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Chapter One

The teacher was talking. She was sure of that because she was looking right at her, watching her lips move and hearing the slight murmur of her voice. She knew she was talking about something important but she wasn't listening. This wasn't something that was familiar with Akane. Akane always paid attention in class no matter what was on her mind, but for some reason she couldn't do it today. Maybe it was because it was the last day before summer break. Maybe it was because it was unbelievably hot in the class room. Or maybe, just maybe, it was because of the boy that she was now staring at instead of the teacher.

She frowned and tried to turn her head away but found that she was unable to do so. Her frown deepened slightly as she noticed that Ranma was doing what she was unable to do, paying attention to the teacher. Or at least he looked like he was paying attention, knowing him his mind was miles and miles away at the moment. Much like hers. Damn, what was wrong with her? Ever since they got back from Jusenkyo and the failed wedding, the two of them seemed to be in their own worlds, neither really interacting with the other unless it was necessary, but getting along better than ever.

She sighed as the bell rang and brought her back to reality. Ah… summer break. She grabbed her things out of her desk and packed her bag, trying to steal a glance at Ranma as she exited the room. Much to her dismay, he was already gone. Slowly she walked down the hall, totally lost in thought as she mindlessly snaked her way through the crowd and into the courtyard of Furikan High. She was half way to the gates when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Instantly she turned and looked up, half expecting it to be the person that had been consuming her thoughts lately. Instead she found that she was looking at Sayuri's pony tail.

"Akane what are you looking at?" Akane shook her head and chuckled slightly in an attempt to cover up her embarrassment. "Oh Sayuri! Sorry you caught me off guard, what's up?" The two started walking down the street together, seeing as Sayuri's house was along the way to Akane's. "Where's Ranma at? Don't you two usually walk home together?" Akane shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno, I guess he took off home early, we're still working on cleaning up the dojo." Sayuri made a face at the mention of the current condition of the Tendo dojo. "Sorry to hear about that. Anyways, I was trying to get your attention during last period to pass you this but you were off in your own world."

Akane looked down to see that Sayuri was holding out a white envelope. She grabbed it and was about to ask her what it was when Sayuri suddenly cut her off. "I gotta run Akane but I hope to see you there! Have a great summer!" With that she took off up her street, waving back as Akane stood there completely confused.

Whatever, she had other things to be confused about.

Akane let out a sigh of satisfaction as she plopped down backwards on her bed. She felt much better now that she had changed out of her school uniform and into something more comfortable, as in some shorts and a tank top. She could already tell that this was going to be one of those really hot 'I don't know how I didn't melt' summers. She didn't care, right now she was cool and collected. The only thing that was on her mind right now was the boy that was down the hall fast asleep.

When she had got home she found that no one was home thanks to the note that Kasumi had left. Her dad and Mr. Saotome had gone to check out a new drinking hole that had opened up down the street and Kasumi was out with Nodoka getting some groceries. Akane already knew that Nabiki was out with some friends who were going away for college and so that meant that she was left alone with none other than Ranma Saotome himself.

She wasn't really bothered with that thought but then again the two haven't really been speaking to each other. Akane wasn't trying to avoid him really, it was just that, well, she wasn't really sure what she was going to say to him. She was still really confused about things and nobody was trying to answer her questions. It irritated her to no end, nobody in her family knew because they weren't there, and the people who were there she didn't really want to talk to at the moment. "That's it."

She swung her legs over the side of her bed and stood up, determined to figure out once and for all what was going on between them and what had really happened at Jusendo. She knew that she wasn't hearing things that day and she wanted some answers.

She soon found herself walking all over the whole dojo looking for the person in question. Finally after about ten minutes she decided to check the guest room, silently cursing to herself that she should have looked there first. Slowly she climbed the steps and tip-toed her way to the door. Placing her ear to the door she listened to see if she could hear anything. Much to her pleasure she could hear rustling, but she also heard something else, something that sounded vaguely like someone grunting in pain.

Quickly she slid the shoji screen aside to reveal Ranma sprawled out on, sweat beading on his head, his sheets scrunched up in his hands. His fac was scrunched in what she took to be worry, and he seemed to be muttering something into his pillow. Curious, she got down on her knees and leaned in close to him, trying to figure out what he was indeed saying.

"A-Akane… don't…."

She sat up quickly, her eyes wide. He was dreaming about her? She surveyed his face again and it seemed as if the dream he was having didn't look too pleasant at all. She shook her head. She didn't want to know what it was that was making him look like he was in pain the way he was right then. She had to leave.

Standing up she turned her back to him to retreat out of the room when she heard her name called softly. Turning around she met storm-blue eyes that were shocked and confused. "Akane? What… what are you doing here?" She scratched the back of her short-haired head nervously. "Well… uh… everyone was gone and I was wondering where you were at…" She looked at him and watched his eyebrows crease in wonder. "Well I should be going… sorry I woke you up." She turned before he could say anything to her and was out the door before he could even do anything to stop her.

Once she was out the door he combed a sweat drenched hand through his equally drenched bangs and tried to figure out the look he had seen on her face when she turned around. What was it? Shock? That's about the only thing he could come up with. Did she hear him talking in his sleep? If so what did he say? Aw whatever, he'd have to ask her later, right now he really needed to take a bath.

