Rule of 132

This is my Digimon Adventure/Adventure 02/Tamers/Frontier/Data Squad Romance Drabble series. Each chapter will feature every possible couple (hetero/shouen-ai/shoujo-ai/incest/large age difference) of all of the major digidestined and tamers without using any crossovers, and that makes for 132 pairings in all, hence the title. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever done this before. The first one is quite possibly the most popular in the series, Tai/Sora, and at the end of each one, I give a clever name to the shipping, much like Pokemon. You can find this special ship name in the end author's notes, printed in bold like this.

DISCLAIMER: Digimon Adventure is not a property of Rave The Rich, and he makes nothing from doing this, either.

(Chapter 1- Piece by Piece: Tai and Sora)

"Hey Sora, could you come in my room for a moment, please" Tai asks loudly, looking at the mirror in frustration.

"Yeah, what's up..." Sora comes in and sees the situation. Tai's hair lookss surprisingly wilder than in previous days. The brush in his right hand has been used in a vain attempt to tame the mane, but the brush has taken more of a beating than scrambled raw eggs about to go into a frying pan.

Tai turns to her girlfriend and tells her "this brush just isn't doing the trick. If I try any longer, the bristles will get lost in my hair" Tai says almost helplessly.

Sora shakes her head, and comes near her boyfriend 'Stupid Tai' she thinks as she grabs the brush from her brown-eyed beau.

"Did you ever think to just brush your hair by parts?" Sora inquires. She then proceeds to take several strands and brush just those strands. Sora could hear the winces in pain from the Kamiya boy, but didn't think much of it, until he asked for her to come to his room.

"Just remember," Sora soothes, "you don't have to rush this, especially since you've given it so much time over the years." Sora then thinks about the advice she just gave Tai. "Think of it much like our relationship; there are many things that we don't have to accomplish all at once, rather it would be better and wiser for us to work at them" she says while she is now playing with Tai's hair, "piece by piece."

"I like how you think" Tai admits.

"Of course," Sora adds, "another solution would be to either tie it back or," Sora whispers the rest in Tai's ear. The last part makes Tai cringe.

"Yeah, right" Tai says, sarcastically. "Like I'd ever do that. So what movie are we seeing tonight, Sora?"

Sora chuckles for a moment before saying the eerily appropriate title of "Hairspray."

A/N: That's all for now. When I first began this project, I never knew that I would start a good trend of having most of these short stories end in witty sentences or humorous comments by the characters, but I'm glad that I stuck to the habit, because it gives these drabbles their appeal and charm, as you will see in the many short stories to come.

Tai/Sora is definetly Hairclipshipping in my book due to the events in 'Our War Game'!

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