CHAPTER 9 - Ignorance Was Bliss

The junkyard sat nearly silent and stil. Bits of lose trash skittered across the hard packed dirt tossed about by an occasional breeze, and the faint sounds of metal rattling and scrapping against each other in the wind occasionally drifted up into the air. Among the remains of hollowed out appliances and dead cars in their states of disarray three living creatures could be seen.

Those three creatures in the yard happened to be the Guard dogs. Two of the dogs were Doberman pincers, the third a mutt whose appearance suggested a mix of the former and probably a pit-bull. The animals were secured near the entrance on long chains looped around large cinderblocks to keep them from digging out of the junkyard. A rickety, lopsided sort of small lento served as a doghouse and shelter from the elements when needed.

Because the scrap yard was located on the very edge of town, the dogs served as security and rarely had human contact. This fact made the dogs very aggressive to anyone who came near, except for the owner who came to feed and care for them once a day when he made pick-ups or drop-offs to the yard. When the sound of tiers and large diesel engine registered in those keen canine ears this evening the dogs were instantly on their feet barking and growling in the direction the sound long before the flame patterned semi had even come into view on the winding dirt road leading to the gate.

Although the scrap yard's gate opened by electronic keypad, it seemed to open by some unseen hand as the Semi-Truck approached. The control pad beeped and the old motor whined in protest swinging the entrance wide and allowing the Semi to enter without anyone ever leaving the truck to touch the keypad.

The dogs were furious at this strange invasion, and aggressive barking split the formally peaceful evening air until everything suddenly turned silence and then sounds of concerned whining from the increasingly worried animals started up as the truck in front of them did something no vehicle was ever supposed to do! Its parts shifted and rearranged…and then…it stood up! Way up.

The dogs at this point decided to play it smart…and hide in their lean-to doghouse until things returned to normal. And that was a very good thing for those poor dogs to do considering that mere moments later two Lamborghinis followed the Semi's example and simply 'let themselves into the junkyard'.

Rolling to a stop a little ways off from their now transformed commander, the twins paused wondering what in Primus's name they were doing in such a frankly creepy place until receiving a comm. signal from their commander that answered the question.

'Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, transform. We will be meeting with the rest of the unit here shortly. —

Immediately upon receiving the message Sideswipe started to shift, his candy-apple red plating splitting and reforming to reform smoothly into his true form with Sunstreaker slowly following suit a minute later, but with obvious reluctance in his noticeably slower movements.

"Slag it all Prime, do we have to meet in such a…..well… Scrap pit? It's already tarnishing my pain job, and I'm just looking around at it, I….. am just fine with it Sir. ……great choice…..." Sunstreaker trailed off as Optimus took that moment to level the sunshine gold-yellow transformer with his patented 'I am not in the mood for any crap right now Mr.' death-glare.

"Riiight. Great choice. Heh heh.." Sideswipe muttered towards Sunstreaker half snickering at his brother and the way his twin reacted to being on the receiving end of Prime's legendary 'death look'. The snicker was full of mirth as he grinned at his twin rubbing in an unspoken 'you got in trouble and I didn't.

But Sideswipe's s glee was cut short as Prime's head shifted ever so slightly in his direction. This slight movement by the commander had the immediate effect of making the red twin decide it would be in his best interest to behave at the moment and not mess with Sunstreaker until later. A lot later.

The scout couldn't help but wonder just what it was that had their normally tolerant and benevolent leader's screws in so tight! It couldn't just be the little 'incident' on the highway Sunstreaker and himself pulled! Nah, they had done worse stuff than that little brush-by in the past and it had never made o'l Prime so uptight so quickly.

No, Sideswipe thought to himself, this had to be something else. And Sideswipe was hoping that Ratchet or one of the others could shed some light on the subject on how to fix it before his beloved twin or himself said something out of line and got them both doing patrols on the dustiest and most boring roads on this dust ball for the next vorn.

Or even worse, they might get sentenced to one of Ratchet's infamous 'Mandatory thorough matinance checkups'…. The red transformer couldn't completely smother the impulse to shudder at the thought, earning a curious glance from his twin. Sideswipe was more than happy to send an explanation to over their silent 'twin comm', earning a second mirroring shudder from Sunstreaker who glared at his twin for making him think about it!

