Chapter Twelve

Seto and I were talking about where would be a good place to have the Weddings and then I got an idea and I whispered it to him and he smiled and kissed me. So I went to talk to Millie and as I explained why I wanted to have the Weddings there, she smiled and told me that I was a romantic at heart and that she thought that it was an excellent idea.

Now we had to sit down and make a list of the people we wanted to attend and as I wrote down the people I started crying and Seto wrapped his arms around me and asked "what's wrong?" I shook my head and then I said "you will think that I'm nuts if I tell you." Seto then made me look at him and he again said "what's wrong?" That's when I told him "it hurts so bad knowing that my own father hated me so much when I would of loved to have him be at my own Wedding." Seto held me and then he softly said "listen, you are worth so much more to everyone else around you that you'll never need for anything else every again. We all love you and to us you are worth more the all the wealth in this whole damn world." As he held me I knew that he was right and then I smiled and kissed him and whispered "thanks for making me feel better and if I ever start to wallow in self pity again, please give me a swift kick in the butt." Seto laughed and told me "you can count on it.

We have made up the invitations to both Wedding and put them together and this is a sample of what they will say:

Your are hereby invited to attend the event of the century. Seto Eugene Kaiba and Joseph William Wheeler, Mildred Louise Handover and Roland Lewis Hendrick are going to exchange vows on Sunday the fifteenth of this month and we would be honored if you would attend. It is being held on the property of Miss Handover and there is plenty of room for everyone. Please R.S.V. P as soon as possible.

Sincerely Seto, Joey, Millie and Roland….

Seto and I took the copy to the printers and we asked to have three dozen of them printed and then have them delivered to the Kaiba Residence. As we waited for them to tell him how much it was going to cost, Seto looked out of the window and saw a jewelry store and got an idea. The owner of the printing shop quoted Seto the price who told him "have the bill sent to Kaiba Corp. and we thanked the man and left.

Seto took my hand and led me to the jewelry store and as we started to look around. The Assistant Manager didn't see us enter together and the Manager was busy with Seto and so I got this tap on my shoulder and when I turned around this man asked me to please leave this store that they don't allow vagrants to come in. Well I stood there dumbfounded and then it hit me and I got tears in my eyes and started to leave but then I heard "who the hell do you think that you are, you idiot, that is my fiancé! Seto yelled. The Manager nearly threw up as he tried to rectify what his stupid Assistant Manage nearly did, but Seto just took my hand and we walked out, but not before Seto said "you really screwed up but good, I would of spent at least half a million dollars in your store today, but now I'm going somewhere else!"

I was still very upset and we went over and sat down at this little table outside a little shop and this very nice older man came out and offered me a drink of water and as I drank it Seto thanked him and then he saw the sign of the man's store and he asked the man "do you sell Wedding Rings?" The man's face lit up and he said "yes we do, but they are more of the kind that people would buy if they liked old Victorian things." We got up and went inside and as I looked around I asked Seto to call Millie and tell her about this place and when he was talking to her, I found the ring that I wanted to give to Seto. I took out the credit card that Seto had given to me and purchased the ring and the woman wrapped up for me and smiled and asked "is he the one you're going to marry?"

I didn't know how she would take it so I hesitated and then she said "listen our son is married to his life mate that's why I ask you." Then I smiled and told her "yes he is the other part of my soul." The lady's eyes filled with tears and said "that's how I fell about my husband too." We bought what we wanted and Seto promised the man that he would tell all his friends about this beautiful store and we left. Seto saw that I had a package and "he wanted to know what was in it?" I told him "you'll find out a few days from now.

Millie thanked us for telling them about the little store because they also got their rings there and she even ordered several other pieces too. That evening she called my mom and asked if she and Serenity could come to dinner and she had Roland invite Carl. We knew nothing about that till we went to the dining room and there everyone sat. Then Millie and Roland walked into the room and she was a vision to see. Millie wore an old Victorian Gown an Roland wore the equivalent to what the gentleman would of worn. As they stood beside the table Millie said "we are glad that everyone came and now "LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!" She yelled. Then the speakers in the entire Manor played rock music and Roland took her hand and they started dancing and soon everyone joined them. That evening is one that none of us will ever forget. The dinner was delicious but their dancing the Boogie Woogie was the thing that topped the night.

