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Chapter 1 of, In the dawn of night.

In the dawn of night

They were up on the roof this whole time, just looking at the stars. "Aren't they beautiful Kyo-Kun!!!" Said Tohru with one of her famous smiles printed on her face. "Huh yeah their gorgeous" Said Kyo as he gazed at her big beautiful turquoise eyes.

"I have to tell her tonight…. It's either now or never…. Come one!!! SHE'S SITING RIGHT THEIR!!"

"DAMN IT!!!" Kyo yelled, thinking that he wasn't brave enough to do something so simple as to confess his love to the girl he loved the most, who just so happened to be sitting right next to him… "O Kyo what's wrong are you ok???!!!" Tohru said with a look of concern sketched on her perfect porcelain face. "AWWW I DID IT AGAIN!!! I KEEP WORRYING HER!!!"Kyo said as he tried to fake a smile. "Uh, it's ok Tohru its nothing"

"Are you sure Kyo, you know you can talk to me about any thing right???" Tohru said she said with a reassuring smile. "I wonder what's bothering him? I hope it isn't me!!! O WHAT IF IT WAS ME!!!" Suddenly Tohru's thoughts began to turn into actions,"I'm so so so so sorry Kyo-Kun!!! I don't really know what I did but I promise I will never ever do it again!!! I swear!!!" She said as she began to bow rapidly, snapping Kyo back to earth "Huh??? O Tohru its ok you didn't do any thing" Kyo said while ruffling the hair on the top of her hair as she gave him a reassured smile.

"That's it, I'm telling her today!! Right now!!! Wait NOW!!!!"

" …"

"Ok here it goes" Kyo took in a deep breath of air and started. "Tohru I have something that I have been meaning to say to you for a while…." He said, averting his gaze from the girl before him. "What is it Kyo??? Is something wrong" She asked with much concern in her voice as another look of concern began to creep its way back onto her face. "Every time I speak she worries!!!" Kyou though, mentally beating himself up for worrying her."Tohru I know that weave lived together for a long time and I just wanted to tell you that I-" Kyo was quickly cut off "Kyo I love you!" Tohru blurted out and look away with a face a brighter then Kyou's hair. Kyo just sat there wide eyed in shock and joy… "She loves me?? YESSS!!!!!! SHE LOVES ME!!! WOOOHHOOO!!! WOOT!! SHE LOVES ME AND NOT THAT DAMN RAT!!!" Kyou thought as a bright red blush began to creep up on his as well."O NO! I can't believe I just said that!!! O NO WHAT IF HE DOESN'T LOVE ME BACK!!! What if he hates me now, how could I have let my feelings and thoughts get the better of me. What am I going to do now??" Tohru thought as she hung her head down in shame.

She was able to find enough courage in her body to look over to Kyo who was to her surprise, smiling, with a blush redder then Saturn. He smiled and looked at her with eyes full of love, "Tohru I…… I love you too…….more than any thing I could possible think of and beyond that!" He said as he took her hand in his. "you do?" She said in a tone that was mixed with both joy, and doubt. "Kyou-kun's probably just saying that to make me feel better…..I'm so stupid….how could I have said something so personal to him like that….." She thought as she studied his face for any hint of a lie"How do I know that you aren't just trying to comfort me like you always do Kyo-Kun?" She said looking him straight in the eye, he only smiled and looked back. "Fine, I'll prove it instead." He said as he reached with his left hand over to Tohru's chin and held her face about half an inch close to his and whispered to her while his lips gently brushed hers "I love you more than the star's love the sky and ocean loves the moon." (a/n he he he, sorry, I just had to put some thing corny in it! He he he, hate me if you must!...sorry for ruining the mood…) He then gently pulled her into a light kiss to see her reaction. She reacted with kissing him back to his surprise, he knew that he could give her his full passion. They sat their on the roof sharing their first kiss that seamed to last for hours and only parted for air. They looked into each others eyes and sat their without a care in the world, no worries, no anger, not hate, it was just them. Kyo and Tohru, the way it should be, always and forever.

Kyo looked at Tohru and smiled as he pulled her into another kiss with much love and passion in it. "Kyo I love you so much" Tohru said when they broke for air. "Tohru you are my fallen angel" Kyo said as he caressed her face affectionately, earning a deep blush from her, as she cuddled up to him, seeking warmth in his arms, but not close enough for him to transform. He held her with both arm also making sure that he wouldn't change and spoil the mood, yet how he wished he could feel her small fragile body pressed against his, to feel her warm embrace, to smell the sweet scent of her hair and gently caress it as he held her close to him.

Tohru let out a slight yawn and Kyo looked at her, noticing the sleep swimming in her beautiful eyes of the sea. "Maybe you should go back inside, you should get some rest." She nodded and he helped her up. He cradled her in his arms, still making sure to keep some distance, as he carried her over to the edge were the big oak tree that lead to her window was. "Thank you Kyo-Kun" She said as he helped her into her bed after opening the window. He opened the door and was about to leave when he felt a small tug on his arm and looked back to see Tohru tugging on him. "Kyo-Kun… ummm… would it be ok if you could stay in here with me tonight??" he looked at her with a smile and took a minute or two to decide saying as he was trying figure out if this was just another of his amazing dreams of was actual happening. "You know I would love to…but do you really think it's a good idea?" He said as he kissed her on the head. Tohru looked at him a little puzzled then smiled, "Kyou-kun is only concerned for my safety, but I know that Kyou-kun won't do any thing wrong to me, and I promise to keep my hands to my self!" she said as she gave him one of the most biggest smiles she has ever smiled. He chuckled a little, "Alright, I don't know what the hell I'm doing but…..I'll do it for you." He said as he maid his way over to her side and noticed that she was still grinning like a maniac and couldn't help but hug him!!

