Not Just A Typical Day

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"--abnormally large excuse for a nose and I can't believe Snape actually took a hundred points off from Gryffindor!"

Yet another typical day…

During double potions with the Slytherins, in which Neville blew up his Armontentia potion twice, Snape has taken off a hundred points off Gryffindor. And Ron was furious, to say the least.

"It wasn't even his fault!" Ron protested to Harry and Hermione as the Golden Trio was walking out.

"Technically," Hermione started, "Neville was the one who added the extra frozen ashwinder eggs in the potion so it is actually his own…"

Hermione was cut off by Draco Malfoy's bizarre greeting.


Hermione blinked twice before returning the gesture with a curt, "Malfoy."

Draco smiled. "Granger." ("He smiles, Harry! He can do that! You owe me two galleons.")

Hermione's eyebrows rose. "Malfoy." ("Fine... Two galleons, Ron.")





Harry and Ron looked between Draco and Hermione, blinking wildly. What was going on with them?





Hermione stared at Draco. Why hadn't she noticed before? Draco was the one for her. He was smart, he was sexy. He was all she ever wanted!

"Granger." Draco suddenly growled just as Hermione thought she had won.

"Mal-- Oh! Just shut up and kiss me!" Hermione shouted, causing various students to stop and gawk at them.

"With pleasure." Draco replied before drawing her into a passionate kiss.

Pansy fainted.

Harry paled.

Ron gagged.

Snape took off five hundred points from Gryffindor (which was technically impossible because they only had three hundred and sixty points at that moment).

But amongst all, Neville grinned knowingly. I knew the potion was working!