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The Dark Dalliance

Chapter Seven – The Seduction


1. enticing someone astray from right behaviour.


He hesitated. "Kal-El."

It made her pause and she frowned, displaying her perplexity at the odd unity the two syllables created when they were finally put together. The name sounded distant from her culture, enigmatic and aerial, and easily holding a smooth superiority in its ring. His name could have been dissonant; sounding sharp and stricken with an edge of harshness or sounding cold and spilling in an excess of arrogance, but it held nothing of what he displayed himself with.

He didn't let his eyes drop from hers, even if he wasn't gauging for a reaction. He willingly slid an invisible mask of suppression over his striking blue eyes; shielding his gaze from the things he knew she wanted to see. He wanted at least one barrier between them and a mental one was so much less insufferable, and even more adequate, than a physical one.

Lois pursed her lips at the sudden shift he seemed to be so determined to bare and she arched a delicate eyebrow upwards. "Kal- -?"

Kal-El ducked his head to the side, lowering his face to meet hers in a contact that would never be lace with the decency of his thoughts, and he barely gave her a few desired seconds to sink a breath throughout her chest. He caught her lips between his, claiming them only so he could escape the reality of what his name would mean if he let it roll off her tongue. It seemed like he was almost afraid of how it would sound coming from her; such a stranger to his internal culture and such a familiar to a civilization that was so quick to judge if he felt to lazy to overlook the stereotypes. Would it have been perplexed and biting, serving only to expand that incredulous sense of foreign taboo that came between them, or softening and entranced, being the only thing he wished to rise inside of her under the disguise of undiscerning pruriency?

Her neck arched itself backwards to receive his kiss, evidently granting him his thirst of personal dominance. A traitorous moan escaped the shelter of her mouth and drifted in between their closing contact. The anxiety that searched for deliverance abruptly stilled in her lower stomach, frozen in a state of half-shock, and the impatient sense of anticipation screamed in fulfillment.

Had she really been that desperate for him?


A jolt of rage, one that was subdued in its intensity by the ravenous feeling he managed to coerce on her awareness, flickered throughout her chest. It created an overflow of confused tension, shameless and smoldering sensations captured her senses with too much force and they brought her down to her barest of instincts. But that anger, the one standing unbalanced between the edge of fury and fear, kept growing stronger with each movement his lips made over hers.

It was always a duality and she was caught in the midst of something she was afraid to breach… and something she was afraid to leave.

His kiss was satisfyingly bruising. His lips pulled at hers through a series of feverish strokes and they traced hers to access an untamed need of abandonment. He was towering over the slender shape of her restrained body, gaining every possible once of control he desired and never – never – letting any of it escape the momentum he was so desperate to keep.

Kal-El dared to drop his hand from her lower back, indulgingly letting the tip of his fingers brush the hidden skin beneath the waistband of her jeans, and his opposite hand trailed upwards, grazing the arching pattern of her spine until his palm curved over the back of her neck and his fingers grasped her bounded locks. Lois felt his thumb tracing out the side of her jaw with too much insistent and she vividly felt her pulse flare when he locked his position over the hidden palpitation. He accentuated his air of dominance with the familiar position and it forced an infuriating agitation to whimper in her mind.

He held too much control.

A little too vaguely, Lois felt one of his hands leaving the teasing warmth of her lower back and, indistinctly, she felt it come between them to release the futile protection the small zipper of her leather coat provided.

Inaudibly, he screamed for any traceable control and the effects − the ones he carelessly and almost too carefully played inside her − were forceful as they pushed buried reactions and fantasies to that palpable surface.

It was so forbiddingly good that it suddenly crossed a tensing and alarming line.

It couldn't be all good and even if the fever of something that wasn't supposed to be there was all too consuming, there was still something very unsettling and daunting that kept her on the verge of rationality.

He wasn't allowed to do this to her.

Lois yanked brutally at her metal bindings, her gesture being streaked by a sudden shot of involuntary panic, and it caused the delicate skin of her wrists to collide a little too harshly against the cool metal of the handcuffs. She wanted out, but she briefly wondered if it was so she could selfishly strike him… or to effectively pull him further into her.