The silent glaring between brothers was broken up seconds later by the sound of an approaching ambulance and large pickup truck. As soon as Rachet's bumper had finished cleared the gate he started to transform, and his concern was obvious as the medic was walking over to Optimus before his plating had enough time to finish rearranging into full robot mode.

"Optimus, What is going on?" Ratchet's slightly scratchy voice clearly showed the concern so obvious in his quick movements. For an emergency meeting to be called the subject that had to be dealt with was likely a very serious one indeed. And the look on his old friends face only further backed up the medic's ominous feeling of urgency that clung to his spark.

As Ratchet asked his question Ironhide was transforming and not a moment to soon as the sound of sirens sounded shrilly growing louder as a police vehicle appeared making very good time up the dirt road. Ratchet and Ironhide immediately charged weapons falling into defensive ready stances fully prepared to fire as soon as it was clear enough to do so. Taking the cue from the older mechs the twins also charged weapons assuming that an enemy was approaching they had not detected yet.

Optimus held up one hand and spoke an order with calm firmness "At ease everyone." The command had an instant effect as everyone slowly lowered weapons, although Ratchet and Ironhide leveled Optimus with skeptical looks. However the reason for their Prime's order to stand down became clear to everyone as the police car rolled up to the gate and it was obvious that it was NOT barricade.

Not only was the paint job slightly different than that of the infamous Decepticon, but instead of the Decepticon icon and threatening logo of 'to punish and enslave' this car proudly displayed the autobot insignia along side the traditional 'to protect and serve' oath emblazoned on true earth police cruisers. And if those facts had not been enough to convince the mechs present that it was not the scout killer they were dealing with then the fact that bumblebee was hot on the patrol car's tail but not in defense or attack mode would have cinched it.

Prowl transformed and fell into a respectful at attention pose saluting the Prime smartly "I have escorted CSM Bumblebee to the meeting location with the precious cargo Sir. I advise Ratchet to examine the Native Organic Life form. I also with to speak freely Sir."

Optimus gave his permission with a nod, a faint smile on his features as he felt his spark warm at seeing the familiar mannerisms of his Tactical and Disciplinary officer. "Go ahead Prowl, at ease."

"As stated once before Sir. I feel that I have been denied important, vital, need to know information!" the black and white said a tad sharply.At the words 'Go ahead Prowl, at ease.' The twins gave mirroring winces as they twitched violently and muttered 'Primus help us!' in tandem from both sides and slightly aback of Optimus.

Prowl leveled a look at the brothers that in it's own right rivaled Optimus's glare and promised just as devastating punishment. Yes, he herd that comment and No, he wasn't at all amused by it thank you. There was still that little matter of them NOT contacting him once they landed, AND nearly running Optimus off the road in there FAR too flashy native undercover modes.

"I will get to the matter of your conduct shortly you two." Prowl promised without ever taking his Optics from there respectful position on his commander. The twins slunk, something rather humorous looking for massive mechs…back a bit blending into the stacks of scrap as best they could for the moment.

Optimus straightened and addressed Prowl "To make the briefing of the situation short. Samuel Daniel Witwicky is the designation of the native organic life form you made reference to a moment ago. The boy is a great friend and ally to us all. It is he who took on the suicidal duty of ending the battle by merging the All-Spark with Megatron's sparkcore resulting in the death of Megatron. He did so to save my life and prevent my own sacrifice to end the war."

Prime shifted slightly and exhaled air from his audio vents in a manner closely resembling a human sigh in both sound and meaning.

"Unfortunately as a result of his selfless act, Samuel is currently suffering from Trans-organic Mutation. He is also harboring significant signs of All-Spark energy residue throughout his form accelerating this process, with other certain effects as of yet unknown." Optimus noticed Prowl stiffen and nodded grimly reaffirming what he had told the other mech. The commander he thought his tactical officer would know about the grim outlook that diagnosis offered the brave young human.

