Alchemist: Harry Potter never met the alchemist who created the sorcerers stone but always wanted to ask him if he could do it over would he live forever?

Ballerina: Secretly Hermione always wanted to be a ballerina, and although real magic slowly replaced that dream she never really let go.

Catalyst: For a long time he'd thought that Ansem was the end but he was really just the catalyst.

Dormant: For many years the keyblade lay dormant, waiting for it's master to claim it.

Elemental: Falling for Harry was no big surprise; it was like the wind rushing through the trees.

Forgotten: Of all the stories that came with the keyblade, Sora and Kairi's was the least forgotten.

Grotesque: After his return to Hogwarts, Harry often woke in a cold sweat remembering Moldybutt's grotesque visage.

Hippies: When Sirius and Remus decided to relive their teenage days, they had to bring out the bellbottoms and paisley shirts.

Imbecile: Sometimes Ron could be a real imbecile.

Jellyfish: Sora was horrified and disgusted to discover that Atlantica came complete with jellyfish.

Kelpie: When he dragged her out of the water she was somehow more beautiful in a macabre sort of way with the seaweed intertwining with her hair.

Lacrymosa: At Dumbledore's funeral Fawke's Lacrymosa was the most beautiful moment.

Mort: When Sirius fell behind the veil, Harry felt himself wither with him.

Naïve: Dispite the general consesis, Sora was no longer the happy go lucky boy he once was. He had seen death and lived through to much of it.

Opaque: After that night in the department of mysteries, Hermione's eyes were opaque for a great many months.

Porcupine: Though he couldn't explain why, Neville Longbottem was deathly afraid porcupine.

Quinine: He wished he could be the vaccine to cure the world of the heartless but he was only one man.

Running: Sometimes Harry just wants to run away and never come back.

Sly: In their Hogwarts days, the Marauders were quite sly.

Trident: Sora was quite confident that he had never met anyone quite as stubborn as Ariel's father.

Ultimate: When Optimus Prime fought his brother Megatron, he was willing to sacrifice himself for a world that wasn't even his own.

Vigilant: When Hermione is petrified by the basilisk, Harry sits vigilant over her dormant body.

War: He is at war despite all of Goofy and Donald's smiles.

Xanthic: Naminé's hair was Xanthic in Roxas' eyes and soul.

Yell: She screams as long and as hard as she can, but Sora never comes.

Zebra: No matter how many she draws, Naminé never gets a pet zebra.