Kal-El self-indulgently chose to disregard the force of her effort, instead he recklessly strived harder to distract her. The forced caress he laid over her mouth build up a slow and striking torture over her lips and his tongue languidly traced out the fullness of her lower one. He fuelled the tension in her stomach, hardening it into a torrid spiral of liquid warmth that descended straight to her pelvis. He was skillfully able to pull the sensations through every sheer phase of intensity it could encounter and the feeling became so agonizing that Lois rolled her hips into his in egotistical satisfaction.

A low growl broke through his lips at the audacious motion she had started. Instinctively, Kal-El's hand slipped beneath the thin material of her shirt as he palmed the side of her waist and delved his fingers in her hip, he kept her between a commanding grasp and prevented the contact from wavering between their slowly rocking bodies.

Her mouth toyed with his, sucking his bottom lip in an urgent affliction and letting her teeth graze the sensitive skin as an untamed recompense. She was losing herself and it seemed that not even a fragment of prudence could come between them. Their heated and devious haze was becoming heavier, thicker and so impenetrable that they couldn't discern that vital line between suggestive enticement and insatiable thirst.

She was losing too much.

Instantly, Lois tore her lips away from his, erasing the most tempting contact and leaving a struggling pant of a breath linger between them. His face still leaned into hers, unwilling to let their arousing touches fade away and a little too surprise to have registered her sudden exit.

"You can't do this to me." Her words were spoken with a longing conviction, almost pleading between a harsh and trembling pant.

Kal-El exhaled a dark and warming breath against her lips, but his mouth never curved into that infuriating smirk as he let its fullness graze her cheek. "I can do so much worst."

His words created an absolute coil of confused want and terrified anticipation that clashed intensively with the tumultuous warmth between her hips. The sentiments rose mercilessly throughout her chest until they could only add a forbidding excitement to the sultry chaos of her mind.

Through a hooded gaze she saw him leaning into her again, his lips always seeking hers. Another trembling breath escaped her throat.

"Don't-" Lois swallowed unevenly, cutting her sentence out of confusion over what she really wanted to say.


He actually halted, his body held frozen for the wavering command she had offered. His lips lingered, dangerous and provocative, over hers and his hands never released their hold.

Kal-El slightly drew his head away and his gaze searched her face in fragile questioning. He licked his lips, a small and appealing gesture, but it was the sudden twist in her stomach that made her breath hitched just a little bit higher when she noticed his eyes flashing under that distinctive and mysterious red hue.

Reflexively, his fingers dug into her hip and his eyes drifted shut to hide his flaring gaze from her. She felt his back stiffened and the muscles of his arms tensing around her as if, just like before, he had felt that fever shot through his spine.

Lois parted her lips and inhaled slowly, almost afraid to disturb him. "Your eyes… They…"

He swallowed, trying not to let his gesture seem calming. "What?" His voice resumed in a low and solemn tone.

"They…" She couldn't really find a word for what it actually was and even less for what it faithfully meant. "It's the second time I've seen them-"

An instinctive and barely quiet moan passed her lips, losing itself in the heated air that surrounded them. He had tightened his hold over her waist, his fingers stroking down the sensitive side of her hip to force them into his in a hardening curve, and his opposite hand had curled his fingers further into her hair, bringing her head back to gracefully allow her neck to arch.

The impulsive gestures he carried out against the position of her body caused her to pull tightly at the handcuffs and she was ready to let out a soft yelp at the tender friction it had created over the delicate skin of her wrists. But her weak cry caught itself in her throat, stilled in blushed foresight.

Still feeling the sobering darkness graze them in concealment, Lois let her eyes fall shut and her lips part to expel a panting breath.

So faintly as if the whispers of foreboding were drawn to him, he let his mouth brush the sinuosity of her jaw and down the fragile pattern of her throat, his warm breath tormenting her skin in its wake. The motions were barely even there, but the startling anticipation of imagining the smoothness of his lips against her flesh instead of truly feeling them became a compelling enticement.

There was also something deeply unforgiving about their position that only added to the eroticism of their situation.

The handcuffs were physically bounding her in a concentrated state of vulnerability and they coerced her body into a straightened and tautened position of near submission. And he was willingly drowning himself in the advantages it offered him.

Kal-El symbolized every unrestrained fragments of a towering and imposing presence. It was in the air that constantly bared his skin, reckless and dominant. It was in his scent that teased her senses in its invisibility, masculine and breaching the confines of dark leather. It was in the motions he carried out through his body, streaked with boundless power and blazing with hard control. It was in the way he held her, so intimately close to him that it flared countless of warnings throughout her veins and so fearfully commanding that he reduced her mind into almost whimpering for more.

