Rule of 132

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Author Rave The Rich proudly brings to you for the 132nd and final time what many may look back at years from now and rightfully consider his magnum opus in all of fanficiton. For the past 132 days he has updated without fail many incredible, thought provoking, silly, witty, creative and sensually appealing works at a body maximum of 500 words or less. Ladies and gentlemen, this is 'Rule of 132'! After 131 pairings, this is the final pair. This is Takato and Kenta, and this is...the end. So for all those reading where ever you are, for the last time in this series...let's get ready to drabble!

The prompts for this drabble has been provided by Pyjamas, and for this special occasion, I decided to get some special prompts. The first one is a person, and it is 'A Knight of the Round Table'. The second one is a place, and it is 'The North Pole,' and the third and final prompt is a thing, and it is 'Mango'. For the final time, I can only hope you enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: Digimon Tamers is not a property of Rave The Rich, and he makes nothing from doing this, either. Please do not flame.

(Chapter 132- Take a Bow: Takato and Kenta)

"And for those hearts whose blood runs cold, I summon those frail minds to the North of Pole!" and with those words, the lights on the stage go dark. Takato Matsuki's one man satire play called 'Sir Know-A-Lot' has just finished its final act to a rousing standing ovation.

The play involves a chivalric soul who attempts many times to be a part of the Knights of the Round Table, but fails as the knights believe that he is not tactful enough in the things he says and is honest to a fault. Throughout the course of the play, the would-be knight laments, ridicules, and lampoons the system in place that unfairly prevents him from ascending to a position he's more than qualified for. To make a long story short, the nobleman does a great act worthy of knighthood, but by the end of the play, he is still denied a position at the round table but nevertheless learns to understand what's truly important in life.

Takato quickly went back stage to the applause of the play producer and his boyfriend, Kenta Kitagawa, who hands him a mango smoothie to cure his parched mouth.

"Great show," Kenta comments to Takato before giving him a celebratory kiss on the forehead.

"You say that about every show, all...however many I've done." Takato smiles shyly.

"I think it's a hundred and thirty something, and I only say that because it's true." Kenta continues, telling Takato "Now put that down," referring to the smoothie, which Takato only drinks a few sips of. "Your company awaits," as he drags Takato back to the stage.

Walking out onto the lighted stage, the applause from the audience becomes amplified to the nth power as Takato and his personal and professional partner Kenta both take a bow for the performance.

After a minute, the applause dies down, and Takato takes a microphone, and explains "Thank you all. It may not seem like it just looking at the stage tonight, but many people had a hand in this show." Takato runs down the long list of people who made the play possible with the last name being Kenta's.

Takato continues his play wrap-up by telling the audience "Well, folks, this is the time where the audience asks questions they have about me or the play, so if you have a question, just raise your hand." After a second or so, Takato points to his left and says, "Yes. You're question, sir?"

The gentleman stands up from his seat and asks "Your performances have been simply marvelous and everyone involved should be proud. I'd like to know with this being your last show, what projects are you planning next?"

It's a good question that Takato has to think about, but when racking his brain to find an answer as quick as he can, he comes up with "I don't know, honestly." Looking towards Kenta, he smiles and answers, "Like everything else, I just leave it to fate. Whatever happens happens."

A/N: Forgive me if all this reads like I'm rambling. People will often say that they lead things to fate to control them. Other times, people decide to take control of their environment and make their own destiny. Either way, we as human beings will naturally griavitate to another person, love them, and want them to be a part of every facet of our lives. The cute, cuddly part, the artistic part (like what we see here), the leader part, the emotional part, the daring part, every part.

But sometimes, things just have to be left to fate or faith, if you will.

The opening lines refer to the hardened hearts of souls all over the world that don't do kind things without expecting anything in return. Takato's character claims that not only are their hearts ill, but so are their minds because if they were smart, they'd know he's qualified for the position.

The lesson learned is that you shouldn't perform acts of kindness for rewards or recognition, but just because they're the right thing to do.

Many people will likely say that the title to this drabble is appropriate, as I should 'take a bow' for my accomplishment, but honest to goodness, I only thought of its symbolism after I came up with the plot.

And finally, because some people have been asking, what you can take from this drabble is that I have many plots in my head, but no idea what I'm gonna do for a follow up. Like Takato, I'll leave it to fate.

As far as the final name for this project, Takato and Kenta will get the name of ApprehensionShipping, as they are two charaters that do not jump right into action, despite the fact that one is a de facto 'leader,' and the other has a mega for a digimon partner.

Well...I can't believe it and you probably can't believe it either, but folks...that's it! That's the end! I did it! 132 drabbles in 132 days! Every major human digimon pairing, and this is what I have. I have enjoyed every single minute of it, and hope that you, my readers, have done the same. By far, this project trumps all of my others in terms of statistics, as it has over 100,000 words, 20,000 hits, 25 favorites, 30 alerts, over 425 reviews, it's a part of three different C2 communities and (obviously) contains 132 chapters. Because of this and other 'Digimon Drabble' projects of mine, I've increased my author favorites count by 12 and my author alerts total by three, but the fact is that without you readers, none of this is possible.

Again, for those that don't know, until this project, I had not written a single drabble, so from the beginning, believe it or not, I've been winging it. All of my other projects fell into the short (but not as short as a drabble) story, long story, chaptered story or poetry categories.

Having not written a single drabble before, I dared to write 132 of them in just as many days or less. When I wrote the first drabble 'Piece by Piece,' I constantly wondered 'Am I doing this right?' but I then decided to not worry and just write a nice story, and did the people ever respond well to it! I'm glad, because it gave me confidence coming home to find so many positive reviews every day after work or school.

It was an amibtious task, but I did it, and even though I love this project very much and it was fun from beginning to end, I'm so glad that it's over. It was hard to say very little. Imagine trying to tie romance into pairings that have virtually no fanbase, or even do pairings that you don't particularly like, but I'll admit that along the way, I became a fan of certain pairings because the writing and the realism made me want to root for them.

Another aspect of the drabbles that I've noticed (and I love) is the fact that authors who are not fans of particular pairings like what I have written. There are pairings that they've never even thought about, but because of this project, some have become fans of a particular pair. I feel that the best writing can influence, and I'm glad to have influenced several people along the way. My intention has never been to convince people to support a particular pairing, but look at it differently and write it in a way that people will like it even if they don't like or have never heard of the pairing.

I know I sound like I'm rambling, but it's only because I'm sad to see this end. So many people out there have made this simple yet unique concept come alive. So, I want to just take this time to thank all those who've ever read, reviewed and let me know what you've thought. I want to thank those who've given me advice on writing, those who've wanted my advice on writing, and for the platform to release such a mega project to a mass audience.

Very special thanks goes out to author Pyjamas, who has given me prompts for the last 66 drabbles and after seeing my work was inspired to do 66 of her own drabbles for Digimon Adventure and 02 that I highly recommend that you all check out. Also, I thank all of those authors out there who have done single drabbles or drabble collections of their own. All of your works have been a great inspiration to me.

Also, thanks go to all those who think so much of me and my work. It's quite humbling, and honestly it makes me work harder to become an even better writer than what people claim.

Folks...there's no next time and no hints, so I guess it's time for me to wrap it up! So readers, here's my final thank you and a word of advice; never be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone as a writer. I did, and look at the fruits of my labor. I want you to know that I'm crying as I write this, so maybe that's a sign that I've said all I can say.

Until whenever, this is author Rave The Rich signing off and reminding you for the final time to read and review. Peace and love, everyone and take care!