Hi! Got a chapter, couldn't let this week pass since it's when I started this story so many years ago. :)

"I can't believe you thought this was a good idea." Meredith told Derek as they watched Mark man the grill by flipping burgers and turning hotdogs.

"I can't believe I actually went along with you too, I appeased this, I allowed it to happen. " She added seeing Addison chatting with Dr. Bailey. Richard and Adele were fawning over Devin who was now running on the grass at a rapid pace his little legs could carry him trying to play with a ball. Alex and Izzie playing volleyball in the pool against a member of Derek's neuro team and his wife.

"Its fun right?" Derek smiled looking around at the amount of people that they had invited over to their house for a summer barbeque and pool party. Derek had wanted a good old family BBQ like they used to have in summers in New York where everyone got together and just relaxed in the backyard, barbequing and having fun in the pool and back yard. He thought it would be a great thing to do to christen the house after all the exterior was finally completed. Including the pool and landscaping and even a tree house for Dev. Meredith thought it was a good idea at the start, bring a little of their old traditions to Seattle. That was when she thought the guest list was less than 10.

"Half the hospital is here. Including a bunch of people we've never spoken too and are just here to gawk at our house and gossip. I even think I saw the ER nurse." Meredith said snarky.

"Oh he came with Dr. Bailey, he's her date." Derek smirked as he took a bite of his burger. Smiling and loving Meredith's feistiness and not taking her anger seriously.

"Her date? She's been divorced for all but 2 minutes." Meredith said while rolling her eyes and grabbing her glass of margarita. She needed more to drink.

It had been a long year Dr. Bailey for one couldn't make her marriage work. The issues between the balance of home and work took its toll and ended up being not good for any of them. They alternated weekends with their son, but the majority of the time he lived with his father since he had the more 9-5 schedule.

Addison's ring finger glistened with her new diamond sparkler, that wasn't that new considering the amount of time Mark had been holding onto it. It finally happened when Mark and Addison went on a mini vacation to Hawaii. It was impromptu with the ring back home in Seattle in Meredith and Derek's safe. Mark and Addison were out one night after dinner, along the beach and he just blurted out "marry me." No question or getting down on one new. Addison just smiled and responded "ok" before she jumped in his arms and kissed him all the way back to their private villa. Before Mark could open the door she pulled back and seriously said to him "But I'll need a ring."

Alex and Izzie had their breakups and makeup's. Drama and still seemed to always come back towards each other. Flirtation with a nurse for him, a patient for her, but they always came back together with a pull. Something made them banter, fight and end up always in an on call room.

Meredith smiled at them as they bickered over both of them missing the ball and losing a point while Izzie splashed at him and Alex tried to dunk her back.

"Come on, it's fun. Hot dogs, pool games, relaxing with colleagues. Yes the guest list has gone a tad out of control." Derek added as Meredith rolled her eyes in approval. "You used to love the family Sunday's like this back in New York.

"I know, maybe that's it. I feel like I'm missing something. Instead of mom and the girls I have a bunch of hospital nurses.

"Hmm." Derek smirked as he looked at her like the cat that ate the canary.

"What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing, can't I smile when I know how much you love me and will thank me later." Derek added. Looking behind her and Meredith looked confused even more when his smile grew.

"We have some more guests." He said watching her roll her eyes.

"Yay more gossiping nurs…" she trailed off as she turned around and catching her breath as her voice halted.

Standing on the outdoor living room deck leading out from the great room stood Nancy, Carly, Sam, Kath, Carolyn and Christopher. Along with the kids and husbands.

"Oh my god! This is the best house warming bbq ever!" Meredith yelled out running towards the house and to them. While Derek laughed and yelled out "you're welcome" before starting to walk at a normal pace in the same direction as Meredith to greet their family. Watching as the girls all squealed when Meredith reached them and all started hugging.