It was everything, everything that drove her consumingly insane.

His lips parted over the exposed skin of her neck at a languished pace and he trailed its fullness down the curve of her throat, taunting the flushing flesh in deliberate torture that left her want to scream out in appeasing frustration.

"You feel this?" His words rolled off her skin, quiet and obscure.

Unthinkingly, Lois opened her mouth to answer him even if she didn't want to know her own response. She could either declare her willingness for him to take everything he wanted or she could refuse him everything he was seeking for.

She only inhaled a much needed breath.

Her silence caused him to move his hand from her waist, trailing it downward so his palm could nestle against the small of her back and his fingers could graze over the hidden skin of her buttocks. He pulled her hips closer, forcing them to roll into his, and he let his tongue sink into the hollow junction of her collarbones.

"Lois," he warned.

Her eyes slowly drifted opened and she plunged her nails into her palms, pushing the ache to overcome the agonizing pleasure he laid over her. She exhaled, trying to keep any palpable form of control and still, she refused to answer him.

His lips continued down the path of her chest, always keeping an achingly slow momentum and always assuring her that giving up was never an alternative, until she felt his mouth linger between the sensitive valley of her breasts.

"I asked you something," he reminded her.

Her eyelids drifted shut, almost in a silent prayer for her own control to be brought back… if only he weren't forcefully pulling it away from her.

She inhaled deeply, ignoring that the action brought her skin closer to his mouth. "No," she lied and he knew it, but she wasn't that far gone.

Not yet.

And finally, it returned, that infuriating smirk that graced his features whenever he indulged too much in his fair arrogance. "Really?" But he wasn't looking for a verbal response.

Lois felt the warmth of his lips pressing against the upper swell of her breast, creating a vivid contrast with the cool air that embraced them. A breathless moan escaped the confinement of her throat as she felt his full lips part over the oversensitive skin to draw it into his mouth. She distinctively felt her pulse flare with soothing satisfaction and she gathered a harsh pant against her throat when she felt his tongue graze down the curve of her breast.

Too much.

And it didn't last. Without a realistic warming, she felt him tense up against her again. His arms became rigid around her form and his chest rose into hers a little too suddenly; this couldn't be good.

Slowly, Kal-El enfolded his arms from around her until she could regain her own balance. His hands came down over her hips, still keeping her close to him, as he stood to his full height. Something had caught his attention as it seemed he came completely in tuned with every element surrounding him.

Lois dropped her head in the center of his chest and she almost whispered a disappointed thank you to the obscure force governing them. An untainted breath finally passed her lips as she slowly started to recover the senses he had lost to him. A small groan of discomfort let itself known, her arms were aching with an echoing tension that flooded straight down to her shoulders, created by the extended position of elevation.

Lois stiffened against him when his hands resumed their wandering, she felt them hastily brush over her back and over her arms until she felt his fingers brushing against the skin of her wrists. His lingering touch soon faded and relief sprang through her muscles as she felt her arms drop from the metal pipe and onto to his shoulders.

"We have to go." His voice pierced the stillness of the air with its urgency.

Her gaze drifted up to meet his. "What?"

She couldn't even be surprise when he refused to respond, but a futile and indignant cry erupted from her lips when she felt his strong hands grasping the back of her thighs. She inhaled a stunned breath when he brought her upwards and urged her legs to wrap around his waist. Her hands instantly recaptured a familiar position, her fingers fisting in the heavy leather covering his broad shoulders.

He never gave her a chance at adaptation and she wondered if he deliberately enjoyed throwing her off and into an endless confusion of frightful amazement.

Those winds, so callous and sharp, became such a constant in their encounters. They were always forced upon her skin, plaguing and restless just like the motions and the jabs they offered to each other. And now it was the only thing that kept her focus as they came around them to disguise the gateway they always used. They concealed them, throwing them in the cocoon of something that gave them a reason of behave the way they did with each other. They were invisible in their appearance, almost as if the visage they held was too precious to see, but they made it up for it in the way they laid sensations over their bodies; tantalizing, lifelike and so terribly consuming.

His stop become more physical this time as she only felt him stilled his energized motions when her back hit a hard wooden surface. Her lips instinctively parted under the pressure of the abrupt blow, but her chest rose only to inhale a reassuring breath of air that could hopefully sooth out the frenzy disturbing her senses.

