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Naruto pulled the covers over Kiba's nude, sleeping, drained body and kissed him lightly on the forehead. He then focused on the slightly opened door and walked over to it. As he went to open it he heard the sound of lips clashing with one another and light moans. Who the hell is that?

He slowly opened the door and his mouth dropped from the scene in front of him. Shikamaru was leaning on the wall, kissing Neji Hyuuga. That wasn't the most shocking bit at all. Shikamaru was gripping Neji's ass with one of his hands while the other rubbed over Hyuuga's covered manhood and to top that off Neji was moaning.

"Go away." said Shikamaru before kissing Neji again. Naruto still stared at the two utterly shocked.

"You know this is a hospital!" yelled Naruto.

Shikamaru pulled his mouth away from Neji's and glared at the loud blonde. "First off, zip you're pants up." said Shikamaru very annoyed. Naruto looked down at his pants and noticed they were barely clinging to his waist and his manhood was perfectly exposed. He let out a gasp, his face bright red and quickly zippering them up. "And who are you to be pointing fingers after what you and Kiba just did."

Neji glanced back at Naruto and snorted. Naruto's whiskered face became brightened even more. "You mean to tell me…" said Naruto in a shaky voice. The two boys nodded and Naruto felt as though the temperature in the building went up 50 degrees.

"Yup we saw Kiba riding you like there was no tomorrow." said Shikamaru with a grin. Naruto smiled and rubbed the back of his head. He couldn't have been more embarrassed in his life.

"And so did Hinata." said Neji in a more serious tone. Naruto's eyes widened in fear when he heard Neji's words. He knew that Hinata had always had a huge crush on him since they were younger.

"And…how did she take it?"

Naruto wasn't surprised when Neji shook his head. "She ran out of here crying her eyes out."

Naruto looked at the ground and felt terrible. Of course it wasn't his fault that the girl loved him so much, but Hinata was a good person and it hurt him a lot to think of a kind hearted girl crying. "Oi Naruto…" said Shikamaru making the blonde look up at him. "Me and Neji were going to rent a movie tonight, probably horror, not really sure. But would you and Kiba like to come over." Shikamaru really didn't feel like inviting them but when he saw Naruto's upset expression, he felt the urge to be nice. How troublesome. He thought, and hoped the blonde would say no.

"Huh…oh yea, that'd be fun." he said with a smile, Shikamaru returned a fake smile. "But…uh do you two know where I might find her?"

Neji turned around and nodded. "Most likely at the training grounds…that's where she goes when she gets upset."

"Alright well…" he said looking at the ground again. "I'm gonna go talk to her, I'll wake Kiba up first though."

""Well you mine as well let us come along and then we can go pick out the movie together." said Shikamaru who pulled Neji by the waist so the long haired brunette was against his back.

"First off none of you are going to see her." said a feminine voice that Shikamaru recognized the most. The three boys turned to find Ino and Sakura standing together, each in their nurse uniforms.

"God Ino mind you're business." yawned Shikamaru as he nuzzled his head in Neji's neck. Both Kunoichi's clasped their hands together and looked at Shikamaru and Neji in amazement, fangirl style.

"Wait why can't we go and see her?" said Naruto staring at Ino.

"Because…you all are…guys." Ino said this as though she was disgusted.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" purred Neji as Shikamaru began to kiss his neck.

"It means that guys are retarded when it come to emotion." said Sakura placing one hand on her hip and the other in the air as though she was holding an invisible tray. Ino nodded in agreement.

"Well then why don't you two talk to her if guys are so retarded." said Shikamaru in a mocking voice before continuing his work on the small discolored mark on Neji's pale neck.

"We plan on it lover boy." said Ino placing an arm around Sakura's shoulder. With that said the two girls turned and walked away. Just as Shikamaru was about to say 'thank the heavens they are gone' Ino turned around. "Oh yea and we are stopping by to watch that movie with you four."

"What? Who says you c-"

"Byeeeeeeeeeeee." she said quickly turning and leaving. Shikamaru grunted and held on to Neji tighter.

