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Maybe That's Why People Married

It wasn't such a bad decision after all, letting Seeley move in with her. He could cook, he could clean, and it was nice waking up to somebody; somebody who would smile at you and tell you that it was a good morning. Temperance liked the feeling of not being alone; she realized that she never wanted to lose that feeling.

Maybe that was a reason why people got married; they never wanted to feel lonely, especially after feeling it before they found someone. No! Temperance thought, marriage is an antiquated ritual, marriage binds you to one person for the rest of your life. But Seeley didn't think that was bad.

Sometimes it hurt Temperance to think that she could never be the one thing Seeley wanted the most- a wife. She was committed to him just the same, but Seeley wanted something to show that commitment, and occasionally Temperance found herself wanting the same thing. Again, she convinced herself that she didn't believe in marriage. It's just tradition for tradition's sake, she thought.

A new idea then started forming in Temperance's mind. Isn't this how people's lives get boring? They reject new ideas and viewpoints? This sparked another internal argument. But I'm open-minded, I try new things! Yes, Temperance did try new things, she loved to study and explore other people's culture. Marriage was a value in many people's cultures, including her own.

Then, suddenly she realized- people didn't marry because they were followers, they married because they believed. They believed in something their ancestor's believed in, something their relatives believed in, something they believed in. Temperance thought, maybe marriage wasn't so binding, and perhaps it wasn't bad to be traditional from time to time; marriage might be something I could believe in, and this time, she didn't try to convince herself otherwise.

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