Although Trans-Organic mutation was very rare, it was a condition that other organic-based life-forms elsewhere in the universe had occasionally suffered from when they come in contact with too much condensed cybertronian radiation. But with none of the more advanced Cybertronian machinery on earth that could have exposed a sensitive organic to enough radiation, such as Energon generators in use here on earth Sam's condition was something no transformer would have expected to see.

The incident with the all spark was a truly tragic one, and something Optimus blamed himself for not thinking of the possible fallout of letting Samuel handle their most powerful relic. Than again, he had certainly not predicted that the very young life form would do something so incredibly brave, selfless… and foolish, as to take out Megatron himself.

While Optimus and Prowl spoke Ratchet had moved over to a obviously upset Bumblebee waiting in car form, and kneeled down as the yellow camaro urgently popped wide open the side door tilting on his wheels to gently ease Sam out until he slid falling sideways into Ratchet's waiting hands.

Ratchet carefully stood cradling the unconscious boy protectively in his hands and moved a little ways off so Bumblebee could finally transform into robot mode safely. Witch the scout immediately took advantage of before helping Ratchet by clearing scrap off of a refrigerator that rested on its side so the medic could use the surface as sort of an examining table and get a really good look at Sam's condition.

Laying Sam gently on the smooth surface Ratchet started to perform the first of several scans and spoke up addressing Prowl as the green light passed over the teen's eerily still form.

"What happened to Sam Bumblebee? He has used up an immense amount of energy. Sam is dangerously spent Optimus." Ratchet cut into Optimus and Prowl's conversation unapologetically. Some things were more important than polite protocol and the immediate heath of his charge was definitely more important than chit-chat.

Prowl's eyes brightened in intensity and he nodded sharply at the reminder to de-brief both his commander and the Chief Medical Officer and the events of the solar cycle. Prowl's report was detailed but to the point causing several optics to widen when phrases like 'Barricade dealt a terminating blow to Bumblebee's Spark casing, removing a fair amount of the containment circuitry.' and 'revived him using as of yet unknown methods while emitting mass amounts of All Spark signature energy resulting in what appears to be complete reversal of damage.' Came out of his vocal emitter.

"Primus! You sure it was all that bad Prowl?!" Sideswipe asked moving over to the worried bumblebee where the slightly smaller Mech was hovering near the unconscious boy as Ratchet finished his second, more in depth scan.

The red twin intently studied Bumblebee's back were the supposed damage had been done, and even passed a scan over his comrade in arms. But he could see no marks what-so-ever visual or in his scan, not so much as a scratch in fact. "He's com'n across in even better shape inside and out around the spark than I am right now…"

"Positive." Prowl said curtly a little annoyed that Sideswipe would even question the accuracy of his report.

Ratchet also paused momentarily from his work on Sam to pass a scan over the near-by Recon Scout only to have the same data present itself that Sideswipe had just seen. Not only was Bumblebee not inured, the yellow Mech was in better condition that he had been since the battle for the All-spark. In fact, his upper portion of his back plating appeared new-minted and fresh off the assembly line.

"Ratchet?" Prime asked, noticing the medic scan Bee.

"Bumblebee's spark core and plating are in optimal condition Optimus." Ratchet informed Prime in a grim tone turning back to his examination of Sam now understanding the reason for what his sensitive diagnostic equipment was informing him concerning the teenager's current condition.

"…..and the cost to Samuel? How badly has his advanced the rate of his condition?" Optimus said softly walking over in person to glance down sorrowfully at the pale and still unaware form of Sam for a long moment before raising his optics to meet Ratchet's own knowing blue eyes.

"His mutation rate has increased five fold Optimus. If he refrains from using even the smallest amount of radiant energy….I may have at most a half solar cycle to come up with a treatment plan before…premature spark termination."

"Spark Termination? These things have Sparks?" Sunstreaker spoke up from a little ways behind Sideswipe where he stood arms folded casually.

"Humans. Not things you glitch." Ironhide growled at the younger Mech smacking the sun-gold medium scout upside the head earning a silent dirty look but no comment from Sunstreaker.

