Foreman does some thinking on past cartoons and realizes that he has a relationship with his boss similar to the fictional characters.

A/N: Inspired by Numb, and the fact that it applies to House and Foreman as well as Megatron and Starscream.

Foreman was a thirty-two year old man; he loved his family, was faithful to his girlfriends, and was good at his job in Princeton-Plainsboro. He barely got along with his boss and the two-point-five other doctors (two-point-five, since Wilson didn't seem to have his own job...) and the pretty, driven boss. He was reclusive, sometimes sullen, but all in all, he was a good man.

Who happened to enjoy cartoons. Transformers, to be exact. He had been a teen when they came out and it was sold to him from then on. If you would ever ask him if he liked it, he would deny it strenuously, even if you presented his several season DVDs. His friends and he would always yak on about who their favorite character was; his friends would always vote for Megatron or Optimus; Foreman had different tastes.

He had always liked Starscream; it was unexplainable, and his friends never really understood. Foreman couldn't even understand himself; there was Prowl, and Ratchet, and so many others. But he liked Starscream, and that was that. When the more recent cartoons, such as Armada, came out, his admiration for Starscream was cemented, especially since the jet had such an interesting relationship with his tyrannical boss.

Foreman could understand that; he had House for a boss, after all. He had started to refer to House as his personal Megatron, and Foreman was Starscream; the abused second-in-command who struggled to be loyal while being independent. He felt, in a strange way, that his relationship with House was similar to that of Megatron and Starscream; it was strange, and not an observation that he readily liked. Starscream always ended up with the short end of the stick, being killed by Megatron constantly after all.

He had kept these views to himself; Chase was too young to care, Cameron was a girl, and Wilson had always seemed like an Optimus Prime guy to him. No one would really understand, but he was okay with that. It was his personal musings, and that was all.

"Foreman! Quit staring into space; didn't you know? We actually have a real case that isn't an overreactive parent! Who knew," House groused, jarring Foreman from his thoughts and the seeker-Er, that is, the doctor glared at House.

'Note to self; stop thinking so much about fictional cartoon characters and associate yourself with them! It makes you start to think you can fly...'

"Yes, almighty Megatron! I will go and do your glorious bidding to control the universe," Foreman declared, ignoring the previous thought that had just crossed his mind. House looked surprised, and Foreman reveled in that before his sarcastic voice broke through.

"In that case, you rebellious slime, why are you still standing here? Get to work, seeker," House snapped back, causing Foreman to grin. House grinned back and shrugged, "I may have been twenty when those cartoons came out, but I always liked Megatron; his relationship with Starscream is so familiar, isn't it?"

Why was Foreman not surprised House thought the same way?