Hajimemashite and Konnichiwa

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Chapter 28 of In the dawn of night! Hurray!!

"I'm sorry for causing your family so much trouble, Sohma-kun." Riuchi said in a slow sad voice, not daring to look up at him from were she sat. "It's ok you didn't do any thing wrong, it's not your fault you can see what you saw." Yuki said, thinking back on were he had heard that fraise before, just worded a little differently. "I thank you for your hospitality but I think it would be best if I were to go…" Riuchi said standing up from the cousin of which she sat, not even daring to steel a quick glance at the boy in front of her.

"Wait you don't have to go…" He said getting up, taking her hand in his not even realizing he had done so. "Please Sohma-kun; I think it would be best if we didn't associate with each other any more." She said, her dark bangs covering her eyes, a single tear was all that proved as evidence for those eyes as it slide silently down the delicate face of its beholder. Yuki gently reached a hand out to rid the tear from her face, but was stopped by a delicate hand. "Please Sohma-kun." She said, her throat feeling so tight and soar, as if the lump that was gradually growing larger in side of it was a lemon. (an: aha, she has a lemon in her throat, he he he…sorry, sorry, on with the story.)

"I'm sorry…" She said, dropping her hand from his arm as she looked up, shimmering emerald eyes were now a deep lake aqua green, shimmering like the moon on the ocean waves. She turned away from him and walked quietly to the door. He couldn't stand to see this happening, he had to stop her. Racing to where she stood putting her shoes on, he stopped. "Sohma-kun please….don't follow me." She said waving a hand down to the ground sparking a flair of curiosity inside his gut.

"Mankaya-chan please, Riuchi…don't go." He said with pleading eyes, but once he maid an effort to move towards her, he found his feet frozen to the ground, immobile, he could not move towards her no matter how much he fussed. "So that's what she did." He thought, realizing what the hand jester was just now. "Good bye…..Yuki-kun." She said as she turned, her silky black hair fluttering in the wind as she maid her way in the direction of her destination. "Good bye….Riuchi." Yuki said, standing in the middle of the door way, watching the raven haired beauty take her leave from their home, and his life.

"O Kyo I'm so excited!" Tohru said jumping up and down as they maid their way down the stairs. "Don't jump down the stairs, what if you were to fall and I didn't catch you on time?" Kyo said resting a hand on her shoulder, making her stop immediately. She turned to look back at him, "Kyo I know you will always be there to catch me." She said giving him her, one-hundred-watt smile. He couldn't help but give her one of his own awkward yet adorable smiles. "Yea well, what if I'm not here and you fell, I wouldn't be able to catch you then?" He said, becoming serious once more.

"That's true…..well then I mustn't hope down their stairs if you are not present!" She said with a grin on her face as they entered the dinning room to find that every one had left.

"Were the hell did every one go?" Kyo said as he picked up a glass that had been knocked over.

"Riuchi went home; she gives her thanks and apologizes….and….she….she won't be coming over any more…" The rat said, pain stinging his throat like a rusty used siring would while administering the flue shot in the back of the thigh. (an: Ouch…that sounds pretty painful!)

"Why did she leave so early?" Tohru asked, picking up the plates and table wear.

"She said she didn't want to burden us any longer…" Yuki said in a hushed tone.

"But she wasn't a burned at all!" Tohru said looking up from the pile of dishes she had collected on the table. "Like hell she wasn't" Kyo snorted in a hushed voice, meant for no ears. Seeing this Kyo abruptly stepped in front of Tohru and picked up the heap of dishes, utensils and food platters. "O no, Kyo I can do it, it's ok, I got it!" Tohru said, jumping at his quick movements. He smirked and lifted a hand from the pile to hold her chin, "Look, I don't want you to strain your self." He said, earning a blush from her. "O but, its ok Kyo, I can do it!" She said, trying to make a reach for the dishes, but was held in place by Kyo's grip on her chin.

