TitleA Moment of Brilliance.

Warnings: Attempted death-threats with crochet hooks. You have been warned.

Rating: G is for… Garbage! Oh, General. Right. (Or K, if you prefer).

Notes: Again, part of the prompt fest I shared with Adonais (see my favourite authors list). My prompt was to write about how the idea for the Marauder's Map came about, and this little nougat is what I came up with. I was a bit loose with canon when it came to Molly being a prefect, but I don't recall ever reading anywhere that she wasn't one, so I figure I can get away with it.

- - - - -

"We're lost."

"We're not lost," James said angrily, running one hand through his hair in frustration. "It's around here somewhere."

"James, that's the third time we've past that painting of the bloody giraffe in the top-hat! We're going in circles," Sirius exclaimed.

"It's here," insisted James.

"What's the point of a secret passageway if we can't find it when we need it?" grumbled Sirius.

"We've been at this for hours," added Peter. "My feet hurt." As if to emphasize his point, the chubby boy sat down on the floor in exhaustion.

"Yes, it's not like we're going anywhere," added Sirius bitterly. "Or that we're headed back to our nice warm common room, because thanks to blockhead here we have no idea where it is!"

"We need a map," said Remus suddenly.

As one the remaining three boys turned to stare at him. He backed away nervously. "What? What did I say?"

"Remus!" shouted Sirius suddenly, causing a nearby portrait of a stuffy-looking witch crocheting doilies to shout 'Shh!' and poor Peter to jump up, startled out of his wits. "That's brilliant! I could just kiss you!" Sirius said, ignoring all the ruckus he'd caused.

Remus looked a bit green at the thought.

"What's brilliant?" asked Peter.

"A map!" said James. Or, rather, shouted James. The witch in the portrait looked ready to decapitate the boys with her crochet hook. Peter backed away from her nervously, moving closer to James. "A map of the whole castle!" James continued, ignoring the angry glares from the surrounding portraits, and Peter's nervous tugging on his sleeve. "We could record where everything is. We'd be able to get anywhere!"

"Oh," said Remus. "It would take a very long time, and we do have a lot of homework."

James and Sirius were no longer listening, but rather talking animatedly about their future exploits with said map.

"Hey you! First-years!"

The four boys jumped in surprise, and whirled around to come face-to-face with the Gryffindor prefect Molly Prewett, who was making her way towards them. "What are you lot doing down here?"

"We got lost," said James immediately as Remus adopted his most innocent-looking face and Sirius grinned rakishly at Molly.

"Sorry," Remus added, looking as if he genuinely meant it.

"Well, nevermind that. I'll walk you back to the common room," she said. James and Sirius shared a snigger behind her back as soon as she'd turned around.

"We need to work on not being interrupted," grumbled Sirius as he tagged along behind the red haired prefect.

"If only we could get the map to show where people are too," remarked James.

There was a brief moment of silence.

"James, that's brilliant!" exclaimed Sirius, who accidentally knocked into Remus and sent them both flying.

"I don't need to know where other people are," Remus said bitterly, disentangling himself from the suit of armour he'd crashed into. "The only one I need to worry about is you."

- - - - -