Summary: Starscream has failed Megatron for the last time.

Warning: Spoilers, probably some OOC

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"You fail me yet again, Starscream."

"I live to serve you," he repeated in disgust. "Who has failed now, Mighty Megatron?"

Even from such heights, Starscream could see every detail of Megatron's limp form, still smoldering with the last of the All Spark.

Even through dying optics and among the other F-22's, Megatron could see his second-in-command, could recognize that graceful and deadly pattern of flight.

The seeker slipped out of the group and transformed on the roof of a building. He carefully kept himself hidden from the human pilots, but he let Megatron see him. He wanted Megatron to see him. He wanted to be the last thing his commander saw before the light faded from his optics forever.

Two glimmers of crimson flashed in fury and shock before blinking out of existence.

Starscream couldn't help but smirk in triumph.

In his last moments, Megatron had understood the look on his second-in-command's face. He had been able too realize what had happened.

Starscream had betrayed him.

"You fail me yet again, Starscream."

"Oh, but I have ultimately succeeded!" He laughed as he leapt back into the air and transformed.

But, unfortunately, Barricade had seen the whole thing. Starscream spotted him near an alleyway and could tell that the other Decepticon had witnessed his little exchange with Megatron. How unfortunate indeed. He almost opened fire on him right then and there, but stopped.

Barricade made no attempt to shoot him down. He didn't care.

Starscream dipped one of his wings, signaling for him to transform and follow.

"I assume you caught that?"

"I did," Barricade reported back. "What now?"

"You've always followed me without complaint," Starscream noted. "We need to leave, maybe find others. I don't know if Scorponok was destroyed or not, so I'm going to check his last location." After a short pause, he added, "It's a good thing you aren't Blackout."

"Indeed. He would have killed you."

"He'd try to," Starscream corrected. "Megatron was a fool."

"I am not questioning your actions, Starscream."


Starscream knew that Barricade wasn't necessarily loyal to him. He knew the other Decepticon had some nasty little tendencies involving false senses of security and betrayal. That was why they did not—and would not, ever—trust each other. To do so would be a grave error. In fact, trusting anyone in the Decepticon faction was a ridiculous notion with only very few exceptions.

"Lay low," Starscream ordered. "I'll be back for you after I search for Scorponok."

"Very well."

"Oh, and Barricade?"

"Yes, Starscream?"

"Lose the motto. To punish and enslave? Not what I'd call inconspicuous."

"As you command."

"Yes," Starscream chuckled. "As I command."

They cut their radio connection as the seeker hit full speed and vanished.

"You fail me yet again, Starscream."

Words couldn't express how good it felt . . . to know he'd never hear that ever again . . .


A/N: I saw Transformers again today . . . I just can't get enough of it. Anyway, after reading something online and paying closer attention to the end of the movie . . . Starscream was flying with the other F-22's, wasn't he? After realizing that, how I could not write a fanfic about? Also, someone pointed out that Barricade could still be alive. Had to throw him in. He's cool, too.