"Please, I don't want you to over exert yourself right now." He said, looking deep into her eyes. She smiled lightly and nodded. Both carefully taking a quick glance over to Yuki who was standing at the opposite side of the table, holding a cup of tea; he looked baffled at their light conversation of whispers and touches, noticing there glance he quirked an eyebrow at them. Taking a quick sip of his tea he thought it better if he just left the room.

Tohru turned back to Kyo who now had a deep scarlet stain on his cheeks. "O Kyo, aren't we supposed to go to see Hatori-san on Wednesday when we go to see Akito-san?" Tohru asked, weaseling her way around him and picking up the dishes without him noticing. 'Huh?', he said snapping out of the daze he had gone in he turned to find Tohru heading out of the dinning room with all of the table wear and food in hand, running after her.

"Hey what did I just say?" He said, watching her dump every thing on the counter next to the sink. "It's ok Kyo; really, I do this every day it won't hurt me to do it again?" She said with a smile. "Fine, but I'll do the dishes." He said, taking the sponge before she could get to it. "Kyo!" She giggled as she tried to get it back from him. "Now, now, I have arms, it's not like I can't use them." He said holding it high in the air, chuckling when he saw the expression on her face. "Kyo I need that!" She said jumping to try and grab it, but missed when he swung it over to the side. 'grrrr' Tohru growled playfully when she maid another attempt to snatch it, but was left empty handed when he swung it to the other hand. "Nope." He said with another chuckle, watching the brunette pout like that was just too funny for him.

He watched her stomp her foot in frustration, then, strangely she looked back up at him with glossy eyes. Slowly she maid her way to his lips, gently caressing his bottom lip with her tong. Kyo gulped, trying to suppress a pleasurable groan. He slowly wrapped his arms around her, intensifying the kiss. She giggled when he touched a tender spot on her side. He pulled her closer; she clung to his shoulders for support then slowly began to bring one arm lower. She carefully brought one of her hands around her back, leaving the other one to hold his gentle face. Then suddenly it clicked, Kyo, suddenly surprised her by hoisting her up onto the counter and tightening his grip on the sponge, and unwillingly broke himself from her little plot, leaving her with the most confused, yet adorable expression on her face. "Don't think I didn't know what you were doing." He said with a smile as he showed her the sponge which she was trying to weasel out of his hand when she had intoxicated him with her lustful kiss.

"You caught me." She said with a full on blush and smile. "But you know, it wasn't all a trick." She said, hoping off of the counter and giving him a quick kiss on the lips before she snatched the sponge from his hand. "What the hell? She used a kiss against me, and caught me off guard……she just doesn't cease to amaze me." Kyo thought as he watched her make her way back over to the sink leaving him in a complete daze when yet another something clicked in his brain. Walking over to her he stopped behind her, brining his arms around her waist he laughed when he heard her gasp but never let go. "So, which part wasn't a trick?" He whispered in her ear, sending chills down her spin. "K…Kyo." She chocked out at his sudden display of affection. He pulled her closer in his embrace, loving the knowledge that he could now, even if it was only going to last for a few months, he planed on holding her as much as possible until he no longer could.

Turning around in his arms she smiled softly, resting her head on his chest, enjoying the sound of his heart beat as she snuggled close in his arms, too feeling the want to hold him till they no longer could and beyond those months. Sighing he rested his head atop hers. They both stood their in tranquility and peace, neither of them noticing the fact that the water had still been running and was now spilling from the sink. "SHIT!" Kyo yelled hoisting Tohru up he ran her over to the table and sat her on top of it, telling her not to move he rushed over to the cleaning cabinet and pulled out a mop as he ran back into the kitchen to find Tohru on her hands and knees trying to dry the floor with paper towels and rags. As they both fussed over the water Yuki walked in, sighing at the sight of their absent mindedness he walked over to them. "You know it would help if you turned the water off first." He said sarcastically, turning the facet off and leaving the room.

