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My father's love.

Kagome's father always told her that loved her , whenever he hurt her. When he hit her, it was because he loved her. When he kissed her or touched her, it was because he loved her. For awhile she believed that he did love her. She tried to block out the truth, that all shewas to him was his little toy. Kagome'smother always went to work and left him with her. She stayed in her room waiting for him to come.

'Pitter Patter.' She could hear him climbing the stairs.'Squeak' He closed the squeaky door.Kagome closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 'It would all be over soon.'She said to herself in her head repeatedly.

"Kagome open your eyes." He ordered as he climbed on top of her. Kagome always cried silently.

He used to smirk and always say."Now Kagome, you know I'm doing this because I love you. Now you do want daddy to stop loving you. Do you?"

Kagome always shook her head 'no' . "But Daddy why like this?"

He never answered my question.

He always used to hit my mother, I used to watch, and sometimes he forced her to. He told her"That this will happen to you when Daddy stops loving you."

He always got angry at her mother for no reason, he never said it, but he secretly blamed her for not being more like Kagome. One day Kagome's mother came home early, she walked up to Kagome's room.

Kagome thought to herself.'I still can remember that day.' She smiled at her mother.

Kagome's mother threw him off of Kagome and picked the girl up. She ran out the house. She had nothing packed. All she had was a purse, the little paycheck she gained and always gave to her greedy husband, her new life, and a happy Kagome.

Kagome's mother chuckled as they drove away in the now stolen car."Wipe your tears up honey we're free. I'll never let your father hurt us again ok because we're free! " She screamed out of joy.

Kagome grinned with her six- year old face, she had her two front teeth gone. Her mother looked at her daughter and smiled. "Mommy are you sure Daddy's not gonna get us."

"Don't worry honey, I'll kill him before he does. I'll never let him do that to you again Kagome I promise. I won't!" Her mother vowed. Kagome smiled.