"Normally no, not in the manner we think of Sparks, although all living things of course have life essence. However Sam is a unique case as my scans continue to prove." Ratchet glanced away from Sunstreaker and Ironhide to meet Optimus's gaze once more "He has a spark Optimus. It is small of course and currently very weak…but undoubtedly, unarguably a true Cybertronian spark in every sense, save for the fact it does not belong to one of our kind."

Optimus nodded almost imperceptibly. He had….a feeling…for a while now that something like this might develop. After all it was the All-spark, the very thing that created every spark that was, or had ever been in existence, that was the catalyst for Sam's condition.

"And if he continues to use his abilities. How long then?" Prime forced himself to ask the one question he suspected, but least wanted to hear the answer to.

Ratchet's hands clenched into fists and then relaxed as he gave the grim news "About seventy-two hours. Then irreversible shutdown would begin. Sam may end up with only three days to live Optimus."

Sam chose that very moment to come too and let out a scream of shock and fear. For a moment Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide and Sunstreaker thought that the boy's reaction was a result of hearing that his already short racial lifespan had been cut unbelievably short. Then they noticed Sideswipe backing away from the boy as quickly as he could, so quickly infact that he lost his balance and fell backwards into Sunstreaker who caught his brother with an oath as they both unbalanced and fell into a tower of crushed cars.

Ironhide let out a few choice words of his own as Bumblebee and he had to help steady, and shoulder falling cars out of the way before they could flatten the now very startled and awake Sam who had rolled off the fridge and sought safely behind one of Optimus's large legs.

Sam was a little freaked out, but not because he had heard any comment about his impending demise. The whole thing happened because upon hearing that the tiny organic thing was developing a spark Sideswipe had crouched down next to the fridge and extended a forefinger to very gently poke Sam's still form curiously. And Sam had chosen just that moment to open his eyes and see a giant finger, attached to a strange Mech descending on him. This resulted in his panicked scream and fall off of the fridge, and made poor Sideswipe thing that he had somehow managed to break the creature before even touching it!

With the crisis out of the way (the car tower taken care of and the twins getting out of the pile of scrap while smacking each other with comments such as 'scratched my paint catching your slagging aft' and 'shut-up Sunny, I got all fragged up too!') Optimus glanced down at the boy now looking out at the strange Mech's from around the corner of his leg.

"Are you alright Sam? There is nothing to be afraid of. These are allies of ours. Other Autobots. I am positive Sideswipe did not mean to startle you. Right Sideswipe?" Optimus finished fixing the red twin with a sharp glance.

"Right! Right…sorry there little guy. I was just….ah….looking? No harm done I hope? You good?" Sideswipe gave what Sam likened to the Cybertronian equivalent of a sheepish grin.

Sam struggled to still his shaking limbs and still thundering heart "Yah…yah Optimus I'm fine. No problem. Your name is Sideswipe?" he asked gaining confidence by the moment and stepping away from the safety of Optimus's shielding leg.

"Yup. In the Chrome. And this is my brother Sunny." He offered helpfully jerking his thumb over to his twin who was irritably examining the plating on one of his arms and trying to buff out a long scratch with the other hand. At the words he snapped his head up with a fierce glare and snarl at his twin.

"It's SUN-streaker you rust pile. For the millionth time, don't call me SUNNY." The slightly bulkier twin snarled causing Sam to flinch a bit even if the annoyance wasn't directed at him.

"Sure, sure, right. Got it Sunny." Sideswipe brushed his twin's comments off and smirked at Sam before waving his hand at Prowl "And that pile of fun over there is Prowl, who has no sense of humor he is aware of."

Sam blinked at Prowl and managed a very slight wave. "Hi there…again. I remember we met shortly before Mr. Psycho c-came and…." He trailed off, eyes widening as Sam remembered…..this was the Mech he had mistaken for Barricade shortly before they were attacked and Barricade had…had…Bumblebee!

"BEE!" Sam gasped "Where is-wh-hereBee? BEE!?" he half yelled half stammered as his heart-rate went shooting up alarmingly and the memories flooded back causing him to nearly hyperventilate until a loud chirp and movement to his left caused the boy to spin around as Bee quickly approached and kneeled so his charge could run over and see for himself that the autobot was no worse for ware.