Her mind felt vividly lost and even if her eyes had drifted open to view her surrounding she wasn't able to register anything enclosing her. But she could feel him and the dully traumatized state of her awareness. Her head rolled back against the door, her thoughts still drowning in the commotion of Kal-El's actions, and her pulse deepened in its velocity, growing heavier and so much more distinct against her breast that it led her senses to become heightened, only so they could distinguish a reassurance that could calm her.

Lois could feel the warmth of his hands, one teasing the skin of her lower back in its intrusion and the opposite was felt only by the fingers that had curled a little too tightly against the curve of her lower cheeks. His lips, those full and perfect lips… She could feel its delicacy lingering over the sensory swell of her breast and it fuelled her heartbeat into vivifying its pace under the craze of anticipation.

He held his body against her, pleasantly curving around her slender form and expelling the masculinity of his warmth onto to her skin, soothing and so unbearably searing that her fingers dug deeper into the leather expanding over his upper back.

Lois could barely breathe, and he didn't seem to want to stay out in the open.

She felt his fingers leave the small of her back and reached into the side pocket of her jacket, retrieving some dangling pieces of metal that she could only identify as her keys. She heard the turn of the lock and felt the door escape her back. She barely felt him move her in the safer side of her apartment and once again her back was flattened against the wooden door.

The realization that she was surrounded by the comfort of her home came as a grateful reassurance and slowly her sense slipped back into place, carefully dragging every provocative sensation with them. Her breath flowed gradually into her chest, somewhat comforting the tension it held too protectively, and her pulse became a little more superficial, slowing down to accommodate her want of awareness.

Lois gathered a calming breath as she uncurled her fingers from his jacket and trailed them up his back, ready to push him away so she wouldn't indulge anymore in his support.

And that's when she felt them. That casual weight over her wrists.

The handcuffs. He hadn't broken them.

An overflow of a resentful fury abruptly shattered every delicate and provocative sensation she held for him, and her following motions were stripped down to bare her rage.

Lois curved her hands under the bracelet of the restraints, grasping the chains between her fingers, and she yanked the metal link against the back of his neck as her legs released their hold from around his waist and she dropped her heels to the floor.

She dug the chained metal deeper into his skin, bringing his face down to her level. "You were supposed to undo these." Her voice held nothing short of her outrage.

He exhaled softly against her lips, his mouth curving in a taunt. "You do remember I'm invulnerable, right?"

She glared at his response.

"Besides," he continued as his hands flew to her hips and he angled his face to the side with a challenging gaze. "I'm not done with you yet."

Her eyes widened. "You arrogant bast-"

Kal-El tore the sentence from her throat as he pushed her back into the door. His strong arms slipped around her waist, indulgingly erasing the space between their hips so they could continue their arousing contact and he buried his mouth into hers, his lip grasping her lower one in a hard caress.

He was always towering and even if that trait effectively surge an attraction, at this every moment it fuelled her rage just little bit further.

Lois twisted her fingers through his dark locks, pulling at them in a useless attempt to have him release his hold. He only bit down on her inferior lip, drawing the lush skin into his mouth in an endeavor of recognition, trying to have her react to him, just like she had when she had been chained up. A pleading moan drifted from her throat, lost in between the translation of urging and stopping. She buried her hands further into his hair, letting her nails graze the skin, as she felt his tongue trace out her lips, demanding them to part for him.

A liquid wave of frightful desire descended through her lower stomach, meshing and coercing her anger to grow blindingly stronger.

She hated him. Hated him for daring to submit her too so many burning afflictions, hated him for plaguing her mind with restless and suggestive thoughts of him… hating him for truly succeeding into making her drown in the attraction she held for him.

She was starting to feel feverish, her skin felt heated, flushed only because he continued the satisfying assault on her lips. And every time his mouth sucked on her lower lip her anger rose recklessly higher, every time his teeth left an invisible imprint on the skin her mind flared in defense and every time his tongue languishingly grazed hers her senses were ready to fall apart.

It was too much. Everything was always just a little bit too much with him.

It was an excess that flirted a little too closely to the lines of desperation and he continually dragged her down with him.

Lois pulled the chain against the skin of his neck as her hands reached to press against his shoulders. Skillfully, and with a strength she couldn't quite understand, she forced her body off the door and further into his chest, pushing him into taking a few strides back until-

She sent him crashing. Even if in the process, he unwillingly yanked her down with him.

