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Chapter Six

Luke wouldn't lie; he was terrified. Darth Vader was sitting on his bed and was right next to him! It was enough to make him completely freak out! A small whimper escaped from his lips as he backed into the headboard of his bed in an attempt to keep away from the Dark Lord who was edging closer every moment.

"Luke, I don't want to frighten you…"

"Too late," Luke said. "What are you doing here!? I've never done anything wrong! … To you at least."

"It's not that you've done anything," Vader said, trying to think of a way to reveal the truth to Luke.

"Then why are you here?" This was the most confusing thing that had ever happened to him.

"Because…" Vader began, but he was interrupted by the voice of a stormtrooper calling him from downstairs.

"Sir! The man is trying to get away!"

Vader stood up for a second and that was enough for Luke. He jumped off the bed and ran to the window. He didn't slow down when he got to it. Instead, he ran right through it and fell two stories down. Somehow, he found that when he landed, he was not injured.

Luke spied his solar surfer that he had made, and lost no time in starting it up.

During this, Vader rushed to the window, but by the time he got there, Luke was driving off in his solar surfer.

Vader cursed silently and went down the stairs to order his stormtroopers to pursuit, but for some reason, he got the feeling that he had lost Luke again.

Luke quickly began forming a plan in his mind. He needed to get off the planet. Luke didn't have a ship, but he could steal one. Of course, he would probably need a blaster for that. And he would also need a new shirt and jacket. He didn't have time to grab his back at the house.

Luke flew his surfer to the mall and went to the first store he saw that sold blasters. He didn't have time to be picky. He grabbed one and walked out as fast as he could without being conspicuous. Unfortunately, the alarm went off when he tried to walk out with the stolen object.

He knew that he'd have to run for it. Luke ran through the mall with his blaster and quickly found a store that sold clothes. This was the first time he had stolen from store using a blaster. He had always been one for sneaking in and sneaking out. But he was too desperate and in a rush, and he couldn't waist time being sneaky. The alarms were going off everywhere now, and the mall security should be here soon.

When Luke ran out of the second store, he had a new shirt, which turned out to be red, and a new leather jacket. With his stolen merchandise, Luke ran to where he had first entered the mall. People, seeing the blaster in his hand, would scurry out of his way. But he couldn't help accidentally bumping into someone… They both went crashing to the floor.

"Ow!" the guy he had bumped into said. "Watch it…" Then he got a good look at him. "Luke!"

It was Keith, and next to him was Warren. "Hey guys," Luke said, standing up and running off again. He looked back and saw that they were shocked. "I'll explain this someday!" He declared running off again.

Luke rode as fast as he could to the space station. When he got there, he went to the first docking bay, with the intent of hijacking the ship there. Unfortunately, the ship was a huge piece of junk.

But Luke didn't have time to be picky. He ran toward the ship, carrying his solar surfer under his arm. Half way to the ship, the ramp came down, and a man, probably four years older than Luke came walking out.

He noticed Luke and said, "Hey, kid this is a private docking bay!"

Luke ran up to the ramp. "I know, but I've got to get off this planet!" he declared.

"Well I may be able to help you do that… for the right price."

Luke sighed. He didn't have time for this! But then he remembered his solar surfer. He could sell that once he got to another planet and pay this guy the money he got from selling it.

"I'll pay you, but not right now. There are people chasing me."

"Oh, I get it; you gotta leave now," the guy said.

This was taking forever! Luke considered for a second taking his blaster and just shooting the guy, but he noticed that the man also had a blaster and Luke got the feeling that he was fast with a blaster.

"Yeah, so can we go and talk about the price after we've left the atmosphere!?" Luke asked urgently.

"Yeah, okay, sure. Come on."

Luke went up the ramp and the guy went to the cockpit. Luke followed him.

"Hey, Chewie!" the guy yelled in the direction of the cockpit. "Start up the Falcon, we gotta leave now!"

A roar was heard, and Luke saw where it had come from. It was a Wookie. This was going to be an interesting ride…

In five minutes, the Falcon was hovering over the planet, but the guy refused to go anywhere until they had decided on payment.

"I've got this solar surfer," Luke said. "When we get to wherever we're going, I can sell this and pay you the profits."

"Not enough," he said shortly. "You'll only get a thousand out of that. I want at least two thousand."

"Now that's just ridiculous!" Luke declared.

"Well, if that's what you think, then maybe I'll just go back down to Naboo and leave you to whatever you were running away from. Would you like that?"

Luke realized that he couldn't be rude to this guy, or he would risk going back to face Vader. Suddenly, he got an idea.

"Okay, take me to Alderaan. I know some people there who can supply that extra thousand."

The man paused, considering this. "If you're lying then…"

"I swear I'm not lying," Luke interrupted.

Silence, and then he spoke. "Okay, Chewie, set a course for Alderaan." The Wookie said something and then punched in the coordinates for Alderaan. When they were hyperspace, Luke finally relaxed.

"Well," the guy said. "Since we're gonna be on the same ship for a few days, we might as well introduce ourselves. I'm Han Solo."

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