"This is why I am gay." he groaned. Neji and Naruto looked at him curiously. "Because of how troublesome girls are." Both Neji and Naruto chuckled and nodded in agreement.

Chapter Break

"I feel so bad for Hinata." said Kiba as he brought two beers in from the Shikamaru's kitchen. Shikamaru's house was pretty big. He had a long sectional couch against the wall, with a maroon wooden table in front of it. There was a big screen tv on the entertainment system along with a stereo system. Oh and of course laid out on his wooden table was a shoji board.

Naruto got a full view of Kiba's backside when the brunette leaned forward to place the beers down. "Yea…" he said, not even realizing what he was agreeing to for the fact that he was too mesmerized by Kiba's tight ass.

Naruto then looked down at the other end of the couch and smirked when he saw Neji on Shikamaru's lap their lips locked. Neji had his arms tied around Shikamaru's neck and let out a light moan when the Chuunin gripped his butt. Just as the blonde was about to grab Kiba's waist a knock was heard at the door along with some bickering.

Shikamaru broke away from Neji's mouth and looked at the door. "Oi Kiba, could you get that? It's most likely the girls." Naruto pouted when he saw Kiba nod. He wanted his puppy and he wanted it now. Once Shikamaru saw the brunette nod he quickly picked up from where he and Neji left off.

Kiba's body felt as though it was set on fire when he opened the door and saw who Ino and Sakura came with. Hinata didn't seem pleased to see the brunette either, her once calm face became angry and she glared at Ino and Sakura. "What is he doing here?" groaned Hinata, her white eyes filled with murderous intent.

Ino looked from Hinata to Kiba nervously. "Oh…hi Kiba…um…I didn't expect you to be answering the door." she said closing her eyes with an innocent smile while one of her hands ran through her blonde ponytail. Sakura and Ino's plan must've been to act like it was only going to be Shikamaru and Neji, so that when Hinata would come. Because if she knew Kiba and naruto was going to be there chances were she was going to decline the invite. Then Kiba realized that she had brought her here probably to sort things out. Kiba stared at his partner feeling a little awckward.

"Hinata…" he said walking up to her and placing a hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned away from him and brushed his hand off her shoulder. "Hinata look I'm sorry, you had to find out that way."

Hinata shook her head and stared at the ground. Kiba's heart split in two when he saw tears hit the ground. "How could you Kiba?" she cried. "You knew more than anyone how much I loved him."

"I know…but…" Kiba didn't know what to say. She was absolutely right. Hinata told him about her feelings for Naruto right after the first time they took the Chuunin exams.

"I'm guessing you liked him all along too." she muttered.

"No Hinata it's not like that I swear!" said Kiba walking up behind her, but he dare not touch the emotional Hyuuga fearing there could be consequences. "Hinata-chan, I swear I never meant for me to be in this relationship." Sakura gasped at Kiba's comment. Kiba looked at her curiously and then his eyes widened. "I didn't mean it like that!" Then Hinata glared back at him.

"I knew it!"

Kiba grabbed his head and shook it. "No…I did mean it but I didn't!"

"Oh I get what you're saying." said Ino slapping herself on the head. Kiba sighed in relief and nodded, relieved someone finally understood. "Yea he is saying, he never meant to get into this relationship, but it happened." Kiba nodded for her to continue. "And now that he realized that he hurt you, he wished that he and Naruto never got together."

"Yea…I MEAN-" Kiba then realized what Ino had said was also wrong, but it was too late. Naruto had heard what Kiba had agreed to and he was pissed.

"-Oh so that's how you feel about us being together." said a very pissed off voice that made Kiba close his eyes. "You wish that we weren't together any longer?" Kiba slapped himself on the head and yanked his brown hair making it more wild then it already was. He was so frustrated right now that he didn't even respond he just felt like finding a pillow to cry in and then tear up. "Well fuck you Kiba."

Kiba turned around and sighed, his face red from anger. "Naruto I didn't fucking mean it like that!" he screamed, but it was too late. The blonde stormed passed him hitting Kiba's shoulder with his own. Kiba shook his head; he wasn't letting him walk away again. He quickly turned around and grabbed Naruto's hand, and pulled on it forcing the blonde to turn around. Naruto glared down at his lover, he was expecting a good explanation for this. "Listen! I didn't mean it like that!"