Both watching as Yuki left the room, Kyo turned to Tohru who was now sitting on the floor with a blank expression on her face. She looked up at Kyo, blushing lightly she stood up and smoothed her skirt down. "No I'll get it." Kyo said seeing that she was about to begin to pick up the rags and paper towels that were now scattered on the floor. "No I'm closer, I can do it." Tohru said as she quickly picked the cloth's up from the still wet ground, taking an awkward step she slipped, "TOHRU!!" Kyo yelled jumping out to catch her, but failed when she had caught her balance and was standing sturdy, while he went plummeting to the ground.

"Ow." He said rubbing the top of his head which now had a large red bump slowly forming and blending in with his fiery hair. "O Kyo, are you ok!" Tohru said quickly turning around, getting her legs tangled she two went flying to the ground, luckily she landed on something soft, gasping when she realized that it was Kyo she had fallen on. "O I'm so sorry!" She yelled as she was about to get up but was stopped when Kyo snuck an arm around her waist pulling her down to him. "No, don't be sorry, I like this." He said with a full on blush, but of course he would never let her see it but he could just guess that she was blushing even harder then he.

Eeping at his sudden actions Tohru suddenly became confused, not sure as to why he had been showing her so much affection today. Kyo held her close, loving the feeling of her on top of him, snuggling his head into the side of her neck he smiled softly, adoring her scent, "-mmm- strawberries" Kyo thought, being intoxicated by her loving aura. "Kyo?" the sound of her sweet voice was all it took to snap him out of his daze and for him to realize what he had been doing. "Uh, sorry…couldn't help myself." He said as he sat up, letting her fall into his lap, she turned around and smiled to him a smile that told him she didn't mind and that she loved him. Touching her face gently, letting his finger tips travel along her soft tender flesh, tracing the lining of her jaw with his index finger he smiled sighed to himself happily. Tohru only sat their confused, still having no clue as to why he was acting so affectionate.

Squirming out of his lap she stood up abruptly and smoothed her skirt down once more, holding out a hand for him to take to help pull him up she smiled softly, but that quickly faded away when she saw the puzzled expression on his face. "Kyo, are you ok?" She asked the feeling of concern coating her voice, making Kyo wonder how someone who is certainly not innocent any more, could still seem so pure. Standing up he shook his head chuckling softly as he looked back down at her seeing a new expression of confusion, making him laugh harder. "Kyo?" She said touching his arm softly, but to her surprise he just grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him, resting his head atop hers he leaned down and whispered into her ear, "I love you Tohru Honda, and I need to thank you for granting my wish and giving me a family….for granting me the joy of knowing that I'm needed…..and for holding me close…..even when you couldn't, even when all I did was push you away, you held on….and I thank you for that…I thank you for not giving up on me and for not throwing my love away."

Tohru quickly looked up into his eyes with her now tear streaked ones and kissed him softly, "I love you so much." She said kissing him again then looking back into his eyes, socking up every inch of his expression, etching it into her mind and never wanting to forget, always wanting to hold that picture of perfection and love that stood in front of her thinking he was a worthless peace of crap. "Now how's that for vows." He said with a wink of an eye, making her jump to his lips again, he obviously had no clue as to how much she loved and cared for him. "Their beautiful Kyo…just beautiful." She said, whipping away the tears from her eyes with a soft blush and smile gracing her delicate features.

"Then I'm glad you like them." He said, kissing her forehead lightly, as he pulled her close in his arms, both enjoying each others warmth and the feeling of each others arms. "Aha, such sweet young love in action!" Shigure said from the door way; earning a low growl from Kyo. Breaking away from the warm embrace, Kyo looked back into the eyes of his lovely young bride and smiled softly, ruffling her hair he leaned down and whispered something into her ear, making her blush and nod her head slowly, making him smile in return as he stalked out of the room, giving Shigure a death glare as he passed by. Looking over at the retreating form of the hot headed cat Shigure turned his attention back to the still blushing Tohru who was now standing in front of a sink full of dishes and already off into her own world. "Ahh, what am I going to do with you two." Shigure said, shaking his head as he left the room, trying to imagine what it would be like after Kyo and Tohru got married and the house full of children; he cringed at the thought and finally decided on what he was getting them for a wedding gift.

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