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Chapter 20

"Pansy Parkinson and Theodore Nott have been caught and charged for murder. This is a terrible tragedy for our town and I'm sure everyone will agree with me that we are thankful that the people responsible have been caught." The radio droned on, but Ginny blocked it out. It was big news for the town, but she already knew the story. She lived the story. She was at the school where ten of her classmates lives were taken away suddenly. She was at the safe house she made with her brother and friends when Pansy found them. She stalled for time while the cops headed to her house. She was injured in the school shooting and she held her brother in her arms as he was dying. As he brother said his last requests, while they waited for the ambluence.

Four days ago


"Your going to be fine." Ginny said hurridly as she continued to push down on Ron's chest. His blood was soaked up in his shirt, as well as her shirt, pants and hands. He was gasping for air and she just kept telling him to take slow breaths as his face grew pale. Robyn and Blaise ran to her side, finally out of shock as the cops and ambluence showed up.

The paramedics rushed over to them as Blasie pulled a screaming Ginny away from Ron. They picked him up and placed him on the stretcher, while Ginny cried as they took him to the ambluence. They hoisted him up and climbed in, immediatly beginning to work on him. Ginny finally broke free from Blaise grasp and began to sprint towards her brother.

"Ginny!" Robyn called, out, but she didn't care. She reached the van in time for the paramedic to shut the door. He frowned at her and shook his head.

"Let me in there. I am his sister!" Ginny yelled at him and the paramedic sent a look over to Blaise and Robyn. He sighed, before opening the door and letting her in with the other perimedic and Ron.

The paramedic flew down the rode, sirens blaring, as Ginny watched the other paramedic work.

"Is he going to be okay?" She asked but the paramedic remained silent. "Answer me!" She yelled histerically at him, tears streaming down her face, as they pulled into the hospital.

"I need you to call your folks." He said as he opened the doors and they began to take Ron away. Ginny sobbed, pulling out her phone and calling her dad. When he didn't answer, she called Bill's phone. He answered.

"Hey Gin-bug. How's everything going?" He asked, and Ginny was jealous of his joy.

"They found us." Ginny said, crying into the phone.

"Are you serious?" Bill said outraged. "What happened? Is everyone okay?" He asked, praying to himself that the answer was yes.

"They took Ron to the hospital. He lost a lot of blood and they won't tell me what is happening." She said, her voice breaking up in sobs. Bill remained silent, not sure how to handle the information he was just given. Ginny had enough and hung up her phone. She needed to find out about Ron.

Present day...

It was a horrible day that led to this horrible day. She sat in her dad's car with her dad, Bill and Charlie as they led the funeral procession, behind the hurse. He fought as long as he could, but the bullet peirced his lungs and he stood no chance. Ginny was holding his hand as he died. She watched the life get sucked right out of him and it was something she would never and chose to never forget. She lost her brother

As they reached the cemetary, she knew things would be different in so many ways. Her home life, school life and dating life. Nothing would be the same as it had been last year, or in the beginning of this year.

Hermione walked over to her and threw her arms around her.

"I can't believe he is gone. I can't believe I broke up with him before he died. I should have stayed with him. I'm so horrible!" Hermione cried to Ginny, who patted her back and spoke soothing words.

"He died honorably. He saved my life as well as all of ours. He is with my mom now and he is happily watching us all the time." She said to Hermione, who slowly began to calm down as Draco and Blaise walked over. Hermione walked off with Blaise to get meet up with everyone else. Ginny forced a smile and kissed Draco lightly on the lips.

"Promise me nothing will change between us." He said, running a hand though her hair. She truly smiled and nodded.

"Nothing will change and we will always stay together." She said, before laughing lightly. "Hell if we had it though this past two months, we can make it though anything." She said, before they walked over to the rest of the group awaiting the beginning of the funeral.