They then heard the mood killing poof and saw the orange smoke. "IM SOO SORRY, KYO-KUN, I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!! I just…I'm sorry!" Tohru said as she went into panic mood still holding the little orange cat to her. "It's ok Tohru as long as I'm with you I'm happy" he said with a bright blush on his little kitty face. Tohru cradled him closer to her body, kissing his little kitty cheeks. (a/n The ones on his face and I know more corniness…). She then placed him on her bed and went to a drawer on her dresser and pulled out her night clothes. "Umm Kyo I'll be right back I just need to change really quick…" She said as she walked over to the door, but was stopped by a hand, "what did you call me??" Kyo said, holding her back by the elbow. "Umm I think I called you Kyo…IM SORRY!!! I DIDN'T MEAN TO IT JUST SLIPPED OUT!!! GOMEN, GOMEN, GOMEN Nasi!" She said as she went into panic mood, for the third time tonight, bowing and bowing like a bird drinking water. "No Tohru its OK I like it!! I want you to call me Kyo…" He said, putting a gentle hand on her shoulder getting her to stop with the bowing. "Really" Really she said with shimmering eyes that looked like they were on the verge of tearing. "Of course" the orange cat said while he was pawing at the sheets on her bed, not even noticing his actions.

She giggled at the sight of him, "Kyo, what are you doing??" she said as she giggled again. "Huh?? What do you mean?" he then looked down and saw what he was doing and a light blush crept up on his small fuzzy face again. "Gomen Tohru… I'll stop…" He said as he sat down and aloud her to scup him up again, saying as she had plopped down on the bed again. "NO Kyo its ok you don't have to apologize…it's actually kind of cute… your an adorable kitty Kyo!!!" She said as she cuddled him closer. "O really…" he said with an evil smile on his face that she couldn't see because of the fur.

"I'm gon'a go get changed now, so I'll be right back." She said as she made her way back to the door. "Ok…" He said flatly as he waited for her to leave, then he took off down the hall to his room, right when he changed back.

"I can't believe some one like her, could love some one like me. She could love a monster like me and still smile, I don't know why she does, but I'm glad that I have her now." Kyou said as he slipped a random shirt over his head. "How the hell am I going to last the night with her right their next to me…..knowing that I could just reach my hand over and touch her soft cheeks, lips, face, hair, any thing….its all in reaching distance……" He though but then cursed himself for thinking such things about his sweet innocent Tohru.

"O My Goodness! I can't believe Kyou-kun is going to stay with me tonight! O I'm so excited….but….I can't help but think, is what I'm doing wrong? Its it bad for me to want him to stay with me? O mom, what do I do! What if Yuki-kun, or Shigure-san walk in and find us together! Would they be angry? O but I want to sleep in the same bed with Kyo so much! O Mom I'm so excited!" Tohru said as she slipped on her flannel pajamas.

Tohru walked in to her room to find that Kyo was already asleep, letting out a deep sigh of content, she walked over to her bed and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek before climbing into bed with him when he surprised her by pulling her down and kissing her fool on.

"Kyo, I thought you were asleep!" She said with a surprised look on her face, he chuckled at her reaction, "I knew you would" he said as he sat up in the bed and stared at her as she stared right back. She was wearing a silky pink night gown that went mid thigh and had a low v neck that showed a little too much cleavage but had some pink peach colored lace to cover it up a bit. He was just wearing his black boxers and his hair fiery orange hair was every wear. He looked at her and sighed.

"Damn! It just got a little harder……how am I going to control my self tonight? Well….I guess I'll just have to try, for her sake." Kyo thought with a blush. "O Kyo is so handsome I can see ever single muscle in his body!! I wonder what it would feel like to run my hands on his chest? O No, What am I thinking, I shouldn't be thinking things like that! O I'm sorry Kyo-kun….I didn't mean to think about him like that…O mom…but he's just so handsome!" She thought as a blush crept up on her as well.Tohru you…..you look…..you look really pretty." Kyo said as he scratched the back of his head, his ears turning a flaming red. "Thank you Kyo!! I'm so happy that you decided to stay with me tonight!!" She said as she bounced over to him.

"So which side do you want…I mean it's your bed after al..." Kyo said as he gestured to the bed. "Well you are my guest so you choose! I insist Kyo!" She said as she began to fiddle with a strand of hair. "Ummm well I guess Ill take the side by the wall so that you can get in and out if you want" He said as he climbed in. "Ok Kyo, thank you for thinking of me!! It makes me so happy to know that you are thinking of me!!" She said with a giggle. "What are you giggling about??" He said as he chuckled. "Kyo I can see that you are happy to." She said as she turned her head and started to blush madly. "Huh??? Why would you— "Shit! Why me! WHY NOW! Shit!" He thought as he tried to cover up his….lower half…. "Sorry Tohru…but um well I can kind of…" He tried to tell her the reason why he was like the way he was…"Kind of what Kyo???"…but found it easier not to…"O nothing…" He said as he laid down in the soft goose feather bed. "I better not tell her if not she might put her bra back on" Kyo thought in his dirty teenage boy mind"Ok Kyo!" She said as she laid down next to him sniggling into the soft blanket. "I wonder if I should have left my bra on……I don't usually sleep with it on….so….O well…maybe he didn't notice." She said as she stared off into space.(Space Cadet Mood again).

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