Princess Guard
Chapter One: Twilight's Requiem

Well, I must say. I haven't wrote a single piece of fanfiction for months now since I've been working on original writings lately. But thanks to a request and a crazy dream I've gotten back into Tsubasa and decided hey. Time I wrote this!

Notes on Time: I am really out of date. I used to read the Tsubasa manga online weekly but I think the last chapters I read were after the whole affair in LeCourt/Rekord/however you translate it. I know things get really spoiler filled after that so I guess this would take place around the time after LeCourt but not in the canonical X World. English manga isn't quite that far yet I believe. I apologize in advance highly if there is some spoiler in this though I'll be aiming to avoid anything truly vital to the story. Oh and the fanfic takes place in a random world created by yours truly. It's based on Venice and Milan! YAY?

Oh and yes. It's KuroganeXSakura. Seriously. I know, what about Syaoran! Tomoyo! Fai! Yes I am a supporter of both SyaoXSaku and KuroXFai(though I'm not a fan of KuroXTomo) but I always thought this would be such an awkwardly cute couple. Let's see how it works out!


"Shut up."


"Shut up."



It was a usual start of the day for the world traversing group of two teenagers, a happy-go-lucky fool, a ruffian, and a talking pork bun. Of course one was a Princess, another a wizard, the other a ninja and the pork bun was a magical creature that could send people to different worlds by swallowing them. And Syaoran? Well there were much to many ways to describe the teenage boy and he was more of a mystery. Kid would do fine.

Today morning though was as previously stated, like any other. Mokona had awoken first this morning, an odd occasion as the white little creature usually loved to sleep in. It just so happened that he was able to wake Fai in the process somehow and seeing how Fai was bored it was time to awake the slumbering ninja.

It was safe to say soon after the awakening Syaoran and Sakura were fully awake from the shouts and sounds of a blade swinging in the air.

"Puu! Kuro-pon is so mean! Trying to slice poor Moko in half, bad Kuro-pi! All Mokona's girlfriends will be very sad!"

"They aren't your girlfriends stupid pork bun! Do you even have a freaking gender?!" As Kurogane roared swinging his blade haphazardly Mokona only bounced about. They had arrived in this new world only a few days ago and were lucky enough to have found the abandoned studio full with furniture. Thankfully, it also tended to be spacious though a few select items had not been spared the wrath of Kurogane's blade.

Mokona stuck his tiny, pink tongue out as he stood on top a small lamp but did not have long before the blade swung once again. "Mokona is not a pork bun!" screamed the creature as it bounced on top of Syaoran's head.

"You sure bout that? You know I'm just guessing that you're red inside, just like a pork bun. Why don't we find out?" He gave a sadistic grin before being caught off guard by a tackle from the blonde mage. Interestingly enough the tackle ended up being more of a hug. A rather big one at that.

"No, no, no! Kuro-myuu can't eat Moko-chan! Then what would we do? Would we all have to go into Kuro-kun's belly to go to the next world? Kuro-bun you do know you aren't blessed with the freshest of breaths, ne?" Kurogane only growled, quickly jerking up and sending the man of Celes flying along.

"Like I'd eat that thing anyway, probably tastes worse than week old sashimi. I'm going out." With that he grabbed his outfit for this world in his customary colors of black and crimson tints before storming to the exit.

Fai only frowned, pouting as Kurogane slammed the ivory door shut. "But Kuro-chan! You'll miss my breakfast! The locales call it a crepe!"

Syaoran only blinked, still a bit sleepy from being awoken by the rather loud scene but gave a moment to sniff the air. "Is... that what's... burning?"

Sakura walked away towards one of the studio's many windows with a slight expression of concern. She saw the tall, darkly dressed man walking away on the sidewalk by the small canal below. She knew of all five of them Kurogane was the least to worry about. The man had been a ninja after all and saved the group a number of times and yet still... she could only wish the best for his safety.

Fai groaned as he slumped onto one of the plush couches within the large room. "No feather yet it seems... shame. And we couldn't find Kuro-pi either!"

