Summary: Wherein Mikami and L attempt to share Light, and his megalomaniacal plans blow up in his face.

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Chapter: Sharing: With Misa-Misa

Reader's POV

Random Café

If it was up to Light, he would be doing much better things right now. Like L and Mikami. Perversion aside, Light was currently sitting in some small café, listening to Misa ramble on to him about another model. He looked at the two occupied seats across from him, two black haired men glaring at a certain blond.

Light shuddered inwardly, wondering how Misa could not notice the death glares she was receiving. Such a cold look from a zombie and a psycho wasn't something one could easily ignore.

"...and she was like, 'You know Yagami spelled backwards is I'm a Gay which is proof Light is gay' and I was like..." Misa was cut off by a dry chuckle from Mikami.

"Is there something funny... fanboy?" Her brown eyes narrowed at the man across from her. Mikami's face flushed faintly, but before he could rant off how he was so not a fanboy, L cut in.

"The irony of his last name backwards and the fact that he really is gay, is what's funny Amane-san." L said casually, his legs up in his chair and his thumb rubbing against his lip. Misa shook her head rapidly,

"Light-kun is as straight as a arrow you perverts!" Misa-Misa latched onto her would-be boyfriend's arm, childishly sticking her tongue out at the two black haired men. Light carefully detached himself from the hyperactive model while both Mikami and L pouted.

"Light-kun, do you wish for us to share with Amane-san too?" Mikami looked at L as if he had grown a second head,

"I refuse to share Kami with both you and that blond bimbo." The fourth Kira hissed out, crossing his arms and turning his head away from the other three. Light sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as Misa argued with L, and Mikami sulked in the corner.

"Misa, I'm about as straight as a circle." Light sighed out, gaining the attention of most of the café customers.

"That's right- wait a minute! Light-kun is STRAIGHT! You are not gay, okay? Misa-Misa knows Ryuzaki just has you confused." Misa frowned as she looked at the younger brunette stand up abruptly. She watched in disbelief as Light grabbed the detective up by his collar, out of the chair and into his arms. Before L could say anything, Light had smashed their lips together in a bruising kiss, which very soon resulted in their tongues fighting for dominance.

"What the hell? That's not fair, we're suppose to share." Mikami stood up and stormed over to the heated make-out session, pausing slightly to watch in fascination as Light effortlessly ran a hand under the older man's shirt.


As if to make matters worse for poor Misa, Mikami embraced his God from behind and began grinding his hips against Light's backside, rubbing his hands over the entire front side of the young Yagami.

It was only ten minutes until they started stripping their clothing. And it was another two minutes until Misa-Misa clutched her chest and fell backwards, unnoticed by everyone else, blood pouring from her nose. It took an hour for anyone to call the ambulance, and another hour and a half to convince anyone to clean up the sticky white mess on the floor.


"I can't believe she's in the hospitable."

"I feel sort of bad for her."

"Massive blood lose coupled with a heart attack, it's a wonder she is not dead."

"Witnesses say she was with you three, any idea what caused it?" Soichiro looked at the three men expectantly. Nobody was exactly willing to admit they got it on in the middle of a café. Light coughed,

"Somebody must have used the Death Note... yeah..."

Mikami and L both gave Light a blank look. Soichiro seemed to except this excuse.

Who could've known Misa would have a sudden heart attack and an unstoppable nosebleed at the sight of three men screwing each other?

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