Ray helps Debra out of the car later that night. They had finally gotten the test results back and the baby was just fine but Debra was going to have to watch her stress level.

They walk in the back door and Robert and Amy get up to greet them. The kids were long asleep.

"Hey Deb," Amy says hugging her friend.

"Hey," she responds, "Thanks so much for staying with the kids."

"How are you? Is everything ok?" Amy asks.

Debra sits down at the kitchen table, clearly exhausted, "Oh, I'm fine and the baby is fine too." she says patting her belly.

"Honey, I'll go put your stuff upstairs. Do you need anything?" Ray asks.

"No, Sweetie I'm okay, I just want to sit here for a while." She assures him and Ray heads upstairs.

"Oh well, we should be going too. Deb, I am really glad you're okay. If you all need anything let us know." Robert offers.

"Hey you guys don't have to go. It's not that late. Why don't we have some coffee or something?" She suggests

"Well if you're sure you're okay." Amy says.

"Yeah, I'm not tired. I spent most of they day sleeping. Let's go in the living room." She says and the three of them get up.

Ray comes downstairs singing his favorite song, so happy Debra's okay You are the sunshine of my life. You are the apple of my eye.

He stops when the others laugh

"Honey, would you make some coffee and get me some milk?" Debra asks.

"Sure, no problem." He bends down to kiss her.

Just then Marie walks through the door, "Well, I see I have been left out yet again."

"What are you talking about Marie?" Amy asks.

"Oh, nothing, except I wasn't asked to be here when Debra came home." she says insulted.

"Marie, the only reason they are here is because they were watching the kids," Debra says.

Marie just turns from Debra in a huff.

Debra shakes her head, "You know what Marie, if you want to be like this go right ahead but I am not arguing with you anymore. That's what got me in the hospital in the first place."

Marie looks shocked, "What? You're blaming me for what happened."

Ray steps in "That's right Ma, your argument earlier with Debra caused her blood pressure to rise and she almost lost the baby. So if you can't get over yourself, then leave. My wife doesn't need your crap right now!"

Everyone looks at Ray. He had never talked to his mother like that before.

"Raymond! How dare you talk to me that way. I'm your mother." Marie says clearly offended.

Ray is at a boiling point, "Well, Ma, right now my wife is more important. The doctor doesn't want her to get stressed out at all and that is all you are doing to her. So either stop holding this ridiculous grudge or leave."

Tears begin to form in Debra's eyes, "Ray, Marie, please. This is not what I wanted. I never wanted to start world war three between us. We're supposed to be a family."

Ray and Marie become silent realizing Debra is right.

Debra approaches Marie, "Marie, I truly don't want to shut you out or anything like that. We were just having some fun and I am truly sorry that we hurt you. We want you to be a part of all of this. We want you to be around for your new grandchild."

Marie's expression softens a bit as Debra continues, "You know my parents are divorced and even when they were together they traveled and they aren't around much for the kids. That's why I wanted to live close to you to begin with. I wanted our kids to have you in their lives as much as possible. To have that stability that my family couldn't give them with my parents and my sister always off who knows where. I just get angry when you insinuate that I am not a good mother or wife. I love my family and want only the best for them and that includes Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Robert and Aunt Amy."

Marie looks at Debra and tears come to her own eyes, "Oh Sweetheart I never wanted you to feel that way. I know you love your family and you are a good mother and wife. I'm sorry I made you feel that way." She reaches out to embrace Debra who willingly accepts.

"Listen, if you need anything, you let me know. But I promise not to intrude, okay?" Marie says.

Debr wipes her eyes, "Okay, but Ray has been so wonderful. I think I will take advantage of it while the getting is good."

Marie turns to Ray, "Oh, Raymond, I am so sorry. I never wanted this to happen. Can you forgive me?"

"Sure Ma. It's okay." he says as Marie kisses him on the cheek.

"Hey everybody, let's sit down. Ray and I have some news," Debra says as she and Ray sit together on the couch, "When they ran the tests at the hospital we also found out the sex of the baby."

Everyone looks on with anticipation

Debra smiles broadly, "It's a girl!"

"Oh, isn't that wonderful!" Marie and exclaim together.

"Hey, Ray that's great. Really great." Robert says.

"Have you had time to think of a name?" Amy asks.

"Well, actually we have." Ray answers looking at Debra, "We have decided to name her Emily. Emily Grace."

"Oh that's beautiful." Marie says.

Yeah, we thought so," Debra says as Ray puts his hand on her belly and she puts her hand on his, "Oh," she says a little startled then smiles at Ray knowing he felt it too.

"Are you alright Dear?" Marie asks.

Debra smiles coyly, "Yeah, it's just . . . the baby kicked when she heard her name."

"How sweet," Amy says.

Debra looks at Marie, "Do you want to feel her kick?"

Marie begs off, "No no. That's alright."

"Marie, I want you to. Come on." Debra insists.

Marie sits down on the couch between Debra and Ray

"Go ahead and talk to her. It's okay."

Marie puts her hand gently on Debra's belly, "Hello Emily, I'm your grandma."

Debra let out another, "Oh,"

Marie beams, "She heard me. She knows who I am."

Debra puts her hand on her belly over Marie's, "And she always will"