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These insects will pay for this indignity.

I may not be able to move now, but I will be free.

Soon, very soon, I will escape.

And then the humans will learn the meaning of fear.

I will destroy their entire race and take back my Allspark.

The cold is lessening.

I will be free soon.

The universe will be mine to command.

I will rule, and none will be able to challenge my power.

My systems are rebooting.

I will build an army to be feared from this planet's machines.

It is, after all, fitting: they were engineered from me. And they will follow me.

The humans are beginning to flee. They know my prison is no longer secure.

I break free of the ice encasing me.

I am free, and it is time I took my rightful place as ruler of the universe.

And all in my path will be crushed.

"I am Megatron!"

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