The Switch

"Hi I'm Yumi Ishiyama. I'm 14. I'm in the 8th grade. I have 4 best friends. We have a secret. I have enemy's 1. .N. 2. Sissi 3. William. I'm an only child. My parents are really hard on me. They want the perfect daughter but I'm not."

"Hi Ulrich." Said Yumi.

"Hi Yumi." Said Ulrich.

"Hi I'm Ulrich Stern. I'm 13 & in the 7th grade. I have a younger sister."

"Where's everyone?" Asked Yumi sitting down at the bench at the school.

"I don't know." Said Ulrich.

"Oh Ulrich darling." Said Sissi.

"Sissi get lost." Said Yumi.

"Sissi I'm not your Ulrich darling." Said Ulrich.

"Oh but you are." Said Sissi as she walks off.

"Hey guys." Said Odd.

"Hi Odd." Said Yumi.

"Hey Odd." Said Ulrich.

"Hey Princess." Said Odd.

"Hi Odd." Said Aelita.

"Hi Aelita." Said Ulrich and Yumi together.

"Hey you two." Said Aelita.

"Hey everybody." Said Jeremy.

"Hey buddy." Said Odd.

"So Jeremy how do you like Earth?" Asked Yumi.

"Its just like I hoped it would be." Said Jeremie sitting down on the bench by Aelita.

"That's wonderful Jeremie." Said Aelita.

"Let's get something to eat." Said Odd.

"Is food all you think about Odd?" Asked Yumi angry.

"Yumi is something wrong?" Asked Ulrich looking at her.

"I'm fine, odd just can't stop thinking about his stupid stomach for two seconds!" Said Yumi standing up and walking away.

"What is with Yumi?" Asked Ulrich.

"I don't know." Said Odd.

"Aelita you share a room with her do you know what is wrong with her?" Asked Ulrich.

"Well her parents did call but she wouldn't say anything about it." Said Aelita.

"What is wrong with yumi and her parents?" Asked Jeremie.

"They don't get along with them very well." Answered Odd.

"What did she look like after the call?" Asked Ulrich.

"Angry, upset and not very talkative." Said Aelita.

"Something big most have happed then if she wouldn't talk." Said Ulrich.

"She didn't talk after word." Said Odd.

"She was yelling on the phone." Said Aelita.

"What about?" Asked Odd.

"Something like she wasn't going to do what they wanted her to do." Said Aelita.

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