Hmm, yet another stab at fanfic. Ah well, life must go on.

Intro: Takes place after Treasure Planet, about three years after. Amelia and Doppler haven't gotten together, but are friends. Jim has three years of school under his belt and is yet again restless.

Disclaimer: I do not own Amelia, Jim, Doppler, Sarah, or any other Disney character I use.

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Jim picked up his bag as the shuttle slid to a stop.

"Montressor! " called out the porter. "Any items you may have stowed in the undercarriage will be transported inside the station. Claim it there."

Jim hurried out of the shuttle and into the station. In his haste he didn't notice a woman standing beside the luggage rack, and bumped into her. She fell to the floor and sat there , seeming a bit stunned.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you." He offered a hand, which she ignored. She stood up and dusted herself off. He saw instantly that she was an elf, her ears pointed and were quite long. Her brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun, and her ice eyes dared him to comment on her ears. She was dressed in black leather boots, tight jeans, a dark blue V-neck T-shirt, with a black jacket that had the collar pulled up. Her pack back was medium sized a dark purple and had several shiny things hanging from it, which Jim recognized as navigating equipment. He felt slightly annoyed that she was taller than him, which made her disdainful look seem all more powerful, like a child being scolded by a parent.

"It's no matter. Going home?" Her voice was calm and even, no hint of anger. Her question seemed genuine.

Jim stepped back a little, startled.

"Yes, I am." He couldn't think of what else to say.

"Have a good time." The luggage rack appeared and the woman pulled off a suitcase, and strode over to the larger items rack. Jim shook his head, the woman reminded him of someone. He grabbed his own bag and headed to where she was attempting to pull a solar surfer from the rack. He grinned as he saw that her trouble was that his had been stacked on top, and she was trying to dislodge it.

"You could have just taken mine off." He suggested and grabbed his board, noticing that hers was fairly new and made by his favourite company.

"Nonsense. I would have gotten it, eventually." She grabbed her board. "But thanks for coming to get it."

"I'm Jim." He struggled to offer her a hand and managed. She dropped her bag and shook it. "Faye. Well Jim, I have a ride to catch, it's been nice meeting you." She picked up her things and walked out. Jim shrugged and picked up his own stuff, and walked outside. The day was cloudy, and Jim was watching the sky, thinking of the best way to fly home with his bags.

"Jim!" He turned to see his mother, who hugged him. "Hey Mom. Why are you here?" He looked beyond her to see the captain standing beside Delbert's carriage.

"It's been a couple months, Jim! I wanted to see you. How was school?" Sarah's face was alight with joy. She grabbed his arm and led him towards the carriage. "Amelia offered to bring me here." Amelia was in civilian clothes, with slacks and a blouse, but she maintained her captain's aura of respect and power.

"James, nice to see you well." She paused awkwardly, not knowing whether to hug him or offer him a handshake. She ended up stepping forward and patted him on the shoulder. Her hand dropped suddenly. "Please excuse me. I'll be right back." She hurried away from Jim.

"Jim, put your bags and board in the back." Jim obliged, and his mother climbed into the carriage. "Where's Amelia got to?"

"She went somewhere." As Jim climbed in the carriage, grabbing the reins, Amelia appeared beside him, looking excited and worried at the same time. "Captain?"

"Someone I knew. Hand over the reins, Hawkins. Delbert would never forgive me if you crashed his carriage." Amelia's tone was forceful and demanding. Jim handed over the reins quickly. Sarah noticed Amelia's face.

"Are you sure Amelia? Jim can drive and you could have a break." Sarah's voice was filled with concern.

"Perhaps Mr. Hawkins could put his education to use and drive." She handed the reins back to Jim. "But one mistake, Hawkins and I'll be taking you back to school myself."

"Aye, Captain." Amelia nodded and seated herself beside Sarah. Jim flicked the reins and the ride home began. Sarah leaned over to Amelia.

"Really Amelia, what's wrong?"

"It's only a small personal matter. It deals with the "voyage." " Amelia sighed and leaned back.

"The voyage?" Jim grinned as he heard his mother say the word, something was up and it sounded good.

"Hawkins, watch the road!" Amelia snapped.


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