Author's Noteà This is a really short chapter, and I'm sorry for such the long wait guys, but I hope any readers enjoy it! : D

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Draco paced back and forth in the common room. Everyone had long since left to go to dinner. If Hermione was there he would look like a chicken to her. He grabbed his shoes and put them on. As he was tying them Amaryllis walked into the common room through the entrance. She came up behind him and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. Her breath was warm, but he still could not bring himself to be turned on.

"Do you need something?" Draco asked bitterly. She stopped moving then retreated from him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Her voice sounded hurt but he didn't care.

"No. Well…actually yes." She didn't actually do anything wrong, but he was done with her. Finally he was burned out from her.

"What did I do? I won't do it again." Amaryllis walked around him to face him. Her eyes were starting to tear. Draco kept his eyes cold and indifferent.

"There's nothing you can do in order to stop being yourself. I'm tired of you." Her mouth dropped open slowly, the bottom lip quivering.

"Are you kidding? Is this a role-play that you wanted to do? I know you like them when you get tired! I can be anything you want, I'll be scared, I'll be angry, I'll be trash, I'll run, I'll be daddy's little girl, I'll be anything. Anything for you Draco, don't be serious…please." She was shaking her head, his facial expression didn't change. There was a slight twinge of guilt within him but she will get over it. The great thing about girls like her was that she would find someone else to fill her up the way that she was wanting to be filled up.

"I'm not kidding. I couldn't be further from a joke." She covered her mouth.

"You…you found someone else."

"Tch. What makes you think that I needed to find someone else in order to be tired of you?" Amaryllis gasped and ran out of the common room crying. Perhaps he shouldn't have said that, but he was relieved to be rid of her. One less obstacle standing in between him and Hermione. Though, he still needed to figure it out, figure her out.

Hermione exited the Gryffindor house and headed to the Great Hall. She easily spotted Ron's head amidst the crowd and headed over to them and sat down.

"Glad you could join us." Ron said angrily. He was never good at hiding his emotions.

"Are you sure you are alright?" Harry asked, genuinely worried. Hermione smiled.

"I wasn't for a few a few hours, but don't worry. I'm perfectly alright now." She eyed Draco just now walking into the Great Hall. "I am just dandy." A smirk crossed her face.

Oh, Draco…you can't freeze me, I'm a white hot flame.