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Chapter One

I lay here praying that tomorrow will be a better day, but I'm really only fooling myself. Hell, my tomorrows only mean more pain. This is my story. I'm Joseph Wheeler, the son of Frank and Mary Wheeler and according to my father the reason that my mother took my little sister Serenity and walked out of our lives. According to my father, if I wasn't born then my mother and sister would still be living here with him.

My father is a stupid damn moron if he really thinks that she would stay with him. Hell, he is nothing but a damn drunk and she did the right thing when she left and took Serenity with her. If she'd of stayed, hell I don't want to think what would of happened to either of them. My father started drinking when he thought that my mother had an affair and that Serenity was the result of that affair, but being the moron that he is, he couldn't see that she is his daughter and my sister. That was when the verbal abuse started and before it could escalate any further my mother left.

That's when my world fell apart and I started being the one that had to listen to the horrible things that my father would call me and my mother. Hell I was to young at the time to stop him and I sure as hell wasn't strong enough to fight so I just laid there and listened to his filthy mouth. Then when I was about eleven it all started to turn really ugly and he would come home drunk and start hitting me. I hid the bruises the best I could and when he gave me a black eye, I'd laugh and tell my friends that I fell down and hit something. Yeah, his fist. I guess they believed me because they wouldn't question me.

One time when he got through hitting me, I had two broken ribs and it hurt like hell to breathe. I ran away and tried to hid from him and I would of succeeded if it weren't for the damn Police who found me and took me to the hospital for medical attention. Because I was a minor, they had to call good old dad and when he got there he always had an answer for everything and they believed him. He wouldn't hit me till my ribs healed but then, I had hell to pay for running away and having the Police question him.

One day while I was in school, this snob of a kid named Kaiba slammed into me at Gym and when he hit my side well I screamed and fell to the ground. The Coach didn't see what happened so Kaiba didn't get into trouble but it hurt so bad that I nearly started crying. After Gym, I went and sat under a tree and tried to make the pain go away and a first it almost worked but I sneezed and I nearly passed out. Then there was a shadow over me and as I wiped away the tears and looked up there stood Kaiba and he asked me "what the hell is wrong with you?"

I tried to ignore him, but it didn't work and the pain was so bad that I couldn't help it a tear ran down my face and then he sat down next to me and said "who hit you?" I guess from the shocked look on my face Kaiba knew that I was being beaten by someone, but it wouldn't be for a few months till he found out who. I told him "none of your business" and when I tried to get up I nearly screamed because the pain was so intense. Kaiba told me to sit still and take a deep breath and let it out."

I couldn't believe that he was being nice to me and when I tried to speak he said "just be quiet and the pain will go away." I wonder how he knew about how it felt and like him, I wouldn't find out about his secret past for months either. When the bell rang, Kaiba offered me his hand and he helped me to stand and he said "just be careful how you walk and sit down." Then he was gone.

When I got home that night, my dad was gone and he left a note telling me "I won't be home for a few days, there's some food in the fridge and the cupboards when that's gone, oh well you'll find something to eat." After I read that note I nearly jumped for joy because I would be able to get some sleep and not have to be terrified of being beaten again. Maybe my life would get back to normal again, but that wouldn't happen. He came home after being gone for three days and he looked like someone tried to beat him to death and I knew when he came to, my life would be over. I prayed that he wouldn't ever wake up.

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