Summary: Will's dad abandons him once again and Uncle Phil is left to clean up the


Warning: I do not own The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or anything affiliated with the show!

A/N : I know it's short but the idea came to me when the episode was re-aired last

week. Please tell me what you think and I apologize if the two are out of sync

with their television characters.


"I'm just saying man...why doesn't he want me?" Will fall into his uncle's arms sobbing; Phil grabbed his nephew into a hug. Finding him self unable to put a hand on the boys head, Phil knocked off the hat he was wearing. There was nothing that could stand in the way of his physically touching the young man.

After a few minutes Phil realized that Will wasn't crying just because his dad left him that day…but also because his dad left him when he was younger. Will's words rang in his ears. "I mean it's not like I'm five years old asking mom when's daddy coming home…I learned to play basketball without him…I got pretty good at too didn't I? I got through school with out, had my first date without him…learned to shave without him…TO HELL WITH HIM! I didn't need him then, I don't need him now…nah, see Uncle Phil, I'm gonna merry me a fine honey and have me tons of kids cuz there's not a damn thing he can tell me about how to love my kids!"

The words tore at his Uncles heart. There was nothing he could do to take away the young man's pain. Phil listened as Will's sobs turned desperate…in that instant he was no longer the cocky twenty year old but the scared sixteen year old who had first entered his house. Phil walked them back to the couch and sat the younger man on his lap, holding him closer. Phil could hear Will mumbling and after a few minutes he pushed him away and asked what he said.

"What did I do that was so wrong he can't love me?" Phil hugged Will again as silent tears fell out of his own eyes. He closed his eyes praying to god to give him the strength and the words to help comfort the young man.

"Listen to me Will, you did nothing wrong. You're a great kid…no, a great man and you deserve so much better then what Lou could give you. This…this is Lou's problem, not yours son. Some people are just selfish and incapable of love."

Will pulled away from his uncle a look of utter despair in his eyes. "If Lou won't accept me then I'm no ones. If I'm no one's then what does that make me? I have no one…to belong too…I…" Will suddenly jumped up from his uncle's lap and tried to bolt but Phil stopped him. He grabbed Will by the waist and put him back on his lap.

"You're mine Will; for ever and always you'll be my son." Will looked up at his uncle once again. The look of desperation was long gone; a look of longing replacing it in his eyes; Will let out a whimper as he laid his head on his uncle's chest.

The two sat that way for over an hour. For their part the rest of family stayed away; letting uncle and nephew have a moment by themselves. When finally Will had calmed down he gave his uncle an embarrassed grin.

"I'm sorry Uncle Phil. I didn't mean to…" Will was stopped by Phil's glare.

"Don't ever say you're sorry Will; you're my son…I don't care if it isn't legal. Do you understand what I'm saying? Will nodded, gave his uncle a final hug, and walked out to the pool house.

Phil stayed where he sat and closed his eyes. Will was staying where he belonged and though he would still have some pain Phil was sure that he knew he was loved. For now, their lives would be shaken but tomorrow…well, tomorrow held the future.