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Harry Potter the Boy who lived, defeated the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort in the middle of his 7th year. He knew that after defeating Tom Riddle, he would no longer have any privacy. Every where he go, every one will recognize him.

He had decided to leave the Wizarding World but that was not the only reason why. One reason would be the loss of his privacy and another would be that after defeating Voldemort, he found out just how manipulative Dumbledore could be and how those he had once claimed as his best friends were nothing but betrayers. All along, they had pretended to be his friends just because Dumbledore would pay them. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest light wizard, paying Ron and Hermione to spy on Harry.

Harry was furious when he found out. However, he later found out that the Great Albus Dumbledore was actually using his money to pay Ron and Hermione. That was the last straw. He took all his money back from Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore, which added up to a total of about 2.9 million. At that point, he discovered about being his status as heir to the Potters and to the Blacks. The amount of money he actually had, made the sum of money taken from him, seem like a few sickles.

He did not want to face anyone of them anymore. He created a plan. He would fake his own death and then vanish, vanish from the Wizarding World for forever.

He wrote his "will". Giving fifty thousand Galleons each to Mr and Mrs Weasley, Fred and George Weasley and all the other Weasleys, with the exception of Percy and Ron. He also decided on how much he wanted to give to Remus and Tonks and a few other people. He stated the reasons clearly. Telling Dumbledore he knew about his Manipulations and Ron and Hermione about him knowing of their betrayal. All these were kept in letters. He wrote individual letters to everyone close to him, Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore were of course "special cases".

After everything, Harry still had plenty of money left over. The remaining, were to be given to "his truest and most trustworthy friend, . No one knew the reason why he had wanted that. Harry planned for his "body" to be found in the bedroom where he had slept during his short stay at the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. That body was actually a log, transfigured to look exactly like him. He had made a small in the log where he would place a letter which he knew would be found by Madam Pomfrey.

A few hours after his "death". The letter was indeed found by Mdm Pomfrey.

On the envelope wrote:

To: Madam Pomfrey

Hogwarts Hospital Wing

(Please read it when there is no one around and do not reveal the contents of the letter to anyone, not even to Dumbledore or your closest friends.

Madam Pomfrey had known that it was a log upon examining the body. She was about to report her findings to Albus when she found the letter. Since she was suppose to be examining the body alone. She open the letter and read it.

The contents of the letter:

Dear Madam Pomfrey,

I am very sure by now, you know that I am not dead. Please tell them that I have died because of my scar being linked to Voldemort, when Voldemort died, my health too, started to deteriorate leading to my death. I would appreciate it very much. I have decided to fake my death because of two reasons.

Firstly, because after the defeat of Voldemort there would be no privacy left. I would most likely be hounded by people when I leave my home. Magazines and newspaper will all be reporting about my personal life. Therefore, I have decided to fake my death.

Secondly,I can no longer face Albus Dumbledore, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger without feeling immense pain and sorrow. Albus had been paying Ron and Hermione to spy on me all this while. They gave daily reports about me to him. The money he had used to pay them was all from my Gringotts Account. He took them without my consent.

Please do as I have requested.

Thank you Madam Pomfrey for taking care of me since I entered Hogwarts and for helping me with this last request.

Maybe we would meet again, some day.


Harry Potter

After reading the letter, she kept the letter deep inside her pocket and pulled open the curtains. Tears poured uncontrollably down her face. Upon seeing this, Mrs Weasley broke down. Almost everyone had tears in their eyes. The only ones who were not crying were Albus, Ron and Hermione. Ron had a greedy glint in his eyes. Hermione face had a blank look. Albus merely looked sad.

"Harry's funeral" was going to be held the very next day and right after it would be Harry's will reading. No one would know that Harry would be attending both the "funeral" and the reading of his "will".


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