"Oh God Bee! I thought, I thought…." Sam nearly sobbed breathless and staggering a few steps forward before Bumblebee steadied his friend with one large hand before the boy could slump to the floor.

"I am fine Sam. Please try to calm down alright?" Bumblebee said now quite alarmed himself by Sam's violent reaction to the memory of the battle and how his vitals had jumped all over the grid.

"How can you be fine?" he said leaning heavily against one hand as Bee's other hand bumped against his knees as an offering of a seat that Sam gladly accepted his knees giving out as he grabbed a thumb and just sat with one hand as a backrest and the other a seat. "How can he be fine?!" Sam repeated looking up at Optimus who had remained oddly silent, and then to Ratchet in quick succession.

"I saw….I saw 'THAT' happen. He couldn't have…I felt…he was slipping away…I know, I KNOW!" He said frustrated at not being able to or even sure HOW to relate what he had felt when his best friend was dying. That unequalled light that was too bright to bear, but also comforting beyond words. The presence he had brushed up against, touched, been touched by for the eternal nano-second that threatened to swallow him in something too intense to comprehend.

And there was something else as well, the most important thing of all…that kept itself on the very, very edge of his mind just out of memory's reach so he couldn't remember what it was….

"SAM. Calm down." Optimus raised his voice just enough to startle Sam into silence and then continued in a calm comforting manner that the teen was sure only the leader of the Autobots could manage "Bumblebee was indeed seriously injured from the encounter. However you, once again, did something very selfless and VERY dangerous. You used your new abilities to heal the damage it seems."

Sam blinked and sat up strait as Optimus gave the order than slowly calmed down and leaned back against Bee's hand again as the commander spoke glancing up at Bee for a second with wide eyes and an unspoken 'damn he can be scary when he takes that tone look'. To witch Bee responded by flicking his 'antennae' and giving a small amused beep that Sam took as a 'don't I know it!' response.

"…….." Sam looked up at Optimus for a moment not knowing what to say. "Ok…"

"No Samuel. It is not ok. Your condition is too delicate to be using so much energy. I understand how the events prompted you to act. However I consider you part of my team. Do you understand and accept this fact?"

"….Yes?" Sam responded both awed and flattered that Optimus would consider him part of the team, and also uncertain what to expect next from the autobot leader. He certainly wasn't expecting what Optimus said next.

"Good. Now then, Samuel, as your Commander I am ordering you to NOT use any more of you new 'abilities' until further notice. I hope I am understood PR. Liaison Samuel Daniel Witwicky."

"………Yes" Sam started his eyes feeling like they must be roughly the size of dinner-plates at the moment. Optimus raised one optic-ridge and Bee gave him a gentle nudge in the small of the back with one finger as a hint.

"……..Sir? Yes Sir." Sam managed taking the hint form Bumblebee as shock wore off and pride and elation settled in along with the surprising feeling of acceptance that accompanied the feeling of being accepted as part of the teem officially. It completely obliterated the last traces of being an 'outsider' that had always clung to his heart when Bee and he hung out with the rest of the Autobots.

"Good Sam. Now Bumblebee." Optimus said with a slight smile addressing the Autobot holding his newest 'team member'.

"Sir?" Bee asked looking up from the obviously pleased, but also stunned Sam.

"I want you to take Sam home now and make sure he recharges….err rests. If Ratchet agrees he is alright to leave."

"Rest is exactly what I prescribe. Do not let him do anything strenuous, I will want you to bring him for another thorough checkup soon." Ratchet said, giving the go ahead for Sam to return home, but also seconding the order to make sure the human did nothing to tax himself.

"Very good. You have our orders you two. Sam…take care of yourself." Optimus spoke going to one knee to address the boy much as he had the first time they met.

"I will. Goodnight everyone." Sam said grinning at Optimus despite the bone-tired feeling now settling to every inch of him making sleep sound like a very, very good idea. He heard Bee shift into car mode behind him, and the sound of a door popping over in an ever so subtle hint from his friend.

