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Bonus: Chapter 2

It was closing time at Gan Ning's Gym. After everyone had left, Gan Ning locked the main doors of the building and went to go gather his things before leaving himself for the evening. Before he could exit the building, he heard a noise from within. Gan Ning stopped and listened around to see if he could hear exactly what was going on.

The noise stopped.

"Huh? That' weird…could have sworn I heard something just a moment ago…" Gan Ning said.

Thinking it was just his imagination, Gan Ning shrugs and once again attempts to leave his facility.

He heard another noise…this time; the sound of someone grunting in frustration… like they were having difficulty trying to take a dump.

"What the…? Who could still be in there?" Gan Ning said, raising an eyebrow as he went to investigate.

Upon entering the room where all of the dumbbells and weights were, Gan Ning spotted Huang Zhong trying to bench press alone. Gan Ning walks up toward him and takes the bar away from Huang Zhong and sets it aside.

"Uh…sir, what are you doing? We closed a half-hour ago," Gan Ning said, tapping his foot.

"Nonsense! There's still strength in me yet! I can keep exercising all night!" Huang Zhong said.

"Not on my watch you won't be. Now let's go, old man!" Gan Ning said, pointing Huang Zhong toward the exit.

"You young whipper-snapper! What kind of fitness center doesn't stay open late at night? Why in my day, we used to train for days on end without rest!" Huang Zhong protested.

"Look, old man, I've got to get home and make dinner for my other pirate buddies! Can't this conversation wait another day?" Gan Ning said, sighing.

"Oh, whatever, you wimp," Huang Zhong said, standing up and making his way out of the building. "But just remember, child, you'd get a lot more business if your fitness center stays open late!"

Gan Ning watched as Huang Zhong left the building after saying those words.

"Hmm…he does have a point…I would make more money if I stayed open later…" Gan Ning thought to himself before leaving himself.

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