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"Err, hi?" Harry smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about just now and err Remus do you remember what happen at my so called will reading?"

Samantha appeared just when Remus was about to reply. "H-hi?" Samantha said, confuse as she didn't know what they were going to be talking about. She looked at her father questioningly.

"Samantha, I just asked Remus whether he remember what happen at my ahh- will reading."Harry filled her in.

"Yeah, everything turned out fine until when Ron and Hermione said that they deserved more money than fifty thousand. The Weasley were upset with them because they seem to be waiting for your money therefore, according to the Weasleys, they betrayed them and you."

Harry and Samantha glanced at each other before Harry sighed. "Bloody manipulative old coot." Harry muttered darkly under his breath. Samantha giggled at that.

"Anyway, Harry, just curious to know, what's your daughter's real name?" Sirius asked, thinking that Harry didn't know of Ron and Hermione's so called betrayal until now. Harry brightened up at the question but Samantha replied before Harry did.

"I still keep Samantha. "Samantha smiled. "Samantha Orion Potter." Sirius beamed at Samantha's middle name.

"Harry, y-you-" Sirius started.

"Yes, I decided to use your middle name for hers as while, it sounds nice." Harry shrugged. "Okay, back to what I wanna talk to you about, Remus, there is a memory charm on you because your version of the will is different from mine and I WAS there, could I help you remove it." Harry looked at the werewolf. Remus nodded.

"legilimens." Harry muttered, looking directly into Remus's eyes. Harry skipped through all the way to the will reading where he found a fake memory and a memory locked away. Sending a bit of magic towards the fake memory, he destroyed, he then send another blast of magic at the locked away memory, unlocking it again before gently retreating out of the mind.

Remus felt Harry's presence in his mind but he let Harry through his occlumency shields. It was a short while later when he couldn't remember anything on the will reading and then the memories of the will reading suddenly rushed back into his mind. He remembered what actually happened.

Remus's eyes widened before Sirius saw burning hatred in his eyes. Sirius was confuse and was wondering what would have caused Remus to look so angry.

Harry sat on his bed watching Remus, Sirius had joined Harry on the bed. Samantha was already there watching everything. Sirius and Remus didn't know that some order members were trying to get into the room but were failing horribly.

Flame had flamed(haha..) into the room while Remus was still thinking over the will reading.

"Hey flame, healed many people?" Samantha asked when flame flew over to her shoulder.

That broke Remus out of his thoughts. They seemed to watch Samantha's conversation with the phoenix for awhile before Harry decided to tell them what happen at the will reading. There were different reactions, Remus already knew and was angry, Sirius was also angry and had to be held back from going after Ron, Hermione or Dumbledore, Samantha had also known and was helping to restrain Sirius. The two Potters were rather calm or it might have been because both their faces showed total blankness.

"I guess now that you know the real truth, but, now I don't know what to do." Harry sighed when he realized that.

"Dad, we can go back into hiding or live somewhere peaceful." Samantha said before adding, "You can teach me for my education." Harry considered it for awhile and looked up at Remus and Sirius.

"I think I will do just that, I can't handle them yet." Harry smiled apologetically at Sirius and Remus. Sirius and Remus glanced at each other.

"Oh no, you don't, we're coming with you too." Sirius exclaimed, smiling at Harry. Harry took in the news rather slowly but once it got into his head, Harry smiled, a real smile.

"Okay, whose going to open the door or portrait people outside destroys it." Harry chirped, lightening the mood even further. Samantha giggled and made to open the door, er , portrait.

The moment Samantha said the password, a group of people majority red heads came tumbling in.

The four of them stared as the group of people, quickly regain their footing.

"May I help you all?" Harry asked coldly, while sneaking into the mind of the Weasleys.

"Harry! I'm sorry!" Hermione told Harry but Harry ignored her. Mrs Weasley had came forward to hug Harry which Harry returned. Soon everyone had hugged Harry except for Dumbledore, Hermione and Ron. As they were doing this, Harry slowly destroyed the blocks in the mind of the Weasleys.

The Weasleys started to look slightly confuse with when the memory came but it soon became anger.

"Dumbledore, your blocks are no longer needed." Harry spat, his cold emerald eyes, glaring at the old man.

"I'm sorry you guys, but I'm going to leave now, will visit you often, I promise." Harry gave them a weak smile.

"Its alright, dear, remember to visit us." Mrs Weasley hugged Harry and she even hugged Samantha. They said their teary good byes. Harry put his hand in his pocket and using a bit of magic, he created a note with his message on it.

"I don't think I will ever be able to forgive you." He glared at the Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione who stood at the side. Dumbledore made to say something but stop, thinking it was not a good idea. Hermione was almost in tears and Ron face was redder than a tomato.

"Samantha, go to Potter Manor, key Sirius and Remus in, thanks." Harry whispered to Samantha before walking over to Fred Weasley.

"How's the joke shop, the extra money came in handy?" Harry grinned and gave Fred a wink. Fred and George gapped at Harry.

"I-It was you." Harry smiled and shook George's hand.

"Jacob Evanson aka Harry Potter at your service." As Harry shook George's hand, he put the note into it. "Well gotta go, bye." Harry said before leaving with Remus and Sirius, all his stuff disappeared at the exact same time.

Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione had retreated after being at the receiving end of hexes shot at them plus many hateful glares.

The Weasleys were left in the room and Fred took the note and read out loud.

Dear everyone,

How about dinner at the burrow tonight?

Will bring Samantha, Sirius and Remus along.

Sorry for leaving for such a long time but I had to.

Reply by Flame.



Molly Weasley and everyone else were confuse.

"Whose Flame?" Mrs Weasley had just asked when a burst of flame appeared in the air and a golden phoenix flew over to Mrs Weasley's shoulder.

"Guess that answers it." George said as he stare at the phoenix in awe. Mrs Weasley wrote a quick reply before leaving with the rest for the burrow.

The dinner at the burrow was enjoyable. The Weasleys got to know Samantha and Harry told them how he had spend the last few years.

After that night, the Weasleys would some times visit Harry at Potter Manor or Harry, Samantha, Remus and Sirius would go over to the Burrow.

The way Harry and Samantha had been living was rather peaceful, and now completed with Sirius and Remus.

Life had never been so good.

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