"Ok, ok Bee" Sam said with a soft laugh sliding into the drivers seat and blinking as the seatbelt fastened itself and the camaro pulled away without him touching anything. "No driving for me tonight hu? That's ok, I'm totally wiped out…" Sam muttered letting his head rest against the window as the radio settled on some easy-listening channel lulling him farther into sleep as they pulled out of the junkyard and onto the dirt road.

Watching the pair drive off until they could no longer be followed visually Optimus stood still and sentinel like, lost in his own thoughts until a conversation between the twins and Ironhide caught his attention.

"What in Primus's name are you two doing?" the weapons specialist was asking with no small amount of puzzlement in his tone.

The twins were looking around the junkyard, peering behind stacks of cars and atop piles of scrap. "Looking for Jazz." Sunstreaker said bluntly with amused caution in his tone.

"Yah, I was sure he would pop out of someplace and scare the spark out of us by now. He hasn't yet, so there must be something REALLY good he has planed to do to us…" Sideswipe further explained glancing over one armored shoulder at Ironhide.

"………….." Ironhide didn't move for a long moment and then glanced away from Sideswipe and to the side, an action uncharacteristic for the usually blunt and outspoken mech.

"What?" Sideswipe said taken back by the somber look on Ironhide's features and body language. He tapped his brother on the shoulder signaling that there was something he needed to pay attention to, and Sunstreaker glanced over as well.

"Jazz….." Ironhide started but fell silent once more.

"Jazz what?" Prowl decided to speak up, also becoming concerned. He had noticed that the second in command was not present, but had guessed that Prime must have sent the saboteur on a mission and would explain things further after the debriefing. But it was looking like it may be more serious than just that.

"Jazz fell in battle keeping Megatron from causing more loss of life. He is where all are one." Ratchet said what Ironhide could not bring himself to say, the pain in his voice not masked as well as he would have liked. He still felt his failure at not being able to save there brother in arms, and good friend.

"NO WAY!" both brothers burst out in perfect sync, hit very hard by the news. The war had taken so many sparks, returned them to the well of all-sparks. But Jazz was a survivor…never Jazz…not Jazz. They had always understood each other, the easy going second had even gotten in on several pranks with them…sure they always lost when it came to prank-wars with Jazz, but that had never been the point!

Prowl……said nothing. He did not trust himself to speak. Often mistaken for a Mech of mostly logic and law few understood the true nature of Prowl. He was embodied by his love for order and rule, but it was not WHO he was in whole. Prowl was also a deeply loyal and caring individual who made friends and stuck with them….friends like Jazz. A friend that he had not said goodbye to the last time they had been together. A friend he would never have the chance to do so with.

"He was well loved and respected by all of us. We all feel his loss.." Optimus spoke up startling the others by how silently he had approached. And they knew that the loss was no keener felt than by the commander himself.


"Yes sir." Prowl spoke up causing the twins to turn saddened optics on the tactician due to the rare emotion in the black and white's voice.

"You are now Second in command."

"Understood Sir." A silence followed Prowl's words, one deep with sorrow and the unspoken thoughts none would voice. And then the most unlikely voice broke the taboo.

"Well than Optimus, does that make me Disciplinary officer now?" Ironhide slammed a closed fist into his other open hand eyeing the Twins with a grin causing the brothers to back up a bit with 'oh hell no' looks on there faces.

Optimus blinked once, twice, three times and then chuckled a little. "I think that is a splendid idea Ironhide. Consider it your responsibility now."

"Well that's just prime now isn't it?" Ironhide turned to face the brothers "Don't even think of running you little glitches…..we have a matter of broken protocol to discuss don't we? Now…how many codes of conduct have you two broken since making planet fall? Three I think?"

"Five." Ratchet offered helpfully walking over to stand by Optimus.

"Ah yes….five!" Ironhide said making a show of holding one hand up and slowly curling each finger inwards into a fist. "Now let's discuss the punishment for your actions shall we?"

"Oh S…" Sunstreaker started.

"lag…" Sideswipe finished as the other mechs chuckled for a moment and Iron hide stalked over to grab each brother by the back of there armor playing and drag them outside the yard to a field where…. Lets just say there would be less structural damage shall we?

