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Mysterious Secretary…

Dear Brother and my o-so-lovely sister in law,

I knew this would happen but wasn't so sure. So I wrote this letter to you two. I know I'm not here to say in person but at least I kept my promise and got Athrun out of there. And no I'm not psychic or anything, I just had a feeling you know. But o well what's done is done. Any way just to let you know I love you all remembers that ok.

Plus please and I mean please tell Shinn to lay off a little ok, he'll know what I'm talking about. O and Greeves well tell him I love him to haha. He'll know what to do anyway.

I wana say I'm so sorry for keeping all this from you guys. You guys didn't find it the best way possible but please just try to understand.

Thanks. I love you…the both of you

Cagalli Yula Attha- remember the name haha…..

Dear Athrun Zala

I know this wasn't what you were expecting but the truth comes out sooner or later huh? I won't deny anything or tell more lies, just come out with the plain truth. Hallelujah for that hehe…

Yeah I was told to kill you but then you remember that night in the hospital. You stayed there by my side. You looked like shit but you still stayed. I guess that's what changed my mind about you. You know killing you and all.

Plus I want to say thank you for that night. I truly mean it. And you know that time when I asked you if we could get together for a talk…well I guess I wanted to say what I feel about you.

I know it's too good to be true, but then I had this feeling ever since that night in the hospital. I don't know what it was since I never experienced it. But sooner or later I found out. You're probably wondering 'what the hell am I going on about?"

But Mr. Athrun Zala I am in….love with you. Hard to believe but I am. I don't expect you to love me too or whatever, but at least try and understand me from my P.O.V. you'll work it out and if not ask Kira. He didn't know everything until you were kidnapped.

Again I wana say sorry and again I don't expect you to forgive me but know I am sorry.

With love

Cagalli Yula Attha…

-3 Years Later-

The prison's sirens went off. It rang loudly someone screaming bloody murder but worse…way worse. The guards yelling the same thing over and over again.

"Someone broke in. come one we have to block all exits. You go check on the prisoners" and so on.

But for one of the prisoners it was different. She was sitting outside behind the prison building staring up to the sky. Without a care of who could've broken in. and behind her, a few feet away was an officer armed and scared out of his wits because of the break in.

"Hey…come on Cagalli, we better go in" the officer said trying not to sound frightened but failed to. Cagalli smirked, her long waist length blonde hair.

"Scared" Cagalli said.

"N-No you're lucky you're aloud outside at night but don't get to cocky, let's go." The officer replied walking up to Cagalli. It was silent before them but you could here the steps of the officer walking. Then Cagalli replied.

"I will…if you can dodge that dagger heading towards you" Cagalli said side eying the officer. Seeing his shock expression made her smirk even wider.

And the next you know, the officer had a dagger going through his arm.

"ARGHHHH!" he yelled out in pain. The officer cried more in pain but soon it subsided till he was just whimpering.

Cagalli let out a little chuckle.

"Why you here Zala?" Cagalli asked as she returned back to watching the stars. A figure stepped out of the shadows and stared Cagalli's back.

"Don't you dare run away Cagalli…" the officer said as he stood up.

"Don't worry I won't…" Cagalli replied before the guy was knocked out. Thanks to Athrun.

There was a dead silence between the two but Cagalli decided to break it.

"I ask again Zala, why you here?" Cagalli said this time standing up. She turned around and locked her eyes with Athrun's.

Nobody said a thing. Cagalli was waiting for Athrun's answer and Athrun was figuring out what to say.

"Fine don't talk…I'll just head back inside. O and you might wana leave cause when I get back inside I'll call for those guards to help this one down here" Cagalli said pointing to the fallen officer.

She then started heading back to the prison. Just as she passed Athrun, she was held back by Athrun. He was holding her arm. She looked at him who was looking back at her. then her eyes traveled to where he was holding her.

"So you gon talk now" Cagalli said looking back at him.

"I…I…" Athrun started of. Cagalli just stayed quiet waiting for him to finish.

"I…came here to take you away" Athrun said. There was pause and then Cagalli started laughing. Athrun narrowed his eyes at her.

"I'm sorry but then I don't need to break out. I actually like it here…it's….it's…hmmm….well I can't explain but then I like it here. So don't worry about it" Cagalli said and got ready to leave but Athrun pulled her back again.

"They miss you, you know. I…I miss you…" Athrun whispered. Cagalli's eyes widened. Sure she knew Kira and them will miss her but Athrun…she thought he would hate her.

Athrun continued but with more confidence.