"Then what did you mean Kiba?" said Naruto in a pissed off voice.

"I meant that I didn't ever in my faintest ideas think that we would ever be together. But it happened and I don't regret anything. Naruto…I…"

C'mon Kiba just say it. Tell him exactly how you feel! Its three words…just three fucking words! Everyone stared at Kiba waiting for him to continue, but the brunette stood there his face as red as his tattoo's.

Naruto stared into his hazel eyes his eyes were staring at his boyfriend intensely. He was hoping the brunette would finally confess his love for him. It would've been the perfect moment. The two were under a full moon, their bodies lit in a mystical color.

"I…u-um…" stuttered Kiba, he was reminding himself of Hinata. He shook his head and grabbed the back of Naruto's neck pulling him into a kiss.

At first Naruto didn't react to Kiba's warm lips, feeling utterly disappointed, he thought that Kiba would finally admit he loved him but the words never escaped his boyfriend's lips. Naruto shrugged, pushing his hopes aside, a kiss was just as good. Naruto tugged on his waist and kissed Kiba back, parting the brunette's lips with his tongue.

Ino and Sakura looked at Hinata. They couldn't see her face but she was staring at the two in silence. Sakura placed a hand on her shoulder and moved next to her ear. "Are you alright Hinata-chan?" she asked.

Hinata looked back and gave her a faint smile. "Yea…I'm fine really." She said in her usual quite voice. She then moved next to the kissing boys and reached out to touch Naruto, but didn't. "Um…N-Naruto Kun…Kiba Kun…"

The two broke their kiss when they heard Hinata's gentle voice and stared at her. "Yes Hinata?" said Naruto with a smirk. Hinata looked away from the blonde, trying to hide herself from blushing.

"Um…I just wanted…to…ya know…hope you two…work out…I mean…"

Naruto snickered and placed a hand on her shoulder, making Hinata's white eyes roll back into her head. His firm touch was enough to make her explode, yes she still was in love with the blonde, but she knew he was in love with Kiba. After all she had heard what he had said in the hospital.

"I understand. Thanks a lot Hinata." said Naruto with a grin. Kiba nodded also, his expression showing his appreciation.

"Uh…anyways…don't let me interrupt…I have to be home, have to watch Hanabi."

Before they could even say good bye Hinata quickly turned and ran off. Kiba and Naruto stared at her as she rushed off. The blonde looked at Kiba a little confused, but Kiba just shrugged. Naruto pulled Kiba by the waist and stared at his lover mesmerized by his beauty.

Kiba blushed and began playing with the blonde hair on the back of his boyfriend's head. Their faces inched closer together, their eyes glistening in the moonlight. Kiba tugged lightly on the back of Naruto's head and their lips met in a teeth melting kiss. Naruto lightly gripped Kiba's butt making Kiba purr in his mouth.

Then Kiba pulled away from his lover and looked around. Naruto stared at him a little worried. "What's wrong?"

Kiba nuzzled his head against Naruto's chest and hugged him. "I dunno…it just feels like someone's watching us."

Naruto wrapped his arms around his lover and looked around. There was no one down the street and there was a large wooden fence on either side of them, blocking anyone's veiw of them unless they were looking over it. "If someone was watching us we would see them." He said looking at his boyfriend. Kiba shrugged still feeling as though someone was there. It sent a creepy shiver down his spine and he felt uncomfortable.

"Well I'm going inside." he said leaving his boyfriend and retreating inside Shikamaru's house. The blonde looked around once more but there was no one there. He shrugged and followed his boyfriend in the house.

Though Kiba was right, they were being watched. A pair of white eyes were watching them the whole time from the other side of the gate. Though they weren't looking over the gate, instead looking through it. Hinata stood up and giggled her face bright red and veins popping from the sides of her eyes. The thought of Kiba and Naruto under a hot shower kissing was running through her once clean mind. Hinata had become what most boys feared most…

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