He took the entire downfall on his back and she couldn't help but notice how rapidly his arms came around her to protect her from the blow, effectively cushioning her fall with his body.

Lois was never one for wasting time and she rapidly withdrew the chain from around his neck, bracing herself in a seated position over his lap.

"I hate you." The words passed her lips in a trembling breath, never caring if it held a vivid conviction.

Bending her knees to the floor she rose off his lap, ready to ascend to her feet. But it seemed that he had some pent up frustrations of his own.

She felt his large hands grasping the back of her thighs and with a soft build up of force he flipped her on her back, pulling her under his looming body. His legs came to kneel between her parted thighs and his elbows drop on either side of her arms, leading his chest to cover her entire upper body.

Kal-El angled his face to the side, his gaze finding hers and expelling a rare and almost aching confusion. "And you think I don't?" Even his voice had changed, dropped low and laced with too many uncertainties.

Her hands curled in his chest and she stared up at him with an unconvincing determination, her mind was still captured in that sinful tension that tormented them. "You're insensitive," she mumbled in a breath.

"You're infuriating," he retorted, his voice following her hushed tonality.

She closed her eyes, letting her head fall to the side. "You're barbaric."

His hand came between them, reaching for the chain of her handcuffs and tearing one of its links apart. "And I can't stand you."

Lois sighed in comfort for the separation, but she made no move to stretch her arms in order to relieve the pressure it had sustained. She merely kept them locked against his chest, silently letting the turmoil of the night fall off her body as if it had been a heavy sheet of deception and suspense.

They stayed together motionless, both just inhaling the untainted breaths they hadn't really wanted to before as their minds wrapped themselves around the unique and physical situation they had created together.

They claimed to hate each other and a thought of rationality understood exactly want it meant. They hated what the other could mean and what they could bring.

It seemed that for them, hating each other meant acknowledging the definite tension between them.

Carefully, Lois's eyes drifted opened and she let her gaze wander over his face. His own gaze had dropped sideways, seemingly lost in his own conflicting thoughts, and his features were set in a softness she had never witnessed in him before, it was something deep and humane, almost beautiful.

She uncurled her fingers, letting them travel over the expanding muscles of his chest hidden underneath his shirt. His gaze snapped to meet hers and she felt him inhale slowly by the time her fingertips grazed the skin of his throat. Relying on the strength of her abdominal muscles, Lois softly raised her face off the floor and her hands could finally cup his face.

She kept his gaze, searching the blue depths for any trace of his control to shield them, but it never came, a faint reddening hue kindled them instead.

Finally, Lois let her lips graze his a little too softly, urging him to lean further down into her to complete the suggestive touch. She guided his face down and let him capture her lips with his own only when her head had fount the support of the wooden floor. She moved her lips between his, nipping them with too much insistence, and she only added a smooth bite to his lower lip when he groan against her.

Her breath hitched in her throat as she felt his tongue grazing her upper lip, seeking hers just so he could feel more of her, and for the first time her lips parted for him under an unquestionable sensation of desire.

And it threatened to start all over again. The breathless anticipation and the agonizing built up of tension in her lower stomach.

"You have to go," she whispered against his lips, but her words almost didn't hold any meaning when she buried her fingers into his dark curls.

He groaned against her lips, never really wishing for the contact to subside. "I know."

Her tongue brushed under his and she sighed into his mouth when she felt him sink further into her. She drew her lips away from his mouth. "You really have to go."

"I know." He reclaimed her lips between his, leaving an untraceable mark one her lower one with his teeth. "I know."

She felt his presence fade away too quickly as he pulled himself to his feet. His hand came around her forearms, drawing her into a standing position.

And his warmth became haunting again, taunting her body as he leaned into her, just one last time…

Just one last kiss.

She couldn't spare a glance at him as he retreated, taking the necessary step that would lead him closer towards the exit and further away from her.

He paused as he opened the door and she noticed the pressure coming back around his shoulders, tensing and broadening them.

Kal-El never looked back at her. "I still need that information." His voice acquired the decisive tone of his ever-need for control.

He left, this time leaving the careless winds to haunt her apartment and without specifying if he was going to get what he wanted all by himself or if he was going to return to her to have it.

Lois watched the door close behind him and her arms dropped to her side, the bracelets of the handcuff still grazing the skin of her wrists and the broken chain falling in the empty space without the contact of the other.

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