InuTaisho held Kagome's mother in his arms, they were both in the waiting room, awaiting to hear the news. Quickly someone rushed in the door, it was Sesshomaru's mother she stared at the newly engaged couple. At first she stared in shock, but then she jumped back into her senses.

"I came as soon as I could, how is he?" She rushed to her husband as the couple disported.

"The doctors think he is going to be fine. " InuTaisho said calmly.

"Fine! Fine! Fine! How could let this happen to our only son!"

InuTaisho looked down in disappoint. She was now close to his face.

"He will be fine, calm down." Kagome's mother interjected.

"Oh so this is the whore, very nice to meet you too bitch! Did InuTaisho tell you I'm his wife!"

InuTaisho tugged her arm." Stop now you are getting out of control. Why are you acting like this?"

She looked up at him, the tears filling her eyes. The pain and anguish filled her heart. She fell to the ground, she no longer had a husband. The denial was longer present, it was now evident that the marriage was no longer there. The pain swayed through her heart.

"What's wrong InuTaisho, please tell me what's wrong? Why for all these years I haven't had a husband but I still wear this ring? Why I lie awake every night waiting until you returned from another one of your "meetings" ? Why! I lossed you , our marriage, and know my son ! Nooooo I will not let you take my son!" She cried .

The room was silent, and the truth was finally out, everything wasn't delightful and dandy. The reality quaked through the room. Kagome's mother stood wide- eyed, Sesshomaru's mother still on her knees with her face now in her hands. InuTaisho stuttered as if to speak, but he quickly exited the room.


Sesshomaru and Kagome were staring at each on opposite ends.

The field of flowers was full of different and beautiful colors.

They stared and walked towards each other, the sunset illuminated the soft blue sky.

They were now face to face, their lips centimeters apart. They each could feel the rhythm of their hearts.

They kissed softly, and the world seemed to fall apart in their minds as they closed their eyes. When they opened their eyes, it was surprisingly altogether. The feeling was unreal and frightening.

"Sesshomaru, do you love me?"

Before he could answer, she stabbed him in the heart.

Sesshomaru awoke,his name was being called.

He opened his eyes, it was Kagome, she was attached to an IV, but their beds were in same room.

"Sesshomaru , are you awake?"

"Yes." He replied.

The tears filled her eyes, "I'm sorry." She hugged him. "I am so sorry."

He hugged her back, his grip around her was tight.

"Don't be, I would do it again, if I had to."

"I was so scared, you had me terrified."

'Why were you worried that you were going to die? ' He thought.

"I thought you were going to die."

He smirked. "Wow that's unlike you, didn't you say I was going to kill you."

She got her pillow and hit him with it. He laughed. "Hey I thought you were scared for me."

"That was before I found out you were alive." She smiled.

He laughed and she did too.

"Anyways, I guess, I better get back to bed before, the nurse come back."

"Wait Kagome ." He pulled her arm and he sat up, he held her face.

He kissed as if he was in the dream again. They closed their eyes and then opened as they released.

"Goodnight." She whispered.

"Goodnight." He whispered.

She walked towards her bed and layed down, and Sesshomaru reached for her hand, he grabbed it and she clutched back.

They each fell asleep hand in hand.


I know it's a short chapter, and yeah it's beeeeeeeeeeen a long timeeee! Im so sorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy! Thanks for reading again! God Bless You:)