Ranma stepped from the bathroom feeling really refreshed. He sighed as he looked down at what he had on, just a muscle shirt and some drawstring pants. He could already tell that this was going to be a really hot summer, one he was sure he was going to be spending most of in his female form.

Slowly he made his way to the kitchen, hoping to find a big pitcher of lemonade waiting for him and instead finding Kasumi packing up some groceries. "Oh hello Ranma! How was your nap?" His mind instantly flashed back to the nightmare that had seemed to be haunting him lately. "Oh uh, it was fine. Um…" he was silent for a moment and realized that the house was completely quiet. "Where is everyone?"

Kasumi had just finished packing her bag and turned to smile sweetly at him. "Well, father and Mr. Saotome are out at the new bar playing shoji and most likely having a couple of drinks. Your mother is there with them waiting to take them to her house after they have had their fill. Nabiki is visiting a friend up north and I will be leaving shortly to go to our cousin's house. I doubt anyone will be back until tomorrow afternoon at the latest, I know I won't for sure." Ranma listened intently until a thought popped into his head. "What about Akane?"

Kasumi grabbed her bag and headed towards the door, Ranma a few steps behind her. It was getting dark outside as the sun was setting. "She'll be home with you unless you decide to go else where. She's at a party right now at her friend Sayuri's house." Ranma's eye's widened a bit. Akane had decided to go to the party? "Father wanted you to accompany her but I told him to leave you alone. If you don't mind however if it gets rather late I would appreciate it if you could bring her home. Akane does sometimes forget to keep track of time." Ranma nodded. So this meant that the two of them would be home alone tonight. Maybe he could talk to her then, this has been going on way too long.

"Alright Ranma, I trust you to bring her home safe and sound. There's dinner already in the ridge, all you have to do is warm it up. I will see you two tomorrow!" With a wave of her hand Kasumi was off to the cab that was waiting in front of the gate for her, and with that he was all by himself.

He turned back into the house and made his way to the family room. He switched on the television and suddenly had an epiphany. He was bored out of his mind. He looked back towards the hallway and sighed. He might as well go get her now, or at least hang around there. Daisuke and Hiro would be there, they could entertain him while he waited for her. Besides, anything was better than sitting there and watching nothing on TV.

With that he slipped his shoes on and was out the door.

Akane sighed as she looked into the cup in her hand. She couldn't keep her mind off of what she had seen earlier or rather what she had heard. Shocked beyond belief she had decided that maybe she should make use of Sayuri's invitation and make an appearance at the party. She needed to take her mind off of things and she thought that this would be the perfect place.

"Whoo! Akane!" Akane turned to see Yuka stumbling towards her. "Hey… your cup is still full! Did you go get another one?" Akane took a step back as the smell of alcohol invaded her nostrils. "No Yuka, this is the same cup I had since I've been here." Yuka giggled, obviously intoxicated, and threw an arm around her shoulders. "Aw Akane-chan, you gotta lighten up! Just take a couple of sips and I promise you'll be feeling good." Her face scrunched up. If feeling good looked like that then she wasn't sure that's how she wanted to feel.

A loud commotion at the doorway pulled her attention away from her balance-challenged friend only to find the person she had been so eager to get away from standing there getting handed a drink by his two friends from school. She watched as he sniffed at it and made a face while Daisuke tried to encourage him. They locked eyes and for the longest stared at each other. Suddenly Akane found her cup interesting and decided that maybe Yuka's condition was looking pretty inviting right now. She looked back at him to see him looking at his cup the same way she had been a second ago.

Catching each other's eye again they simultaneously downed their cups and headed towards different sections of the house. They needed time to think, not quite ready to interact with the other yet. After a few minutes they both headed back to the punch bowl together, saying nothing much as they filled their cups up and returned to the other sides of the room.

It was going to be a long night.

"C'mon Akane, the house is this way."

"No… It's this way…. Right?"

Ranma sighed as he grabbed Akane's hand, catching her before she toppled over in the street. Seems as though she had had one to many cups of 'special punch' as Daisuke had put it. As he tried to steady her upright he found that he had to also steady himself as well. Seemed as though he had had one too many too.

Slowly they made their way down the street, stopping frequently as Akane's flip-flops had kept coming off her feet. Finally a block away from the house Ranma had decided to give her a piggy-back ride which wasn't a really good idea considering that he wasn't that well balanced himself.

They had managed to make it in the house and upstairs to change clothes but of course the night couldn't be complete without an argument.

"Get out of my room you perv!" Ranma dogged at flip-flop, or at least tried to. "OW! Dammit Akane you're in MY room!" Akane looked around room finding out that it was indeed his, and suddenly became enraged. "You PERV! You brought me in here!?" Ranma's eyes widened because before he knew it she had jumped him, knocking them to the floor. They rolled for a minute until he had managed to pin her beneath him. He stared at her face, the floor under them feeling as though they were on a boat rocking side to side in the ocean.

He didn't know if it was the liquor running through her veins that made her cheeks so rosy or if it was the liquor that was running through him that made him all of a sudden very hot. All he knew was that his lips were suddenly on hers and hers were on his, both tasting the alcohol on the others lips. He remembered rolling onto his side, Akane startling him as she shoved her hands up his shirt exploring his torso underneath, and then his lips came crashing down on hers again.

Everything after that however, was a blank.

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