I was watching Harry Potter 1 for the hundredth time and suddenly thought, "What does Snape see? What does Malfoy see? What does Hermione see?" XD lol. One-shot. Enjoy > Review please.

Snape growled and punched his desk, immediately regretting the action. Holding his bleeding knuckles, he glanced around with venom as if people were watching him. That damn Potter was getting to him! It was the first year of him being there and nearly every time he saw the raven haired little boy, he felt...odd. He just couldn't explain what he felt but it was different.

Plopping himself down in front of the fireplace, he stared into it while drinking Muggle Vodka. For hours he thought non stop of the blasted boy and finally caved into his rage. Tossing the bottle into the fire, he watched it explode some and fall calm again. Suddenly a thought struck him; he had heard from Dumbledore that Harry found the Mirror of Erised. That thing showed anything a person truly wanted, teasing them and dangling their hearts desire in front of them far from their reach. Perhaps if he stood there in front of the damn thing he would find out what's been bothering him.

The Hogwarts clock had chimed twelve times when he closed the door behind him. Swiftly walking over to the mirror, he stared at his own reflection for a long time. Suddenly a small boy of the age of eleven walked next to him. Frowning, Snape snarled as he spun aorund, "Potter what are you doing out of…?" His sentence was left hangin for no one was there.

It took a few moments to realize it wasn't a hallucination, it wasn't an image from the vodka, and it wasn't a trick; it was the mirror. Slowly he turned his head and frowned. Next to Severus was an older looking Harry Potter. The 15 year old wrapped his arms around Snape's shoulders and smiled. Kissing his neck, the Golden Boy snickered and played with his once-believed-to-be-greasy hair. The strange part was that the Potions Master could actually feel the kiss. Shuddering, he grabbed Harry's hand and held it.

The fact of the matter was that he wanted the boy. Not in a sexual way, not a whole lot at least, but in a loving way. He had no idea how much time he spent there, gasping at the images of sexual performances and loving affections the mirror showed. Finally, he noticed it was well past dawn and into noon for the sun shined brightly through the small windows. Cursing under his breathe, Snape turned and ran off to his classes. Glancing at the mirror, he saw only his reflection again.

Harry Potter had double potions in the evening before dinner. Severus stood at his desk and, instead of grading the much needed essays, he stared at the young boy. Something about him drew the man's attention…but what? After class and after getting death glares, he strolled to his room.

He once again found himself in front of the fireplace with vodka, drowning his sorrows so they wouldn't question him. The Mirror of Erised was a curse, a temptation for men to stand and stare until they turn mad. The Mirror of Erised dangled men's hopes and dreams in front of them until they realize they can never have it. The Mirror of Erised was sadistic and crushed dreams simply by showing them.

But…perhaps it brings hope. Stories are always told to children by "Once Upon A Time", right? Perhaps the Mirror of Erised showed what could happen if men tried to follow their dreams. Not all stories end with a happy ending but they give hope to persue what they want. Snape raised an eyebrow at his own thoughts. Perhaps the Mirror of Erised showed what could one day happen if you follow your dreams, if you try to control your future instead of letting others play Fate.

Perhaps, Severus smirked, I'll go visit the damn thing again.