"I don't care if you like it here or not. I'm going to take to out of here with or without your permission. I didn't learn martial arts for three years for no reason an-

"Did I tell you come get me out huh? Did I tell you to learn fighting for three years? No, I didn't so why bother huh?" Cagalli snapped anger rising in her.

"No you didn't but I WILL take you with me no matter what" Athrun snapped back his anger rising as well.

"What makes so sure of that? Look here Zala, no matter what you do; I will not go with you. You want to fight then I'll give you a fight. But there is no way in hell am I going with you." Cagalli spat angrily as she shoved Athrun's hand off of her arm and walked away to the fallen officer.

Athrun was now breathing hard. His fists were balled up. Knuckles all white, his face red in anger.


"If did then that won't be me now would it. I am Cagalli Yula Attha, I listen to no one unless I have a good reason to…" Cagalli replied calmly not wanting to fight. Cagalli was focused on Athrun to get out of here that she didn't notice beads of tears rolling down her cheeks.

"So…I'm not a good enough reason no am I?" Athrun said his own tears sliding down his face.

Cagalli closed her eyes tightly as her fists balled up.

"No….you're not…." Cagalli whispered forcing those words out. She opened her eyes, her mouth open. It felt like it was hard to breathe for her. Tears sliding down her face like a waterfall. Heaving, looking up to sky trying to get the tears away.

Athrun was hurt by her words but he knew she was lying. He could see through her.

"What if I told you I….I….Love you…" Athrun said taking in a big breath he continued.

"Will you come with me now….will you Cagalli…." Athrun said but Cagalli didn't reply. She was frozen in her spot trying to take in what Athrun said.

"He loves me…I tried to kill him and he loves me….what's wrong with him….what's wrong with me….?" Cagalli questioned her self. .

"ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!" Athrun yelled frustrated. This brought Cagalli out of her thoughts and down to earth.

"Leave…." Cagalli said. She walked over to the officer, helped him up and walked back to the prison building. The officer was smart enough to stay quiet and not interfere. Athrun was now seething with anger. I bet you could even see the steams radiating of him.

He ran up to Cagalli, grabbed her shoulder and turned her around to face him. He looked at her for about a second and crashed his lips on to hers. Cagalli struggled to free her self but Athrun had a good grip on her. She even tried kicking him on his dick but his knee was between her legs. Soon after Cagalli gave into the kiss.

About 5 minutes of kissing, Athrun broke the kiss. They would've gone for longer but they need air to kiss like that again.

They stared into each others eyes and poor old officer was once again on the ground whimpering, from pain and not getting a lil some some.

"N…Now will you come with me…?" Athrun asked gasping for some air. Cagalli looked a t Athrun. Her eyes focused on him deciding whether to go with him or not.

Athrun looked into her eyes. Pleading for her to go with him. Cagalli looked. She wanted to go but then she would just cause more trouble. But she also couldn't say no to the puppy dog eyes he was giving off.

She finally made her decision and smirked.

"If you kiss me like that one more time than I will…" Cagalli said still smirking.

Athrun broke into a smile and kissed her but more passionate.

"Anything for you…" he whispered.

They both looked at the officer who was still on the ground. The officer looked up at them and they all stared at each other for a long time. Finally the officer broke the eye contact.

"Go…just go…" the officer said in defeat. Athrun and Cagalli both smiled and said their thank you.

Cagalli and Athrun smirked at each other. Athrun held out his hands and Cagalli took it. Giving it a squeeze they both ran off. Out of the grounds of prison and into a new life.

And with the officer he managed to stand up and started walking back into the prison building. Half way there, guards started coming out.

"OH so now they come…" The officer said annoyed. A guard came to the officer.

"Are you ok sir..?" the guard asked.

"Yeah…" the officer replied.

"Where's Miss Attha. Please don't tell me she ran away. The head officer will kill us" the guard said desperate.

The officer looked back at where Cagalli last stood and smiled but not too long so the others won't see.

"Actually…she was kidnapped by the intruder that broke into the prison. I was knocked out but woke up just in time to see her dragged away.

"Damn…." The guard cursed. And they all went inside and some stayed outside to investigate.

But with Athrun and Cagalli…well even though they are together now…they sure can fight.

"Look I know no more killing…ok you already old me that…" Cagalli yelled frustrated.

"I know but NO killing…you know I don't want you to get into trouble!" Athrun said again his anger rising.

"I'm already in trouble you dim wit. What's the point and how many times do I have to tell you, no more hit-man business. Will you just lay off a bit" Cagalli snapped.

"OK but no killing" Athrun said again.


And there fighting continued but they made up in the last so don't worry about it…

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