. He, like me, had popularity waiting for him. Not only from our brothers, but his best friends played a major part in it. Harry Potter and my brother had been best friends since they were eleven. Their other friend was Hermione Granger.

Of course, now you know all about my family, and ever our reputation, but you don't even know who I am. My name is Ginevra Weasley, but I hardly let people call me Ginevra, usually it's Ginny or Gin.

My freshman year, I pretty much had a red carpet waiting for me at school. Ron was a sophmore, with Harry and Hermione, and the twins were seniors. Ron was capitain of the basketball team and Harry was quarterback for the football team. My 'in' was Hermione. Hermione was on the cheerleading squad. Our school seperated the cheerleaders by their year in school. Hermione was capitain of the Sophmore team, and had been capitain of the freshman team, the year previous to this one. The Sophmores held auditions for the freshman, and they all had heard about me.

Now, either way, I had to have talent to make the squad, which is what I wanted my first year. I had been in dance since I was five and Hermione spent the summer preparing me and my best friend for try outs. I blew through the try outs with ease, but turned down the capitain position, I just wasn't ready for it yet. So on the first day of school everyone knew I was on the squad, because the first day of school, everyone in sports wore their uniforms for the pep assmebly. I had wanted to join dance or gymnastics as well, but Hermione advised me not to, at least not yet. I was popular, there was no doubt about that, but I was blind to it all.

I had a lot of friends who were Sophmores and I got to know most of the school. I knew a lot of seniors, because of the twins. Most of my friends were sophmores, and I knew all the freshman. Hermione was, of course, but I had became friends with her friends as well. The main ones were Lavender Brown, Pavarti and Padama Patil, Mandy Brocklehurst, Lisa Turpin, Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones and Megan Jones. They made up the Sophmore cheerleading squad. The freshman squad had Luna Lovegood, Stephani Brown, Cassie Hicks, Cali Weasley, Katie Taylor, Missy Potter, Robyn Louis, Arianna Malfoy and myself.

The mystery of the the freshman squad is Arianna. She was very talented, but related to Draco Malfoy. He was my brother's age, and made a name as the enemy of Harry and the Weasley's. Arianna's talent got her on the squad. It also helped that she was my best friend. Hermione took pity on her and helped her with try outs. Arianna and I had been friends since we were eight.

Grade school was so different than it was now in high school. Ron was hardly known, and neither Harry nor Hermione lived here. Draco Malfoy was indeed very popular and Arianna and I were each others only friends. We made a silly promise that we would be popular and know the whole school. That was the summer before fifth grade. By junior high we had the close-knit group of friends, and a lot of aquntinces. That was enough for us, but popularity is an addicting drug so we didn't stop there. So freshman year we were known for who we were right now, then who we were in grade school. I was voted Freshman Princess at the homecoming dance, with Arianna as my runner up. For the turn about dance, I dropt out of the running, making Arianna the Princess. We were the freshman princesses and everyone knew it.

Sophmore year was just like freshman year in a way. This year I was captian of the squad and ready for it. Fred and George were now out of school. I never said they graduated, I just said they were out of school. The only difference this year, Arianna and myself were starting to get sick of the popularity thing. It was over rated and we had more of it in our freshman year then most people had in all four years. Of course it was expected of us and we became use to all of it. I mean sure we had sleep overs with the rest of the squad, who was the same as it was freshman year, switching off from house to house, however when Arianna and I were alone, it was about what we wanted.

It's hard to explain, but to put it how you might understand, I got along with Arianna's brother, Draco, when we weren't in school, to an extent. When it was the two of us, we were different. We liked rock, which was something a lot of our friends didn't like. We liked to talk about other things than boys, cheerleading, and the typical girl things. We lived two lives and enjoyed the excitment. We found enjoyment in hiding our "side life" from our friends. Don't get me wrong, we still enjoyed the stuff we did with our friends, and all that, but it was nice to have a break.

Around the time of Spring Break, my mother died in a horrific car crash, along with Bill's girlfriend. I know your probably expecting the usual 'I was at a game and needed her to be here and forced her to come and she died on the way here,' but it didn't happen like that. It was around the time of my twin brother's birthdays and my mother wanted us home. I begged for her to let me stay at Robyn's house. It took nearly all day for her to finally let me go and not be home with the my brothers and their girlfriends. She had to run to the store later that night and Bill's girl friend took her. They crashed on the way there. I had been asleep when it happened. My cell phone rang at midnight and I looked at the number, seeing it said Ron, I just turned the volume down and ignored the phone call. The door bell rang at her house at three in the morning and I was woken by Robyn's parents. I was horrified to have lost my mother. I had a lot of self hate for a while. I hated myself for begging her to let me go. I was put in counceling for a few months. I stopped going when I was worried people at school would find out. Arianna stuck by my side, as well as the squad, but I am sure that was because I was the captian. The school felt sorry for Ron and I for a while, but we put on strong faces and soon people forgot.

Lets just say, I was happy when my sophmore year was over and welcomed summer with wide open arms...

An' in my High School, they hold assemblies for the football team, But never for the kids with different dreams. An' we've got jocks and we've got smokers, rednecks an' jokers: There's a category for us all. An' we struggle with our homework, our teachers an' their rules. Yeah, they just think we're adolescent fools.

- Blaine Larsen