A/N: I wonder how many of you will understand the albatross symbol. Anyhow while driving home I got my sting of unrequited love hanging over my heart again so I pulled from some personal feelings to write this one. I relate very deeply with Shizuru and I'm happy that at least she can be happy. It is painful. Very painful to be in her shoes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mai-Hime.

And there you are…my albatross.

That which burdens me to no end and yet I love you without reciprocation.

I often wonder, do I need it. Do I need your love?

Though you berate me at times I love you the more.

It is painful and lonesome but to be with you is enough.

Is it enough? Every time I see you my lips ache to be upon yours.

My arms, I want them to envelope your taut frame.

My body against yours. I want that.

My heart stabs at me daily for not having the courage to tell you.

Perhaps I am strong because I can hide it from you.

Although you're so naïve you'd never notice…the way I lust for you.

This feeling buried so deep within my soul. I can only have you.

There you are…my albatross. My Natsuki.

I know that this is very very very random so I will not bother posting it on LJ. So if you are an LJ reader you may want to tell the only LJites that I posted something new.