As Prowl, Ratchet and Optimus settled in for an all night discussion of events, necessary actions and plans to start a medical treatment for Sam. Other, less benign plans were being made half way across the world by much, much less upstanding mechs.


Starscream watched as Soundwave, Ravage, Frenzy and his two wing mates worked on setting up special laboratory section of their new headquarters, a very unpleasant grin on his face. Everything had to be ready and clean….after all….they would be entertaining…a 'guest' very soon.

The report that Barricade had brought to his attention concerning that….fleshling creature….had been nearly unbelievable and puzzling at first, but with thought on the matter the possibilities had been simply to…delicious not to take advantage of.

The sound of his sadistic laughter echoed hollowly though the base to carry across night sky, foreshadowing the many …..unpleasant….things tomorrow evening would see carried out with merciless efficiency.


NEXT CHAPTER - And then, it got worse

Things really pick up. A battle as the war restarts with a BANG. A capture. Torture. And finally an arrival offering the first glimpse of hope for Sam's condition. What's that? A modernized Delorian? Gadzooks….just what is going on here!


BONUS MATERIAL! – (Sorry this chapter took so long guys, real life ate me, so I made it uber-long!)


AFT – Your rear end. Good for insults such as 'Aft-head' or 'Shove it up your Aft.'


CYBERTRONIAN – Someone or something native to the Planet Cybertron.


CYBERTRON – Transformer homeworld. Currently unlivable due to war.


FRAG – Short for Fragmented Data. An Insult like 'Moron' also used like the term 'F'ed up' or in the case of FRAGER, to describe a person you dislike aka Fer!


GLITCH – A flaw. Often used to indicate damage or use as an insult. Kind of like 'Idiot'.


PIT – The pit is both a reference to a smelting pit and the Cybertronian version of 'Hell'.


PIT-SPAWN – Hell-spawn. Insult. Refers to really um…lets just say unpleasant people.


PRIME – A rank meaning 'first'. The rank of Supreme commander of the Autobots. Also can be used in a sarcastic manner if uncapitalized to express a sarcastic 'Oh wonderful' type of feeling as in 'Well isn't that just number one!' Aka "Well isn't that just prime!.


PRIMUS – The Creator of the All Spark and by proxy the Transformer race. Used as an exclamation or rarely like a human 'prayer' in bad situations.


SLAG – Waste metal. The stuff left after refining ore. Curse word. Equivalent of 'crap' or 'Sh.' Uses – Slag. Slag it all, Slaged, Slaging…ect.


SPARK – A transformers Soul. Bestowed by the All Spark. Sparks are considered tiny fragments of the Creator, Primus's own life-force. Hence the 'spark' of life or inelegance.


SPARK-CASING – Protective armor and stabilizing cylinder around the spark itself that helps distribute energy from the Spark to and from Energon and through the Transformer's body. Kind of like a human heart. Damage to the casing can often be fatal.


VOCAL EMITOR – Voice box. Where the sound is produce when a Transformer speaks.


VORN – 80 years by human time measurement.


WELL OF ALLSPARKS – Where the spark of a Deceased transformer returns to before going 'where all are one'. It is a sacred place on Cybertron near where the All-Spark used to be kept.


WHERE ALL ARE ONE – Primus. Quite literally a reference to where all fragments of Primus's spark, that have become transformer souls, return to there place of origin where all remerge with their creator and are at peace. All the knowledge and experience of their lives become one with their creator. It is a very good thing. The closest human equivalent might be 'heaven' or 'nirvana ' but it is more than that and very hard to explain to non Cybertronians.


Ratchet: "Sideswipe, what are you doing? The chapter is over."

Sideswipe: "I'm teaching the humans some Cybertronian terms and words."

Ratchet: "……."

Ratchet: "Your teaching them how to curse you mean."

Sideswipe: "……"

Sideswipe: "Maybe……" Transforms and peels rubber calling out as he speeds off. "Next time we will cover Decepticon and Autobot terms and fun things to call Starscream!"

Ratchet: "No. We won't. Goodnight readers. It's time for your author, Ditch (Aka Silverribbon), to recharge. Thank you for reading. Come in for a checkup soon."