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Kakashi held a drunk Raidou under his arm, shuffling his feet, and headed in the direction of Raidou's home. When he reached the door, he slipped inside and placed the 'sleeping' body on the bed and left a note.

Maa, Raidou.
I dropped you off home safely.
Get better okay?

Kakashi walked to the front door and slipped out. Sighing slightly, before he headed off to find Iruka.

"Kakashi! Where's Raidou?" Genma called, slightly concerned.

"Maa, Genma. He's in your apartment. He's probably still sleeping. He had a big night ever since he came back from the mission."

An eyebrow rose. "Why?"

Kakashi sighed. "He, uh, got burnt. And it damaged some of the skin on his face. He.. well, wanted some comfort."

Genma nodded and smiled. 'Thanks, 'Kashi. I'll go see him." and with that, Genma set off to Raidou's apartment.

Raidou, was no doubt, his 'bestest' friend. They had known each other since were just kids. Genma, lost in his thoughts, nearly passed Raidou's apartment block. He strolled up the stairs and knocked on Raidou's door.

There was a shuffling of feet, and then the door opened.

Genma stared in shock. His lover's was wrapped in bandages and his shoulder and arm were too.

"Hi, Genma." Genma shook his head.


Raidou stepped aside. "Hai." Raidou walked to the lounge area and sat down. "Tea?"

"Let me see."

"See what?"

"Your face."



"Please, Genma, I'm just going to sleep. You can stay if you want, but I- I.. just, whatever." Raidou stood up and padded towards his bedroom, closed the door and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Genma did stay, and patiently waited for Raidou to awake.

Genma was still sitting in the lounge when he heard a strangled cry and sob come from the bathroom. He walked into the hallway and stood in the doorway. "Raidou..."

Raidou was facing the mirror, clutching his swollen skin. "Genma.. no one will l-lovee me b-b-because.. of -t-this..." Tears streamed down Raidou's face as he thought about his future.

"S-so ugly-y," Raidou hiccuped, "Even y-you can't-t ... look at ..m-me .. the same."

Genma dived down and gathered an extremely distraught Raidou in his arms. "No, Rai, I still love you."

Raidou cried harder. "How can you, huh?! I'm u-ugly!"

Genma pressed his lips to Raidou's, his tongue slipping out to lick Raidou's lips in the process. Raidou opened his mouth and pulled Genma closer to him, craving for the ache to go away.

"Please, Genma..."


Genma picked Raidou up bridal style and brought him back to the bedroom, carefully placing him down.

He pressed his lips against Raidou's and smiled, while removing their clothing. It felt good to be with Raidou, not even scars can take that away.

"I love you, Rai."

"Genma.. I love you too.." Genma pushed inside Raidou, listening to him cry out in pleasure driving him on.

"You scars.. pant... do not make me...thrust, pant...love you any different...pant... if anything, I love you more."

Raidou twisted his hips and threw his head back, smiling at Genma's words. Genma thrusted foward again before he and Raidou came.

"Good." With a smile.