It is the night before the Wedding and all of us are staying out at Millie's and it is bringing back some really good memories. I told mom and sis about how I felt about tomorrow's and how now I know that all of mine are going to filled with happiness because Seto' and my love for each other. Both of them were crying a little and then they held me and said "we will never let you forget how precious you are to us." And they kissed me and I laid on the floor and we went to sleep.

We've all written our vows and all we have to do is get ready and for me I hope that I don't get sick or pass out. Mom and Serenity are with me and Serenity told me that she has a gift she wants to give me at the Ceremony and it's a song. Mom gives me a kiss as we get ready to walk out among our friends and family. I hope that Seto is alright.

Mokie is here with me and I'm a nervous wreck. I hope that I don't throw up or pass out because I'm so damn nervous. The only thing that is holding me together is knowing that soon we will be together forever. It's almost time to go out and stand among our friends and family and get married.

I haven't been this nervous since the day that my first husband wanted me to have sex with him. That day I nearly died, but I'm looking forward to loving Roland and I can't wait to get this all over so that we can be alone.

I'm more nervous then a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I can hardly wait to marry that woman. She has been the best damn friend anyone could of asked for and in a little while we will be wed and then we can be together and I can really show her how much I love her. There is the music so I guess it's time to go out among everyone and marry the woman of my dreams.

Everyone stands and Joey and Seto, Mildred and Roland walk hand in hand to stand in front of the Minister and as they face each other the Minister says: Dearly beloved we are gathered here before your friends and family and the Lord to join together these two couples. They have each written their own vows and so I will ask Mildred to read hers first.

Mildred's Vows:

I am the luckiest woman on the face of the earth. I've known the love of two of the best men that God put upon this earth. I buried one and I'm marrying the other. Roland, you have always been there for me and never asked for anything in return except for my friendship which I gave to you. People say that we're to old to know what real love is, but I can tell them that their all dead wrong. I love you and will love you till our days on this earth are through. I Mildred Louise Handover take you Roland Lewis Hendrick as my lawful husband, to have and to hold till death us do part. And our lives will never be dull.

Now we will hear Roland's vows.

Roland's Vows:

Today I stand here next to the woman that I am about to take as my wife and I want all of you to know that she is a remarkable woman. She gives her love to her friends and only asks that they give her back friendship and nothing more. I once told her that her late husband Jack was a very lucky man, but today I'm am the luckiest man because she is becoming my wife. I Roland Lewis Hendrick take you Mildred Louise Handover as my lawful wife, to have and to hold till death us do part. And honey, I know that our lives will never be dull.

Now Joey will say his vows.

Joey's Vows:

If anyone would of told me yesterday that I would be standing here beside the man that I love and about to marry him I would of told them that they were crazy. I never thought that I was worth anyone caring about, but now I am the happiest that I've ever been and it's all do to the love from this man and the understanding from everyone around me. I Joseph William Wheeler take you Seto Eugene Kaiba as my life mate, to have and to hold from this day forth. I will give you my love everyday of our lives together and will forever make our tomorrow's better then today.

Now Seto will say his vows.

Seto's Vows:

Today I stand here before all our friends and I still can't believe that I found the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Joey, you came into my life and you made me take a look at myself and realize that like you I was worth someone loving me. We will witness things that neither of us thought could happen and I swear to you here and now that I will give you my love and will always make our tomorrow's better then today. I Seto Eugene Kaiba take you Joseph William Wheeler as my life mate, to have and to hold from this day forth. We will discover things that no one else can ever imagine.

Then the Minister said "May I have the rings please. He then handed us our rings and as we put them one each others fingers we recited "With this ring I thee wed." Then he pronounced us Life Mates, Husband and Wife. Then everyone stood and cheered and yelled and then I stood there and said "Please everyone my sister has a song that she wants to sing to me and Seto, so will everyone please sit down till she's done."

Serenity walked up to stand next to us and as Carl played the guitar she started singing:

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!

When she was through, Seto and I were sobbing our eyes out as were Millie and Roland. I went over and gave her a big hug and kiss and whispered "that was the most beautiful song that I've ever heard." Everyone was wiping their eyes as they stood and applauded her. Today I am now Joseph William Kaiba and the happiest man in the world. My tomorrow finally did come.

Millie then invited everyone to come and partake in as she said the best damn food this side of the world. And it really was. Seto and I are going to honeymoon in Hawaii and as for Millie and Roland, well they are spending theirs in the house that they have made their own.


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