Kiba sat on the roof of the Inuzuka manor tears dripping from his swollen red eyes. His hands were wrapped around his bare muscular chest, as he leaned forward on his knees trying to comfort himself. Akumaru sat beside his master and licked over Kiba's tattooed cheek. Right now all he could think about was what he had just seen.


"Mmmm this is good." said a shirtless Kiba as he licked his vanilla ice cream cone. The brunette wasn't afraid to show off his muscular body. He had a nice long torso, with an 8 pack, and his body was one of the best looking ones in Konoha. He made a lot of heads turn as he walked down the street, as his sexy body dripping with sweat from the blazing sun.

A loud woof came from Akumaru making Kiba look at the 200 lb beast. "Oh, sorry Akumaru." He had a mini chocolate ice cream cone in his other hand that he had bought for his dog. He stopped and held the cone in the air grinning. Akumaru just stared as his drool dripping tongue hung out the side of his mouth. Kiba then threw the ice cream cone as far as he could, making the dog jet after the treat. Kiba snickered and returned to eating his ice cream.

It was only about 10 seconds later and Akumaru was already back, the chocolate ice cream tainted the white fur around his lips. He licked his ice cream one more time before giving it to Akumaru, who immediately demolished it. Then Kiba turned into the entry that led to the Aburame mansion, and then looked back at Akumaru. "Ok boy, wait here and be quiet. Shino doesn't know we are here."

He didn't think his boyfriend would care he showed up without Shino knowing. The two had been going out for about four months, and the Aburame had told him several times that he loved him. Kiba snuck around the back and then focused his charka to his feet. He climbed up the wall until he reached the balcony to his boyfriend's room. He climbed over the ledge and got on all fours, trying to conceal himself.

He always wondered what Shino did in his spare time. Now was the time that he would find out exactly what the bug user "did" in his spare time. As he slowly crawled over to the door he heard loud noises coming from within the room. If Kiba didn't know better they sounded a little bit like moans. He quickly crawled over to Shino's glass balcony door and peered inside. His Hazel eyes widened at the sight before him.

He watched as his boyfriend rode into some girl, that Kiba was sure he didn't know. Tears ran down his red tattooed cheek as he watched the lustful scene in shock. The girl cried out Shino's name with each thrust, and once Kiba heard this he quickly jumped off the balcony.

Akumaru tilted his head to the sidet as his owner ran towards him, his hazel eyes were leaking out tears like a faucet. Akumaru stood up and barked, as Kiba ran right by him. "C'mon boy...we can't see Shino today."

End of Flashback

"How…could he…he said he loved me." Kiba's words cracked as he said this. Kiba wrapped his arms around his legs and leaned his head against his knees, as his crying increased. But he quickly lifted it when he heard his doorbell ring. "That better not be Shino." He climbed through his window and slowly walked downstairs into the living room. Before he reached it he wiped his tears away trying to hide the fact that he had been crying. He closed his eyes and sighed as he opened the door.

Chapter Break

"I'm so glad your back Naruto. You've been gone for three years." said the pink haired Kunoichi Sakura as they headed towards Kiba's house to tell him about the mission the three were assigned too.

"Was I really training with Jiraiya Sama for three years?" said Naruto acting as if he was in disbelief. But in reality he had counted down each day he was away from the village. He had really missed Konoha, and all his friends, especially Kiba.

"Yup." said Sakura with a smile. She was happy to be reunited with the loud mouth blonde. Then Naruto grunted.

"Yea and I can't believe old granny Tsunade already assigned me a mission." said Naruto as he squinted his eyes in anger. The only good thing about it was that he was going to be spending a 5 days with Kiba.

"What do you mean?" said Sakura in anger. Naruto looked at her, feeling a little intimidated. "Everyone else is either Chuunin or Jounin and you're still Genin. You should be glad you're getting missions, so you can prepare yourself for the Chuunin exams. You should be proud she gave the three of us an A rank mission."

"Ok Ok! Jeez Sakura Chan." said Naruto defensively. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and sighed. "Man it's hot out." He quickly pulled off a black tee shirt he had been wearing, revealing his muscular physique to all of Konoha. Sakura stared at the body in amazement. The blonde was so fit now. She could see every cut in his body and she couldn't help but blush. Naruto noticed the blush and gave her a stumped look. "Something wrong Sakura Chan?"

"Uh…no." said Sakura as sweat dropped from her face. Thank God…he is still clueless as ever. Naruto shrugged and placed his hands behind his head. Sakura noticed he hit puberty for there was blonde hair beneath his armpits. "Um do you mind telling Kiba alone? I promised Ino I'd help her with the flower shop."

"No problem." said Naruto as though he could care less. Though inside he was saying Hell yea, me and Kiba alone!

"K bye Naruto."

"Bye Sakura Chan." said Naruto as he turned onto a trail that led to the Inuzuka manor.

A smirk formed over Naruto's whiskered face as he got closer to Kiba's door. I can't wait to see him.

When he reached the door, he rang the doorbell and tucked his hands in the pockets of his orange cargo shorts. As he waited he noticed the blue necklace Tsunade had given him was slanted to one side of his chest. No I'm seeing Kiba! Everything has to be perfect!

He quickly fixed it so it went straight down and returned his hands to his pockets trying to look cool. When he heard the doorknob turn, excitement stirred within him. He couldn't wait to see Kiba. He missed the brunettes smile, his brown fluffy hair, his hazel eyes and his cute fang tattooed face. He licked his lips and smiled as the door slowly opened.

Chapter Break

The door slowly opened and when Naruto's cerulean eyes saw the boy of his dream, his face changed into an astonished look. There stood Kiba with no shirt on. Though he did look sexy, that wasn't why he was shocked. Kiba's eyes were swollen and blood shot red from crying. The smile he had been looking for was replaced with a depressed frown. "K-Kiba…what's wrong?"

Kiba wiped his eyes again and sniffed as he looked at the boy in front of him. "N-Naruto?" The brunette was surprised to see the blonde at his door step. He wiped his eyes once more to make sure he was seeing clearly. When he was sure it was Naruto he quickly wrapped his arms around the blonde's torso and sobbed in his chest. Naruto slowly wrapped his arms around Kiba and rubbed his back as he rested his chin on Kiba's head. What the hell is going on?

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