Syaoran stretched and looked out the window, hoping the dark ninja would be coming back right about now. "You're right... he's been gone all day. It's getting late too and from what we've heard..." He shook his head. "We should go out and look for him. I don't doubt his abilities but we don't know the potential of the dangers in this world." As Fai nodded and the two headed for the door once again they stopped hearing another pair of footsteps following behind.

"I'm coming too," replied the Princess after a moment of silence where the two others had just looked at her and now at each other. She clenched her fists and took another step towards the door and the two boys. "It'll be faster with more people searching right? We have to find Kurogane-san!" Despite her willingness Syaoran quickly turned back to the princess holding his hands out.

"No, please. Princess Sakura it's too dangerous, especially at this time of night. Just stay here, it's safe. We shouldn't be too long..."

"And it's quite dark too Princess," added the wizard as he glanced out a window to a nearly pitch black scene. "Good thing we have Mokona though right?" He smiled, looking up at the always cheerful white furball.

"Mokona Modoki's Special Ability Number 43! Super Special Night Vision!" Mokona's eyes suddenly widened and even more surprisingly had a distinctive neon glow that was sure to have given Kurogane yet another heart attack.

"We'll be quick, don't worry Princess. I promise we'll be back in an hour." With that the two left along with the glowing Mokona leaving Sakura to herself. She couldn't help but pout, plopping down onto the couch where Fai previously laid. It wasn't fair! It was nice how they cared about her but Kurogane-san could be in trouble! The faster they found him the better but still they wouldn't let her go.

After a few minutes she looked at the clock. Every second that ticked by made the sky outside even darker, devoid of a single star. It was a creepy sight made worse by how the darkness of this world even swallowed up the lights from the city. She shook her head, pushing away the fear and anxieties that lurked within the back of her mind, telling her to stay and wait for Fai and Syaoran.

"If Kurogane-san is in trouble and we're not there... he's done so much for all of us. I can't just sit here and do nothing." With that and a quick nod of the head she made up her mind and walked out into the darkness.

Kurogane cursed himself. Though it had seemed to have been a good idea at the time he had soon found himself lost through the maze of canals. Worse was the fact that after a while all the huge buildings began to look similar. He could have found his way through the forests of Suwa better than this city. To make things worse though it was dusk now, quickly growing into the night.

Though he stood directly under a streetlight the glow was very faint, dimming more by the minute. The world here was peculiar, similar the country of Outo where demons had appeared at night. Of course the problem this time was that the monsters were real and twice as deadly. The citizens had spoke of creatures called "vampires" that apparently sucked your blood. They were also supposed to be a pain in the ass to kill.

He cursed again trying to decide on what to do. He could stay here for the few minutes he had left before the light was completely enshrouded by the shadows or he could walk blindly through the city and hope he wouldn't fall into a canal or worse, into a vampire. All in all, he was going to be left blind sooner or later.

As the light continued to die down he heard a shuffling of quick footsteps and the wind whistled by swiftly. Glancing down the large pathway he stood at he could see the faint glow from the line of streetlights but at the end they were quickly going out. Shifting his hand to the hilt of his blade he glanced around slowly though it was more his hearing he relied on. Concentrated now he waited as the darkness came nearer.

Only five streetlights ahead of him were now lit.

He heard an echoing cackle through the wind.

Four lit.

Closer footsteps.

Three lit.

Garbled rumblings that sounded animalistic in nature.

Two lit.

Different footsteps, not swift and soft like the ones before but familiar. Who?

One lit.

A scream pierced the silence and he quickly turned to his right, the direction from which it had come. The place where the lights had begun to go off. A scream he knew. Princess Sakura.

His light went out

Well I decided it'd be better as a chapter fic. Much as I love oneshots I kind of like how this world is turning out. That and I'm tired. It's nearly 3 A.M. right now. As always, reviews are loved. Flame too if you wish though it's not going to make me squee with joy or anything. Just don't flame because of the pairing, that's just sad. Flame me if I suck at writing. That's a better reason.