Not the best time to realize...

Bad wolf bay -- Norway--- Rose's POV

"You're not?..."
his voice trails off as his eyes widen, what could I have said? Five of us; there's going to be five of us soon, but how could I have possibly told him where...I mean if he wasn't going to...I clasp my hands to my stomach, look down and shake my head, reflexive laughs coming out of my mouth, and I can't believe what I say next

"No,'s mum's..." How could I have said that? But, if he thought it wasn't his then...I'd have been protecting him right? If he couldn't have come back? "Three months along..."

Three months, that's what I'd told him...those three months, after he left, those months passed on and on and on...three turned into four...eight...nine...and then...

Then He Woke up...---Tardis, Doctor's POV

Something's calling me...I can't understand it; what is it? My link, that telepathic link I'd had to my people; it's acting up, calling to me...but why?

There's no-one left!

The timelords died out in war, years ago! They were murdered, along with the Daleks, and that was it.

But why does it continue to plague me? It's not like I'm imagining it, is it? it's too strong for an imagination to withhold; although...being alone...madness can take one...but still, it feels just so real!
It's calling to me, sending me a it couldn't be!

Dad?! Dad, why would I get a message 'dad'?

Alright; I know I was a dad once...oh how she bore my wonderful granddaughter...But they must be long gone by now!

It's impossible...The only person


she said there was going to be five of them...but...I never dared hope...I mean, I knew that it was possible but...she said it was her mother's...she said...

...she lied...


Why would she do that? Why would she lie to me?
Was it because she knew she'd never see me again?...
Was it because it frightened her? To bear my child with me knowing an entire universe away?...

She's had my baby...I can feel it...and you know what?
I've never felt so stuck.

I'm the Doctor! I know everything don't I?
Well whoever said that should get a kick where it hurts beacause this proves I don't!
I have a baby out there, an entire universe away! And I can't possibly follow!
If...if I did, with my current knowlege then an entire world will just collapse on itself!
But if I don't, I'll be forever plauged by that signal, and I don't know if I could go on living my involontary lifestyle!

She'd know what to do...Rose...she'd know exactly what to do...or atleast how to talk me through it...

Rose Tyler...more than just my friend...she was my rock, my emotional rock...hell she was even more than that! More than a friend, more than a soul mate!
And yet; she was still nineteen years old at the time...
Oh what have I done to her? What have I done to the...girl or boy I suppose...
How do we live like this?
When all we know, is forbidden to us?...

...and as he thought this, he never conciously saw himself follow the link to the harmless crack of space and time...